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I'll be the contrasting voice to the other anons replying here and say that KT is merely a serviceable skirmish experience. It's completely fine, it does all the basics okay, it's got some good points and some bad points, but ultimately it's not really exceptional in any way beyond the fact that it is a skirmish game were you can use your 40k models. In that regard, KT is to skirmish gaming what 40k proper is to wargaming - a completely average game propped up by its associated IP.

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None of the girls at my local store play AoS. The two that play 40k play Daemons of Slaanesh and Genestealer Cults, respectively. The one who plays Slaanesh is a cute girl in her early 20's, she does lots of custom work to make her HQ's and characters unique, pretty great hobbyist. The GSC one is a morbidly obese slob who puts most of the male regulars to shame in neckbeardy-ness. Also much more of a "colored primer and 2 basecoats" kinda hobbyist.

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10/10 would eat the souls of

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im not posting pictures and the topic is 40k dont like the fetish look away

I dislike peoples ego being boosted

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let me sniff you please

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best chaos god/godess

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they getting rid of slaanesh? I need my emps children and slaanesh daemons

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I have divined your future as well.

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A "female"Slanesh daemon with a lot of faces that sort of float around her head unattached and spin in a circle a standing directly behind a commissar with two mechanical legs a bolt pistol and burn scarring on the right side of his face she would have her claws digging into him, not necessarily threateningly but more of Im protecting this this is Mine kind of deal. He is completely unaware of this and would probobly be looking at a map or something. One of the faces may be looking at the map as well.

If you would be so kind oh benevolent draw friend

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