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>Player or GM
Players, three of them in desperate need of a GM.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition or Black Crusade
>Time Zone
1 in GMT: +1:00 and 2 GMT: -6:00. Our ideal time is 12:30 pm, give or take an hour on Saturday.
>Contact Details
Skype name is MajorMurray. Email is [email protected]
We want an only text based game. Roll20, IRC, Skype, Maptools, we're good with all of it. But we want role-play focused entirely in text. Talking between games over voice though is fine.

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"We only pissed it off!"

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>Twilight 2000
>Just want to play a game. I've had an interest for a long time but I have not played it yet.
>Email in email field, skype name is MajorMurray. I can play Fridays and Saturdays.

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Because there's not much time and by golly I should have done this sooner but what ya gonna do.

I've got nothing going on tomorrow thanks to a GM not being able to make it to run his awesome Ad Eva but that hardly matters. My day is free and I don't like days with nothing to do so I suggest running a oneshot for a few lucky fa/tg/uys. What might this entail you ask yourself? Anything. I'm willing to run anything so long as the group agrees. It'll be a oneshot, so try to keep it precise and simple. Information below:

>It'd be nice to play but nice guys finish last.
>GMing? Hell yes!
>Blade of the Iron Throne, Only War, Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Reign, but now, God knows, anything goes!
>GMT -6:00, American Standard Timezone Central
>Skype: MajorMurray email: [email protected]

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Stories of Badassery : The Thread
Let loose the tales that clutter your mind on an endless loop, replaying glorious moments of campaigns past. Whether it's something you've done, seen, heard or smelled, I want to hear about it.

All systems welcome.

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There was nothing I could do for her. So I did what I could. I handed her a frag grenade, and to me she was nothing more than a blip of heat with these goggles on, "Die on your own terms. Not theirs." The stimms were beginning to wear off and I couldn't be caught lugging a wounded girl when the after effects hit. I could have gotten away with it too. But then I saw a massive blip of heat running towards me as I dropped her.

He heroically strolled over to the wounded Felinid, firing his boltpistol wildly at the enemy. At that moment I realized who he was, the Commissar. He didn't hit anything, but it looked cool as hell. I joined his bolts with some shots from my shotgun. Again, it didn't do anything, but it looked cool. And it made the enemy duck which was good because the less fire they lob at us the better.

The Commissar was a moutain of a man so it was easy for him to grab the wounded Felinid, throw her over his shoulders, and take off towards our lines. I outran him by a long shot and was already reloading my shotgun by the time I reached our trench. He placed the injured Felinid on the ground, and I could already see the Medicae spurring into action.

Then I saw that the Commissar had that evil grin again. He leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Next time, make sure not to leave the syringe in the trench." He handed me the spent needle I had discarded and totally forgotten. He could have shot me then and there, but he didn't. I still wonder what he was getting at. Then it struck me.

"Mine duty?" I asked in monotone. He nodded smuggly, before replying, "Mine duty."

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