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>tank tops in a sweltering cockpit
me too, anon

me too

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Mmmm...I love the smell of bait in the morning.

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Spamming? No, that would be in poor taste.

It just needs a light touch.

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Hey, some of those planets are hot after an application of flamethrower spam, eh?

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>introduce my vidya group to DnD 5e
>first session goes fine
>then the guy who picked paladin as his class has an autistic fit about paladins using spells
>doesn't take "it's just a fucking game mechanic name" as an explaination and reeeeeeeeeeees autistically
>shit falls apart
>fast forward 1 year
>against my better judgement they convince to try again
>that guy wants to play paladin again
>"fuck you, you're playing a warrior, I don't want your autistic sperging about spells again"
>bitches long enough for me to let him play paladin
>first 2 sessions go fine
>then he skips on session 3 without telling anyone anything
>just go without him
>session 4 doesn't happen next week because a different player isn't there, and the rest don't feel like playing without him
>run session 4 with 1 week of delay
>then session 5 doesn't happen because another player skips out without saying anything
>tell them to either figure out the fucking schedule, and tell me when they want to play, or fuck off
>6 months later I'm playing OW with a different group
desu I'm glad it turned out that way

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nth for best subcommander

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Tau are great

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Well, ethereal and wind caste are too bony. Water caste looks weird. Fire caste have man faces on everyone. That leaves the (relatively) loreless earth caste. Which may or may not have actual curves the other castes lack.
It's more a process of elimination in waifu possibilities as I see it. Plus the existence of Xeno and Blue doesn't hurt.

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Man, short-haired Tau girls are the best. No one else can compete.

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Have a blueberry, friend.

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>Tau propaganda about their women.
For the Greater Blueberry Love Muffin

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This is how I Greater Good.

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That's all my vaguely srsface Tau picture. Now for something a little more, uh, lighthearted and/or silly.

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Torch uppity Gue'la.

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Yes, there have been bad relations, but this is only a passing stage. I think we can all agree that Tau and Eldar can agree to put aside their differences over a mountain of human corpses and the flaming wreck that is the Imperium's death rattle for the greater good.

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