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The last homebrew I did tackled this very handily.

>Wizard Apprenticeship.
Done between the true scholarly Wizards, those genius, one in a billion minds that can really just GET magic and understand it to the point that they're blazing the trail for everyone else. When they notice or have someone with potential brought to their attention, the apprenticeship becomes a dual mentoring and constant testing situation.

>Academies and Colleges.
State sponsored or rarely independent institutions created with the help of the few real Wizards to hand down and teach a very streamlined, goal and result focused style of magic. Each one trains a much more focused type of magic, and becomes the source of things like:
>Battle-mages that use codified sets of conjured magical equipment
>Mid-tier empaths that work as peacekeeper and courtesans, both for good and ill
>Healers that moonlight as undead-hunters
>Magi that bind with 2-3 spirits from beyond to use their unique powers

The finding and training of a real Wizard is a big thing, the equivalent of another Einstein or Tesla being brought up and it's started to become a cultural expectation that to really be a Wizard, you have to end up founding one of the above institutions to support your kingdom/state or deal with a specific issue plaguing the world.

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