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>not wanting the wife who will do everything PERFECT

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Going Slaanesh because that daemonette is too cute

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>goddess of Lust, love, perfection, pleasure, pain
You must be one of the guys who thinks because of shitty art piece she isn't hot. Despite every peace of cannon

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You CAN get all of that with Slaanesh
Just few people ask for it

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Taking Slaan for one with tounge (because that is just fun as fuck)

Nurglette for 2 since Unclean Ones are really nice to be around, especially with out pain

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My fetiishes say yes

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>Zoning/sanity laws disallow you to have a slaaneshi gf in your apartment

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God dam

You forget the reasonable ones

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Needs Reasonable Daemonette.

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We should also as her if she ever gave though to being more reasonable. As far as I know we're still without any kind of waifu.

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