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Solve this /sci/.

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You're a retard.

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You're a retard.

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My iq is 185, what's yours?

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You're wrong nigger.

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3 is the correct answer

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Go back to your containment thread

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Wrong again

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No nigger.

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The only nigger here is you

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Whatever Obongo.

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Legitimately though, anyone who isn't a brainlet can see that 3 is correct.

t. Physics PhD

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Operating by a line by line basis, then I could see why someone would say 7 in the answer.

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OP watched a Jordan Peterson Clip and now thinks he is smart.

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Are you a nigger wigger?

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No, your mom showed me the clip.

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To be more serious, I didn't look at it that in depth. I immediately narrowed down to 3,4,6, or 7 just based on the left two columns only have things composed of two colors, but the third column has things composed of two colors. Then I noticed that the two things appearing in the right most column are cyclic permutations of Yellow, Black, Blue. Option 3 is the final cyclic permutation of this variety. So I'm probably wrong because I didn't take much into account, but it's good enough for me

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>but the third column has things composed of two colors
three colors*

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You're an Obongo wigger

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there are 3 of each items across triangle and down
>be me IQ stratospheric mensa

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The triangle color that's missing is black, the vertical strip is either black or yellow so the answer could only be 5 or 7,and the horizontal line in either blue or black, so 7, took me 8 seconds you losers

Easy as fuck, line+line=0

So 5 is the answer

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So initially I thought, "how are you supposed to know which way to read it?" Then I noticed the pattern can be read in all directions both horizontally and vertically.

Do all IQ tests set up their pattern questions this way?

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I've never actually taken an IQ test. How are you supposed to look at these? Patterns inside rows? Patterns inside columns? Or just look at all the pictures for a common pattern and see what's missing? The 2 first methods don't seem to produce any apparent patterns I can see here, but the third one does. Meanwhile sometimes the row and col based methods seem to be the ones that work. Is this method selection supposed to be arbitrary, and how can it not skew the results if people are under wrong assumptions about what they're looking for?

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>how can it not skew the results if people are under wrong assumptions about what they're looking for?
Because people with higher IQ are better at figuring out whether their assumptions are correct or not.

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This is a trick iq question.
There is one of each triangle colors so black triangle is missing. In first column there are 2 yellow vertical lines and in second column there are 2 black vertical lines. This means that in third column vertical line is either yellow or black. For horisontal lines we have that they are conected with vertical. In first row there are two horisontal black and two vertical yellow, in second column there are two blue and two black lines. This means that missing element is either a black trianhle with yellow vertical and black horisontal lines or yellow triangle with black vertical and blue horisontal lines. Both options are not represented.

Another way is to look picture diagonaly and this way we see that on diagonal line colors are permutated. On upper off diagonal, if we take that lower right pic as continuity of that line we see same thing again, from this it can be concluded that missing piece has black triangle, blue vertical and yellow horisontal line. This is represented by pic 3.

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>The triangle color that's missing is black, the vertical strip is either black or yellow so the answer could only be 5 or 7,and the horizontal line in either blue or black, so 7, took me 8 seconds you losers

lol - too bad you're wrong. It's 3.

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No it's not, the patterns don't lie
I don't care what that meme master says, it's a conspiracy to make you dumber, it's 7

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No lt cant be 7 scince horisontal line also repeats, but that pattern has no option for answer.

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But that would still cause those people to do comparatively terribly on their first try and much better on the next, especially assuming the test is time-restricted. So, are people supposed to have at least 1 practice test before being measured, and if practicing has a drastic effect on the outcomes, what does that say about the reliability of the test? Also you didn't answer the questions about the methods you're supposed to use looking for patterns.

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>I don't care what that meme master says
But that's literally the answer according to writer of the test.

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Then he's dumb as hell, because the answer is unreasonable, why the colors in the lines change when the two other patterns stayed the same, he obviously doesn't know how these tests work

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>look at shapes
>no sensible patterns on rows / cols, fuck this bullshit if somebody claims otherwise
>there's 3 shapes with 2 colors where the vertical line is over the rest, 3 shapes with 2 colors where the horiz line is below the vertical, 2 shapes with 3 colors
>all groups use different colors for each layer
>therefore 3 fits
my thought process, I still think these tests are somewhat hocus pocus even if that was the right answer

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I made this right now, if you solve it under 10 seconds, you're a grade A genius

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It's rotating.
I'm not fucking drawing it so fuck you

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You see, this is a perfect example how these tests should be, not that brainlet shit

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And this is why the test becomes invalid if you practice it.

