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They live together.

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No, they are totally into each other.

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Pfff! This was already decided! THREESOME!

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I dunno, looks to me like they're getting along pretty well.

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This is how you bard. Seriously, how are so many people getting it wrong?

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Not all bards are assholes

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>Do they have any friends?

High level bards are like Genghis Khan. They sire multiracial empires by the power of song, diplomacy, and charisma-enhanced virility.

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Don't worry, his +50 to Diplomacy and Bluff should get him out of this.

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rolled 13 = 13

it is here, >>12519027

please stop yelling at me...

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Continuing with bard dump

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A scorpion-centaur. That stinger curling around the centaur she's making eyes at? That's her tail.

Incidentally, she and the centaur actually do move in together.

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I still find it amusing that the two with the kids who are fighting are the only two who are not mad at the bard....and they're making eyes at each other as well.

Which ends up with this picture later.....

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It probably would look like >>10504408 or this.

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