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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You got caught up with the scouts from the main army and got some new recruits. Apparently most of the army is being focused elsewhere, so you don't know how much longer you can count on reinforcements from there. It's okay, because it isn't like you counted on them at all in the first place.

You decided to go check out this weird stone circle ruins place that is apparently pretty creepy according to eye witnesses.

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH
>Ability Tree: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP
>Hasn't been updated since last thread, unfortunately.
>I'm the Boss! Points: 1
>CHARACTER point: 1
>This allows you, the player, to force a NPC to join the party!

>You currently have:
>19/24 BtB exp
>8/24 MSiF exp
>8/24 CyRCTHaM exp

The stone circle is a ways away, so you're going to have to be on the field for a bit. You've got:

Whoop, Bokagh, Skedob, Zexur, Mani, Dorle, Bearbreath, Nost, Truz, and Gneb with you. You haven't rolled out with Whoop in a while, so it'll be nice to hang out!

Gneb says he remembers the way, but you're still hiking through enemy territory.

What's the plan, boss?

>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)
>No thank you, I just wanna get there in one piece. (Roll to avoid patrols.)
>Whoa, we forgot someone... (Pick someone else to join)

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Go for it.

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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You're on the prowl for some gnolls, which are supposedly rude hyena men. You don't know what a hyena is, but people keep saying that like it should mean something so you nod along so people don't think you're stupid.

You're out here with the three clay golems, Allonces, Gneb, Rund, Xab, and Mani.

>Current Raid Roster: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Ability Tree: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP
>I haven't abilities list yet, because I've been busy and also I'm lazy.

You've been seeing a bunch of totems and signs like that, so you figure you're getting pretty close. Allonces is looking pretty nervous, too. "Hey, elf-girl," You call out, "What's got you on edge?"

She looks about nervously before responding, "It's my adventurer sense. I can tell we're getting close."

Do they really have something as convenient as that? And if so, how did you get the drop on her party earlier?

What's the plan boss?

>Send the sneaky boys out ahead to scout for the gnolls while you travel at a leisurely pace.
>You're on their turf. No point in sneaking around, they probably know you're here already. Let them come to you!

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Better Late than Never Edition!

You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader!

You went to a hut and found a weirdo who wanted you to beat up people that were mean to him. And also get his stuff, you guess. What are you, some kinda bully? But he promised to give you neat things so you'll consider not blowing his house up!

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Ability tree update! I have provided bonus names on the visualization! After your eyes recover and you're capable of seeing again, you'll notice I have provided no descriptions. You can speculate wildly what they do!

>ABILITY TREE: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP

You also finally got around to figuring out what the heck those magical items you've raided do. They seem a little... weak? Compared to the magical items you've heard of in stories! Who even cares about a stick that can turn into a snake? You sure don't!

Anyway, it is a brand new day! You check your quest log and see that The Forest adventuring area has been 100% completed. Wow, what a load off your chest! You wonder if there is some sort of meta-award for this?

>There isn't.

Still, you do have an actual job you should probably be doing... What's the plan boss?

>That quest log is awfully lonely. We should explore the surrounding areas!
>Let's earn our pay! To the Manderlin Plains! "but boss we don't get paid nothin'"

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Double Digits Edition!

You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You solved the Earth Elemental's worries, bringing peace to (most) of the forest you're currently hiding out in! And got a sweet sword upgrade to boot.

It may have drawn more suspicion on the forest from whoever funded the excavation that led to this whole mess, but it'll probably work out! Maybe. You hope?

Some people got hurt!

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER, lists wounded: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Revisions to the Ability tree! As you perform actions, you will gain exp in that specific tree. So Fighting leads to getting My Sword is Fight exp, Leading your men, being charismatic, and generally interacting with others gives you Bein' the Boss exp, and doing sneaky goblin related activities gives you Can you Really Classify These Humanoids as Monstrous? Exp. We'll short hand it down to BtB, MSiF, and CyRCTHaM exp! You currently have 3/6 BtB, 1/12 MSiF, and 2/6 CyRCTHaM exp! EXP is rewarded at the end of the thread.

