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I though Serenha was either Entakos or Dendara (hard to tell them apart. I think they are twins) ?
>Any other ideas for what I can do?
Mostly non-combat encounters. Read Ryutuma or something for inspiration:
>upon entering tula, the girl gets instantly hit on by 1d6 young orlanthi warriors. They will be courting her in the most ridiculous ways you can imagine untill party leaves.
>traveling merchant tells them a rumor about location with a rumored lost treasure of Ernalda. It is in a nearby cave, with one of these snakes that protect temples inside.
>the girl is invited as a guest to an internal meeting of a local earth temple. The issue is pretty bad: young warriors ventured on a raid into distant land known as Prax, and one of them came back married to a weird girl! They are debating if she should be accepted into their community and if her goddess, Eiritha, is trully a daughter of Ernalda or just a lunar plot to divide the clan!
>when going through the forest, party walks on a battle between two gangs of fairies. Each side represents one of the local nature spirits. There is an elvish shaman not too far from them, meditating on how to unfuck the situation. He will offer you charms if you solve it, somehow.

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She has access to a sap of certain plant now lost to time. Got it from priestess or so I heard.

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