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I'm really fucking stupid and these are all incredibly easy. I'd even figured out the answer to >>9605480 in about a minute. You all are probably much better at math than I am, step up your game.

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3, you're all retarded

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These tests become super easy once you figure out the few patterns that the brainlets who make these come up with

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let's hear your reasoning, hotshot

yep, and also pointless

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i got 3 too, not him

each row has the triangle color once. each horizontal color line appears 3 times, there is a blue or yellow horizontal that appears twice so that is what the horizontal must be. this pattern is consistent with the vertical lines too. so 3.

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You think you're so smart, boy? Try these
a)1/1, 2/5, 4/9, 8/13, 16/17, ?
b)?, 5, 5, 0, 1, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0
c)21/311 , 30/3000 , 19/109 , 35/?
d)15 124 115 14 121 119, 51 161 191 91 121 151 ?
e)78, 1516, 1314, 910, 1011, ?

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b)2 (pretty lame)

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It's 5

t. Civil engineer

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a 32/21
b 2
c 8555
d no clue
e 34

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no you're just retarded.
The test was piss easy.

It goes on to show how these tests must be cautiously composed by certified professionals and not monkeys with pen & paper.

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I'm not seeing the pattern

I thought every piece needs to change color from left to right, but bottom right corner refutes this (horizontal bar remains blue)

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3 is the correct answer.

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Others easy, d) hard. Is it 61?

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Please don't tell me you're a traffic/highway engineer.

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>each color of the triangle appears in all the rows
>each row only has 2 matching lines with backgrounds
>3 vertical bars of each color

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This is correct.

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how is it number 3? instantly obvious is that diagonally each strip follows the pattern: black, yellow, blue while the triangles follow this pattern vertically and horizontally

i can't see any other pattern, so it seems that the answer must be a black triangle, black horizontal strip, and yellow vertical strip

but none of them fit that criteria

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so you linked a video of him showing a random picture, saying the answer, and not explaining it? who would've thought jordan peterson fans were brainless.. hunh

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none of the rows or columns have 3 vertical bars of each color, what do you mean?

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kys 7-fags
7 breaks too many rules

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Why isn't it 3? The pattern seems consistent with 3

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The only thing that changes are the colors.

There are 3 colors. There are also 3 shapes: vertical line, horizontal line, triangle.

Looking at it vertically, starting with triangle, notice that the pattern always changes color between black, yellow and blue.

Look at the ?, the only possible triangle color is black. Thus, it's either 3, 5 or 7.

Looking vertically at the horizontal line, the pattern is: 2 same colors, 1 different color.

Looking at ?, it can only be black or blue. Looking at 3, 5 and 7, only 7 fits. So, it's 7.

Carrying on anyway.

Looking vertically at the vertical line, the pattern is 2 colors and then 1 different color.

Looking at ?, it can be yellow or black. Looking at 3, 5 and 7, it can be 5 or 7. But I already know it's 7, and this doesn't contradict it.


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?? globally
>3 vertical bars of each color
is wrong

there's no way to look at it to where that statement makes any sense

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do you even know the answer to d)?

seeing how many elements they gave for that set, the answer must require all of them so it would take way too long to figure it out

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Picture is too blurry.

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> 3 blue triangles
> 3 yellow triangles
> 2 black triangles

> 3 black vertical bars
> 3 yellow vertical bars
> 2 blue vertical bars

> 3 black horizontal bars
> 3 blue horizontal bars
> 2 yellow horizontal bars

hmm I wonder which one it is. You can solve without even knowing what the colors are doing. Although if you're curious look at the diagonals going up and right.

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You think you're so smart, boy? Try these
d)15 124 115 14 121 119, 51 161 191 91 121 151 ?
51+161+191=403 91+121+151=363 so maybe ? is 40
But all sequences is 2digit+3digit+3diget and
last one will now be 2+3+3+2digit so maybe 40 is not the right answer.

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Do you have a solution and maybe a explanation of following?
21/311 30/3000 19/109 35/?
Please help me

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