>This will hopefully allow you to diversify your abilities better, and lessen powergaming discussions. Please offer any suggestions you'd like to make the ability system more enjoyable! I'm more than willing to listen and adapt.

>Ability tree listed here, now with (optional) graphics!: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP

Still, it's been very tiring being a Raid Leader. To be honest, you thought you'd die by now. Though, to be fair, you haven't done much actual raiding. The invasion is still a ways off, so you've got time! There isn't much left in the forest now. Just that creepy hut Rund thinks he saw. Maybe he was imagining it?

After your morning routine, the boys are wondering:

What's the plan, boss?

>Rest and relax! Let's enjoy life at our own pace.
>Well, best get to raiding, right? It's our job! To the Plains of Manderlin!
>That witch's hut (no one said witch, boss) still bothers me. Let's go try and find it!

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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You did all kinds of investigating yesterday, and decided to hit the quarry and put a stop to whatever it is that is making this dumb earth elemental whine so much because it is really starting to get on your nerves.

Your raid group is right outside the quarry now, and you manage to avoid or take out any hired guards along the way.

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Since the whole quest is an experiment I am experimenting with an ability tree. Let's see how this works out? Shax's Ability Tree Listed Here: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP

It looks like the quarry has a heavily guarded front, and a variety of barracks as it gets further into the excavation. They've got loads of supply carts filled up with stuff and a lot of guards on those as well. There is an uncertain number of adventurers inside.

The boys are eager for action, and the trolls are always hungry. The quarry has probably noticed some patrols not returning, but they aren't on high alert yet. Looting the place is always the goal, but to what extent is up to you!

what's the plan, boss?

>Hit 'em fast and hard. Send in the trolls, big guys, and golems! Everyone else will clean up.
>Sneak it on in! Small guys, trolls, and sappers will take out and prime whatever looks like a good target. When they give the signal, you'll rush in while explsions are going off!
>Something else entirely. Write it on in!

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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You've led a raid and grabbed all sortsa animals. You ate a bunch of them today. Maybe too many. No one said anything, but you could feel them judging you. You're a little ashamed.

You slept well until the clay monsters showed up at your camp asking where you were. In the middle of your sleep! {Sorry to disturb your rest, I just wanted to say that I can't help but be overwhelmed at your kindness in helping me out.} AAAAHHH. You so far outpaced them on your mounts that you forgot about them. Oh well, here they are now!

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

{I'm very pleased that you decided to help me. I have a hard time finding people who will listen to me.} This dumb thing never shuts up. {Please, if there is anything you need to assist you on your investigation, just let me know.} Oh my god. The three clay monsters follow you around all the time and they all talk at the same time and say the same things and it just drives you nuts. {While I know you might need time to rest, I would appreciate it very much if you could look into my troubles as soon as possible.} AAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Still, it is a brand new day! The world is your oyst-{Morning drills? How excellent to see you are getting into top shape in order to properly fight that which ails me.} AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

What's the plan, boss?
>Let's go raiding! Gotta keep up the good work!
>Examine a PoI [Hut, Quarry]
>Explore forest.
>Explore plains.

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You are Shax Bonemurder. You are a raid leader! Last night was pretty rough, but you beat up some adventurers and took their stuff. At least you think you did?

Rund assures you their stuff was taken.

Oh. Good. To be honest you were more concerned with not dying. Someone died, though. Baxut! He was a Devilooze boy, though, so no one is really. You know. Grieving.

>CURRENT RAID GROUP ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

The good news is that you found news about some sort of important shrine the adventurers were around! The bad news is that one of the two scouts who knew the way to the creepy hut died. The other is Rund. And Rund is... Well. Rund tries very hard?

Oh! Also! You got hurt pretty bad. In fact you're still real hurt after sleeping all night. Whoop says it will be a bit before you're good to go again. It's a good thing you started making a base, huh? Anyway. You gotta get to work leadering!

"Yer stayin' in bed, Shax," Milda says, crossing her arms. "And I'm not gonna hear any objections."

Oh, great. Now she's worried about you. Well, you've got nothing to do. What's the plan?

