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I'd like my character drawn!
It's a D&D character; a halfling, though not of the hobbit type(no hairy feet or big bellies, thanks!). The picture enclosed is her face and hair how I'd pictured it, but you can of course use judgement on how to portray it. She's a sorceress of the Fire Elemental bloodline(using Pathfinder rules), so she has a natural inclination towards all things hot and fiery, which is reflected in her temper and temperament as well. Though as mentioned, she is quite busty for a halfling, she doesn't really dress to show it off, preferring snug Mandarin-collared jackets and simple skirts. The jacket is black, with silver "filigree" scrollwork over hems, collar and cuffs, and the skirt should be ankle-length and maroon in colour. I'd also prefer it if the character was portrayed as about to cast a fiery spell of some sort, grinning rather cheekily.

Thanks a lot! :D

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Since there actually are active drawfriends in this thread, I'll ask for a picture of my character here, too:

Halfling sorceress(Pathfinder, Fire Elemental bloodline). Short, busty, but doesn't really dress to show it off. Curious, impulsive, hotheaded. Appreciates the finer things in life, beautiful clothes, good food, etc. Likes to solve conflicts with fire. Lots and LOTS of fire. Face and hair like pic related.


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Imma spam my request here, too. Maybe a bit gauche, but I'd really like to get a portrait. :)

She's a halfling, young adult, somewhat headstrong and impulsive in nature. Her face and hair look pretty much like pic related, though the hair should have red tips, as though it's coming in ginger from the tips in rather than the other way around. She's in relatively good shape, and though she's pretty busty she doesn't dress to emphasise the fact - rarely showing any skin under the neck.
She's a magic-user, so if you'd show her casting some kind of big fiery spell it'd be great.

Thanks in advance!

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