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That's it, Imperator Somnium.
But that excerpt is not from the HH books, so from where is it?

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I prefer to think of tyranid hiveships being fuckhuge like in this picture

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Wow the dice gods are with us today. Average= 96.6
The wizened Ethereal Aun'shwa sat uncomfortably in his seat. His fleet was in tatters and he was slowly being torn apart by the Tyranid Drones. "Noble Ethereal, our warp engines are powering up. We should be able to escape in a few mom..." The Air caste pilot was cut off as an alarm sounded. The Aun'Shwa brought up a radar map on the ship's main screen. All the Tau gaped in horror at what they say. "They're coming back..." One Air caste Pilot muttered. "Fire up all weapons! Divert power to the engines! I want us out of here now!" The Ethereal yelled in a panic right before the first Bioplasma shot hit. "Sir! Our that was our engines. We're trapped!" The Ethereal looked around nervously, trying to think of something. "The stealth ships! Pull them back to defe..." Aun'shwa said before being interrupted by an Air caste pilot. "Your excellence, there is no way they can hold off the entirety of the Tyranid fleet. They number too little." Aun'shwa slumped in his chair, holding his head in defeat. "Then... we are lost..." Was his last words before a bioplasma shot hit directly onto the bridge, sucking the Ethereal and all Air caste members into the cold void of space. The flag ships shortly after exploded from the momentous amount of fire being poured into it.

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Can't say I can considering I'm hauling weapons that make black holes.

They vary. Generally they roll in, blow up everything, the gg, next map, but once in a while plot demands that a few die.

It wasn't a fighter, but the warmaster did decide that they'd taken enough territory for the day after one of the warhounds got capped.

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Average= 62.8.
The attack goes better than expected. Many Chaos ships are taken by surprise. While only some have been taken out of order, it won't be long until more and more of the fleet is cleared out. However, you must not let this advantage go to waste. Press the assault now.
What strategy shall we take up now. Losing the advantage now could spell doom.

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Celebrate my children of the swarm for I have returned.
And now let us get down to business of figuring out what our unkillable beast is and what our name shall be. Please cast your vote and roll a d100 with it. If you agree with what someone has said you can also roll a d100 to support their roll, adding the two together. Whichever side gets the highest will be the one we go with.

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Reuniting with O'Malley and the rest of the crew, the Brotherhood make their way back to the ships, and away from Catalyst Station. The trip back is quiet and pleasant enough, but receiving 1000 corpses back from the Inquisition (the ones they took from Battlefleet HQ) breaks the straw on Ragebeard's back.

"They killed them." says Ragebeard.
"I'm going to get back at them."
>Good luck with that.
"No, it's easy. I'll just use the Carnifex in the Tesseract Labyrinth we got to call a Tyranid Hive Fleet to their station."
>Even though that would cause mass rage amongst your people?
"The inquisition deserves it."
>Despite the fact they can EASILY fix it by sending in a certain Deathwatch Kill Team that only knows Fightin' an' Winnin', or even, as it was so eloquently put, 'The Inquisitor's Pet Tau?'
"Then they'll take heavy losses and need to come to US to resupply, and we can pay off our debt to him." Ragebeard says smugly.
>Or...the Dark Eldar he travels with will just regrow his troops, with zero net loss? Not to mention when they find out, they will exterminate all the Squats?

Ragebeard goes silent at this point, pretty angry about the session in general, while the rest of the Brotherhood look on.

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I say we have a sit down with several prominent members of the Admech and the other ordos on planet Virez. We should all come unarmed and with no armies so there is a trust amongst us. And don't worry, the reports of Virez being overrun by Tyranids is completely unfounded and are simply a rumor.

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Well OP as a Tyranid player myself, you can put personality into Tyranids without a complete change. Think about what situation your Hive Fleet is in. Now think how they react. There your Hive Fleet is now unique. Like so, my Hive Fleet specializes in Monsterous Creatures and destroying cities (Hive Fleet Gojira). The way I see it, each Hive Fleet represents a different facet of the Hive mind's schemes and in some way its personality. Its why when all the Hive Fleets arrive and attack at the same time is the galaxy fucked. Because you are now fighting something that has every angle of war covered.

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I'm still holding out hope for a Rogue Trader: Jericho Reach book with rules for Space Marine Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers, Imperial Navy Battleships, Tau vessels, Tyranid Hive Fleets, proper stats and components for making Chaos and Dark Mechanicus ships, Necron ships, and everything else you'd need for waging war in the void of the Jericho Reach.

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