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You have some better ideas. But then that Lionel Richie song gets stuck in your head, with his beautiful voice and that heartbreaking video. That blind girl sculpted his head! That's so cool!

You motion for Tatsuya and Saul to follow as you stand up and walk towards the punks. The poor bastard must think you're also here to harass him, he's almost shaking.

At the last moment you decide to try diplomacy, though. Just...see if it works.

"What's the problem here, guys?" you ask.

"Fuck right off you horrible little fuck," the punk snarls at you. He pulls a knife, does that dumb stereotypical blade-licking thing. "Bosses are paying for anyone fits this description. We beat enough of these losers we're gonna get the right one eventually."

Shit. Sounds like everyone who fits your description is being harassed. And you have an incredibly vague description.

You wait for him to start licking the blade again and punch him in the mouth. It's...it's really gross, actually. The rest of the punks step back, horror and disgust written on their faces.

>Say something dramatic and give yourself a distinguishing bandana or something. Don't let unsuspecting fools around the city get shanked because they shopped at the same thrift stores as you.
>Try to play up the mysterious crowd angle. Let them think an entire army is coming.

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