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Go to the Plain of Dogs instead.

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I just became a level 10 Divination Wizard, and although I have very powerful Concentration spells (Polymorph, Animate Objects, Wall of Force) I am lacking things to do in-between.
I feel a scorching ray or a fireball just don't do that much anymore.

I am now preparing Mirror Image, and I even considered Blink (neither require concentration) simply because I thought staying alive and maintaining concentration is so much more powerful than a stupid 10-15 damage scorching ray.

What do you guys suggest?
I also don't know what to pick as my two new spells, Cone of Cold? It's just another dumb damage spell. Hold Monster maybe? It's yet another concentration spell.
I actually think I might find more use out of Modify Memory in out of combat situations than a damage spell.

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ok ... just which playing style should i go and with which units? i NEED to beat this guylol

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Haha, what the fuck? I guess its 6 cmc so it won't hit the field too much, but that's still crazy.

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I'll be DMing for the first time in years on Wednesday, I already played with the group for a while but as a player

I already have detailed maps, background info, stories, descriptions etc for everything. I have the encounters ready too, for the next month of sessions at least, since they require conversion (campaign is for PF normally)
I'm now building various handouts for the adventure, notes, journals etc they can pick up so I can straight up give them to the players,
I also need to build a timeline so I can put the various events and plot hooks in an order, giving players freedom in between.
I also need to translate all the descriptions so I don't have to do it on the fly during the session, so it can be more natural

Any more suggestions on how to prepare?

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Play a halfling cavalier and perch yourself on the back of a riding dog.

You can use all your abilities even in places too small for a horse, AND you get a dog.

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>use a premade adventure
>replace friendly, helpful character with one already existing in the campaign
>friendly character gets put to sleep and kidnapped in the adventure
>the one I replaced him with is an elf
>still gets put to sleep and kidnapped
>players immediately point it out

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That sucks man. Have some cute.

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I could dump adorables if that would help.

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