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>after I looked up pictures of the robot from Rocky IV and everything

"Anyway. We have a rough game plan?" Tatsuya asks.

"We aim for the top. The Cogs are only dangerous because they're organized. If we can take out their base of operations the cops can mop up their remaining street soldiers pretty easily."

"Sounds good," you say. "So we just drive over there or what?

"It's more complicated than that," Tatsuya says. "First we've got to find out who's pulling the strings."

"Two ways to do this," Saul says. "One, we go to the radio station they own. You heard them pass the hit on you, right? Someone there has to be in touch with the boss. He might even be there. Either way, it's a lead."

"Sounds legit," you say, mulling it over. "And the other?"

"There's a new street drug half of these punks are out of their mind on, The Glow. We find a dealer and beat his supplier out of him, then we keep moving up. Whoever's running the Cogs is running The Glow."

>Let's start by heading to the radio station and chasing down that lead.
>Find out more about The Glow.

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