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This is the thing that I do not get; why do they keep fighting the tau, when the tau are clearly ready to spear them and might give them even an planet or two if they only took the oath?

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I will be running a Dark Heresy campaign for the first time this weekend with some friends.

any tips or tricks for first time GM and PCs?

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Maim, kill, burn, Maim, kill, burn kilL KILL!

>Tfw there wll never be another 40k game as atmospheric as DOW

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The hail from Onpedicia, a hive world.

Why was the regiment raised? Are they just a part of the imperial tithe, or the result of an ancient tradition?

If you don't want to follow the rules and don't like this regiment, then why are you still in this thread? That doesn't really make any sense. We're just having fun, don't be all butthurt just because you don't get to decide everything for yourself. You're acting like a child, and I'm going to ignore you from now on.

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Bump because I know you people have had bad players

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Try http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch=HSR9W8g6ak8 instead. More stable.

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You are not bound to one color scheme. Urban camo would be great, too.
Check out "imperial guard color schemes" on Google. You may be pleased.

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Sup /tg/, newfag to the 40k tabletop here. After some last minute Christmas shopping, I found that I had quite a bit of left over cash and decided to start my involvement in the tabletop game, rather than just video games and books, and bought myself a Cadian Battleforce along with the Codex. I've started assembling and painting, which is going well thanks to some threads I lurked the past couple of months, though I do have a couple of questions.
1.) Do 200pt games happen often? I see a lot of mention of 1000pt games, which I would love to do, but I'd much rather get some experience on a smaller scale before investing more money into something I might not have too much fun with.
2.) Will the rulebook give me a good idea on how to play? I've gone over the Codex and have the special units for the guardsmen in there down, and I've watched a couple games, though I'm still rather confused as to how rounds "work" so to say.

Otherwise, general IG thread.

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It's better because it deals with real puny humans with balls of steel. None of that supersoldier boring stuff.

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What kind of deal?

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Dude. This is the only post that makes any sense. Congrats, I'm surprised this took so long.

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>Which power will win over the Tau race and decide their Great Destiny? Only time will tell.

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Hey /tg/, would you guys have any ideas for a Dark Heresy themed horror scenario? Most of my pathetic attempts end up either very grimderp or completely nonsensical.

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