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>The concept of "deeply conscious" only makes sense in a non-materialist worldview
Right. It only makes sense if you have the correct worldview of idealism. Materialism can't account for consciousness. Materialism can't account for the physical (virtual) world either, and this is why you have physicists postulating kooky things like the many worlds interpretation, which was partially devised to attempt to paper over the role of the observer and the idealism which QM implied.

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>are real numbers real?
Yes. They are prior to the physical though. They are metaphysical. Things like infinity and continuousness don't exist in the physical world. They can be APPLIED to the physical. They, numbers, transcend space and time though. They are universal and invariant and not in flux or change as the material world is. They are ideal and are grounded in minds and ultimately the platonic realm nested in the god mind. The physical world is VIRTUAL and not fundamental. Get rid of the idea that only that which is physical is 'real' and it all makes sense. This is backwards. So yes, they are real, but if you want to have a coherent world view, you had better become an idealist and platonist as opposed to a materialist. Idealism comfy by the way.

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The exceptional physics masters were alway the ones who knew both physics and philosophy. Really there wouldn't have been a single great minded educated man who was not well versed in philosophy as well, ever, in history. These is what made the founding fathers of QM so excellent. Most of them were immersed in philosophy as well. Even back to plato and aristotle. Descartes, leibniz, always there was this confluence. Really this applies to mathmatics as well.And astronomy. Engineering. Vitruvius.

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