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underrated post and tell us moar anon

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In media res is the best way to start, since you just cut out the bullshit and jump right into the game. Like >>33953450, for example.

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I'm his other friend. I fucking told him he should visit drawthreads here instead.
I also told him to draw girls with dicks.

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Or Afro Samurai. I could see DXR hating Afro.

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Thanks for posting that. You're a cool guy/gal.

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- Probably the most dickish - my Warforged player was getting complacent, so I sent a puzzle monster at him. It would corrode any metallic substance - including magical - into brown dust on contact, which would instantly dissipate into a harmless cloud of nothing. It was also near to (but not actually) immortal, being about as hard to kill as other amorphous creatures in the setting, like elementals (electricity-based attacks would've kicked its arse, but the party never bothered despite having access to them).

The important piece of the puzzle? It never left the area, and was slow enough to move around.

The result? The smart Warforged player kept his distance and wandered on to the next town with the other smart player, the Dwarf. Oh, and the Demon, despite seeing it eat magical metal like it was nothing, decided to slash at it with his sword. The entire party begged him not to, but he wouldn't listen; taking pity on his stupidity, I fudged the roll so that it only reduced his sword to dagger-length instead of destroying all of it. He then told me how he committed suicide by plunging it into his throat, again to the party's concern - when asked why, he looked at me and said "Because you broke my sword."

I'm not sure I really have it in me to be particularly dickish. Despite my players.

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hey OP not to be overly critical, but Joseph is the most god damn boring name I've ever heard. It's up there with John.

Is it your fathers name or something? cause you're just adding onto a long name of boredom.

Also your names are pretty name for "geek terms".
Subtlety is an art, give him something that isn't stand out geeky and can be seen as somewhat normal by the public: if anything I'd name him Creed.
He'd be a Tactical Genius. Or Cain from the Cipheas Cain 40k books.

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row row

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