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15 noise marines. All this trim fucking sucks

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>Daemons only get minor rules additions
fuck you

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>dm's oc donut steel world
>int 10 means you can't read or write

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>Runes are gone
Quit a few expansions ago but this still makes me mad

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>Ordered 200€ worth of Skorne minis
No one around here plays Warhammer anymore

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>there's no perfect army for me

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>guy in edh group has a bunch of degenerate decks
>says he's going to build gitrog as his non degenerate deck
>ok sure, he doesn't seem that op
>he finally finishes it
>his turns take 10 minutes
>half of his library is in his graveyard
>just dredges half the time to draw more or boosts the shit out of wild mongrel or noose constrictor
>no one plays graveyard hate
>our faces when he wins by Jarad
>our faces when he has 95% of his lands in his graveyard, plays worm harvest and then splendid reclamation
>our faces when we can't do shit because he has glacial chasm
>next turn he plays exsanguinate
How did any of us underestimate gitrog, he plays so little and is just a draw engine

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>guy who runs the paint clinic at my lgs and has won multiple painting competitions doesn't thin his paints
>he recommends this to other people as well

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> every Space Marine gives -1 to hit, every Eldar gives -1, -2 or -3 to hit

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>mfw realize psilencers are now better than psycannons against literally anything weaker than a land raider

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>6 fliers

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>Flash Gits get an amazing, customizable plastic kit finally
>They're garbage in game

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Well gee, being a shouty cunt sure makes me want to crack open my bitz box to check for you.

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>every army I like the fluff of, I don't like the gameplay of and vice versa

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>still can't choose an army

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>still can't decide how to paint my Primaris chapter

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>mfw want to play Guard
>mfw have to either buy hundreds of infantry or endless tanks

i know that's what guard are all about, but why can't everything just be easy and free

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