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>"old sculpts are bad and therefore every mech design I make is objectively the best possible design in existence now"
Is this a normal salaried artist thing

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Isn't anon posting record sheets straight from some 90s grog's secondhand collection?

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>coworker's husband is a MWO/BTech2018 addict interested in trying the tabletop
>official page's store link is dead
>Catalyst only seems to sell a starter box and a slightly bigger starter box
>no other leads in the OP
How the FUCK do you get into Battletech?

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>mfw I wish to start a cult but I can't pick up a 3rd army since the other 2 are still WIP

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>Bards singing about how the PCs are awesome because they broke up a crime syndicate and brought the king's assassin to justice while uncovering a conspiracy of chaos worshipers
>Completely ignore the part where they left a village's children to be kidnapped by fairies
>Also that time they stabbed a lord in the neck because he wouldn't grant them titles
>Also started a race war
>Also the fact that they frequently commune with an inter-dimensional entity who's a cyborg 'Jacking in' from a future of Earth where Hitler won (completely unrelated to the race war mentioned previously)

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>tfw chaos dreadnoughts aren't a thing anymore
>tfw helbrutes are a shit

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