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>Mind can't be physical, because ______

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>no u

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>ummm sweaty? please provide a full account of the changes in society
I don't feel like it. Just kill yourself.

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The fundamental error made by people who run charities is that they don't make enough of an effort to appeal to miserable and infantile NEETs like me. They only appeal to people with benevolent desires, but personally, I don't care for them because there's just nothing in it for me. I hate humanity. Humanity has done nothing but hurt me. I got rejected by Stacy and bullied by Chad. If they were rational, they'd do their best to appeal to soulless parasites. This is unscientific on their part.

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>>I'm a body snatching ghost that have travelled across the cosmos and stolen many human bodies

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>Sir, this is a Wendy's

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>Why yes, set theory is my primary research interest, how could you tell?

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