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Last nights old school /tg/ thread got me all nostalgic. So I've decided to dump some Cultist-Chan. Buckle up and get a sandwich kids, this is going to be one long, multi-thread ride.
I just hope the roughly 6 hours I have will be long enough.

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Sometimes I wonder if Cultist would be as popular as she is without some of the help she's received.

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Huh, I was looking for this one to start this thread. It is, after all, the FIRST Cultist picture. Much closer to the top of the folder then I remember.
Well thank you for that, posting them in order as they appear in my folder helps me keep track of where I am.
How many do you have?

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>this girl
>not knowing who Cultist-Chan is

Shiggy diggy

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The 'Birth' of cultist was way back when Collosul Faggot hadn't even taken a name yet.
There was a draw thread and someone requested "A female cultist feeding a Chaos Beast waffles, saying "We bought these waffles for Chaos!" in the accent of the DoW Cultists.

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Got another picture of her with her pet. I never quite got what it was but in any case "Chaos" don't appear like me getting so close to her.

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Best sound effect ever.

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Speaking of the devil...

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Dude, learn your /tg/. Somebody asked a drawfag (Mr. Culexus) to draw some Masquerade character or some shit, but thought he only drew 40k, so "cleverly" asked him for a picture of a chaos cultist feeding waffles to her chaos spawn.

Aaaand I just made myself sad that I know that. Fuck you. ;_;

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To this.

... lulwat

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Waffles for Kay-oooss!

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