>Secure the area! Begin laying a larger field of traps, and shore up the defenses of the base more.
>Explore! Send a few scouting parties out to find more interesting stuff.
>Loot! Send a few shock parties to hit up one of the points of interest. [Specify which one: Creepy hut, Quarry, Shrine]

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You are Shax Bonemurder, a Raid Leader! You just cleared all kindsa undead baddies from a temple, and slew an ancient arcane abomination. As expected of you.

With the ruined temple clear of baddies, you began setting up camp. Here is the current roster: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

It's relatively quiet, and you know the army isn't going to launch the invading force proper for a few months. You don't wanna be considered lazy, but still... You got all this free time and a nice crew. Maybe you ought to take it easy for a little?

The temple ruins are near the edge of the forest. The Manderlin Plains, your objective, lay beyond. Your goal is to raid various villages and farms there. You know there is a quarry within the forest, as well as a witch's hut that gave your scouts the willies.

The ruins have one main building, a large basement underneath, and two small buildings. Your raiding party is holed up in these buildings.

What is the plan, boss?

>Let's take it easy! Work on fortifying the base and send out scouting parties to find interesting stuff.
>Work is work. Let's head out to the Manderlin Plains in force.
>Let's loot! Attack the quarry and get this raid started proper.
>I don't like having the heebee jeebies. Let's check out that witch's hut!

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You are Shax Bonemurder, raid leader! Today is the day when you begin your mission: Raid the Manderlin plains with the goal of crippling the economic support and supply routes provided thereof...

At least that is what the woman in front of you is currently saying to you and your raiding party.

>CURRENT RAID GROUP: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

"-ery important that you do your best to be as surreptitious as possible. The longer it takes them to realize the extent of our operations, the better. Of course, with a force as large as we are currently organizing, it will be difficult to maintain this secrecy for long. That is why you are going out ahead of the army so soon. To do as much damage as you can before the war truly begins."

You nod along like you have been doing. You'll just ask Beyto what you need to know later- Oh wait, that's right. He isn't coming along! He told you this morning that it was nice working with you, and he hopes you make it back safely. You're going to miss him! He always had nice advice and was patient with how dumb you were, despite you bossing him around.

Regardless, the boys are all lined up and looking sorta bored. The lady is done talking. Any questions?

>Write in what you would like to ask her.
>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!

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Ruhar leads you through the camp. There are less looks and stares the further you get in, most of the dwarves sticking to their own business. There are tons of them here, and in such a small area. You wonder why you haven't heard much about them, yet? Most of the talk in the camp is about orcs and dark elves. Eventually you reach a hut belching out smoke. Ruhar knocks on the doorframe before shouting, "Tullia! Got someone I'd like ya to meet."

A stout lady wipes grimy soot off her face with the back of her arm as she turns to face you, lifting the goggles off her face. "Hmm?" She's wearing an apron and thick leather gloves. "What's that you've got there, eh?" she muses, in a thick accent as she approaches you. She looks your sword over. "This thing is made from pure shite, inn'it? What's so special about it?"

"Not the damn sword, Tull, the thing that's holding it."

She looks down at you, seemingly noticing you for the first time. "Oh. Oh! It's not a slave. Thought you had the poor thing lugging around some sorta magical whatsit." She crosses her arms. "So? It's got some sorta strength enhancement or something, yeah, what's the big deal?"

"That's the thing, Tull, she can hardly handle the sword." Ruhar pats your shoulder. "Give it a few swings, lass." You wind up and Ruhar places one hand on your arm. "Perhaps not in here, eh?"

Oh! Yeah you probably shouldn't wreck the lady's place up. Especially if she's supposed to teach you something. You step outside and look over your shoulder nervously to make sure she's watching. You rear back and give it your best swing, practically flying all over the yard.

"...What the hell are ya showin' me this for?

"The higher ups apparently wanted this wee thing to be a Raid Leader, and she's lookin' for someone to teach her how to handle this thing. As funny as it'd be, it'd be a shame if the rest of the war goes harder 'cause this lass got herself killed in the first skirmish."


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You are Shax Bonemurder. You are a Raid Leader! You're not too smart so you picked the easiest mission they put in front of you, and you have seven days left to prepare.

This is your current raiding group: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

You just got done learning and teaching everyone how to ride around without getting themselves killed. Some people got killed anyway! But that's okay, life is full of harsh lessons. As long as you aren't the one learning them.

