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Tits or GTFO

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Really? It's the same guy who drew this and some others from other /tg/ things.

Nah, it's old. I just didn't want the thread to die.

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Blue is cute.

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People keep telling me they like Xeno, and I see a lot of Xeno threads, but I know which Tau I like best.

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There was once some idle chatter about Cultist getting spat out into the isolated Karib Sector the Scraplootas usually cruise about.

Rosncranz and Gilnstrum might be somewhat disturbed by her if she ever showed up in the warband they are stuck in.

As for the pic, it was either by request or he wanted to do something with the figures he was drawing at the time.

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Re-requesting a lewd request for a story - because last time i was drunk as fuck and didn't read the rules too well, so please be gentle -, which i somewhat mentioned about two weeks ago. One of them was about Blue, an earth caste tau female of the scraplootas mistaken as a blue grot raised by orks since child. Being cute, curvy, innocent-ish and all - mostly due to the cute, curvy and and innocent-ish parts.

When she got time alone and was horny from time to time - towards what, i don't know, perhaps herself in front of the mirror or simply to ease her strange urges she doesn't know too well because orks who raised her are asexual - , she loved to play with her breasts a lot, which result in her breasts starting to lactate. She's doesn''t even known what her breasts are for apart from a highly erogenous zone like her vagina, thinking she's cumming from her breasts, except that that the fluid coming out tastes better than most of the stuff she gets to drink and eat.

I'll be fine with any curvy earth caste tau girl in similar situation, but Blue fits in this too well, i think...

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But of course there's still the luckiest blueberry.

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Oi beg ta diffa.

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They are fondly remembered, but essentially, their story was told.

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