Squid Face is a really cool friend of yours, and he dropped off two of his friends! They're cave trolls. You don't like them, but they aren't that bad because they haven't tried to eat you yet. They do much of anything, actually, unless you tell them to. Squid Face has weird friends, but you guess you are one, too, so maybe you're weird also?

But with the two trolls added to the group, you're at sixteen members! At least that's what your aide says, and you believe him. He's smarter than you. He says you gotta keep training, and he's usually got good ideas. Still, you're the leader so what is the plan for today?

>Go out recruiting. More minions! A good leader needs lots of minions. You can't get too many more, but a handful could make a difference.
>Train up! You're still not good with this big old sword, and a Raid Leader should probably know how to raid.
>Practice more riding! Your boys can all ride okay and stuff, but you know that running away is the most important part of battle!

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You are Shax Bonemurder. You have a ridiculously large sword, and you got promoted to Raid Leader, which means people respect you and listen to what you say because you'll probably be dead in a few weeks anyway!

You just met your aide, a dark elf! You don't know what an aide is, but you think it just means 'a slave who is smarter than you'.

"...Anyway," the man begins after rubbing his temples for a moment, "My name is Beyto Scarmaw and I'll be assisting you in your preparations. Your first order of business should be obtaining mounts for your raiding party. Might I recommend acquiring some from your goblin compatriots?"

You could barely hear him since beelined straight for the food and are now eating it loudly. "Mwhi alreungfy gwot sumf," you mumble through bits.

"...What? You did?"

"Yeah! I got some spiders and dragons. The one scar-" Wait, do dark elves gossip with each other? We're a raid leader now, so that's important. We can't just go gossiping about other leaders. "PRETTY. Lady. Said I could have some so she's sending over a bunch."

"Well, let me get a headcount of who all we got here..." He spends a moment counting the goblins squabbling in front of him, and mentally adds on the kuo toa. "Damn. We're down to nine? What the hell happened to three others?!"

You don't know what he's getting mad about. Nine out of sixteen is pretty good for a starting raid! You were happier when you thought it was twelve, but I guess he was wrong. Even aides aren't perfect? But he's still smarter than you!

Well, now that your belly is full, it's time for some real leadering.

>Current Raid Group: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

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You are a nervous young cave goblin girl named Shax Bonemurder, and you are currently in line to get your kit for the upcoming invasion of the surface.

In fact, you have now arrived at the counter where a rather surly looking drow quartermaster gruffly demands your item requisition form. You guess it's this paper one of the chief's men handed you, and you pass it to the dark elf. He takes a look at the number, and then a long look at you before shouting the item number listed.

"...Ehh?" You can't help but exclaim when a massive weapon is put onto the ground before you. You think it is technically a sword, though the sides of it were more wedge than edge. The faint glow of metal covers a massive grimy blade nearly as tall as you are, taller if you count the handle. Several provisions are dumped as well, including a metal bowl looking thing with several leather straps, several layers of leather armor, and a massive satchel of some kind. "Next!" you hear the quartermaster exclaim loudly.

"Um, sir...?" You begin, timidly.

"What is it, you worthless piece of cannon fodder?"

"Are you sure this is for me, it looks more like something for an og-"

"You gave me a form. I gave you the item on the form. That's how this works, idiot. Now get your stuff and get the hell out of the way!"

You flinch a bit from his obvious annoyance as you look at the stuff in front of you. How were you supposed to carry all this? You wrap the satchel around your shoulders like a backpack, and put the metal bowl on your head, straps dangling down your back. You wrinkle your nose. It smells funny. You gulp and stand on your tip toes to reach the handle of the sword. With a groan you pull it forward, your arms straining to hold even the handle up as you begin to tug on it. It's slow going, but you think you can drag it to your spot in the camp.

Where did you put up your tent?
>Make way for the center of the camp, safety in numbers.
>Make way for the edge of the camp, easier to hide!

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I was gonna run Oversized Weapon Quest tonight, but it has gotten too late.

I'll be doing it tomorrow, though! I've gotten a good idea of what I wanna do with it and where I wanna go with it.

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