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Despite the abundance of reported claims of self-improvement by those who adhered to the NoFap..."philosophy" or "lifestyle", there's those who continue to criticize it for...what reason again?

Let's stop with the bullshit. First of all, we know the kind of person the internet "skeptic" is, you know, the kind that you'll find on RationalWiki or skepticism reddit boards. Those people are sad, bitter and in constant need of attention and recognition. There, I fucking said it, sue me.

Secondly, it makes sense that they're bothered by NoFap, because they're probably addicted to porn or masturbation themselves.

It's not like you can OBJECTIVELY quantify the confidence someone has with a "confidentiometer", or the personal awareness of one's own faults with an "self-awareometer". Of course it's mostly a subjective thing.

So for the naysayers, I ask of you to bear the burden of proof to prove that NoFap is harmful, or that claims are purely placebo. It is PROVEN that abstaining from masturbation a few days will increase the levels of testosterone, which will later decrease.

What's the proof that this does not have psychological effects?
What's the proof that abstinence is harmful?

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priests and monks and shit don't jack off and they seem pretty cool and disciplined

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No one gives a shit about your masturbation practices. Everyone on 4chan knows about Nofap, if they were interested they would try it. Please stop posting about it.

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Jerking off is a stress reliever. If you want to be an angry asshole, go ahead and fill your balls with your own cum. No one cares, no one likes you anyway.

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The burden of proof lies with those making the claims. Post your experimental evidence that NoFap CAUSES increases in confidence in well-being. As things are now, we're left with a pile of anecdotes which could easily be placebic. I wouldn't argue that it's harmful, I just don't think the benefits are what they are made out to be. You'll get a bit of extra free time each week and that's it.

Personally, I tried it for 40 days and didn't notice any significant changes.

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imagine being such as a brainlet and slave to memes that not fapping fools you into being a productive human being.

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NoFap is misguided and fails to focus on the actual substance of the matter, which is the porn itself, more than the mechanical effect of masturbation and orgasm. Obviously, even with dissociation, you're going to be influenced psychologically by the material you consume, and these underlying changes will accumulate and propagate forward, influencing every self evaluation, perception, and interpretation of your environment. Perception requires contrast. Contrast is the creator of memory, and memory is the creator of reality.

Just look at the majority of mainstream porn. It's violent, formulaic, contains bizarre rituals, and is often all about extremes (meaning greater extremes over time, both in the industry and the individual). Facefucking, obnoxiously fake moaning (repetitive "noise making" is more apt), slapping, cumming on the face, rough anal (unsafe), weird positions, and generally, fucked up degenerate males. Etc. The content is dressed up with attractive women, surreal scenery and lighting, and all the signals of legitimacy and normality. But ultimately it's degenerate, bizarre, garbage. The viewer knows it's watching something that -appears- sexual, might be aroused by the female, the penetration, whatever, and therefore over time, is conditioned to dissociate and accept the whole of the act, for specific parts of the content. The viewer then lacks confidence dealing with real women because it has been conditioned to think of sex and its own sexuality from a certain perspective, but knows it isn't actually in line with its desires or value system.

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Next time you're watching porn, actually pay attention to what you're seeing. Really think about it. Think if it's what you actually want. Think about yourself as a teenager and if the scenes another person has constructed for you, at all resemble your own natural fantasies.

My mind is pretty fried, but put concisely and simply, people have been masturbating for a long time. Early porn was either drawings or personal fantasy. Later came photography, and then film. Until the latter two (which are easily laced with embedded prompts), people didn't have these problems. And there's a big difference between jerking off with imagination, or to solo stills / masturbation, and other types of porn. I imagine the basis of porn addiction is not the same as other dopaminergic stimuli, but rather a lack of satisfaction. No satisfaction means phenylethylamine and prolactin will not reduce dopamine levels, or increase serotonin and oxytocin signalling, thus the mind will not properly shift out of a state of (pseudo)arousal. Violent stimuli generally inhibits these things. Therefore the viewer will repeatedly engage in the falsely sexual content.

All of the high level manifestations of excessive "porn" use are related. NoFap fails to deconstruct or even remotely approach the core substance of the problem, with much the same shallowness and denial as a porn addict itself.

The mechanical stuff like transient dip in testosterone, and zinc depletion, are trivial.

I jerk off whenever I feel like it, and do just fine. Why? I'm not masturbating to garbage that makes me feel bad.

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best ITT

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The ultimate pleb filter.

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I've been watching porn for years and I've always hated violent or degrading shit in porn. Sloppy gagging blowjobs, rough anal, bitches crying. None of that is or has been arousing in the slightest. Nothing makes me lose a boner faster than seeing a woman in distress.

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>I ask of you to bear the burden of proof
That's the exact opposite of how burden of proof works you brainlet.
>It's not like you can OBJECTIVELY quantify the confidence someone has with a "confidentiometer", or the personal awareness of one's own faults with an "self-awareometer".
If you don't know how to clearly define the terms you're trying to use then you aren't really talking about anything in the first place.

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Joke's on you!
>I fapped to this post
>nutted 6 times already
>make that 7

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nofap is propaganda from religious nuts that believe sex outside of procreation needs to be banned

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>I can make assertions without proof if they're negative assertions

Great logic, retard.

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Nobody made any assertion when you started this thread except you.

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I very clearly said what are the commonly made assertions, one side that claim, among other things, "better confidence". If this makes no sense, you might as well throw most of the fields of psychology and psychiatry in the trash because a lot of concepts there are purely subjective and impossible to quantify.

That's when idiots crawl out of the woodwork claiming it MUST be placebo.

Prove it is placebo. Life is easy when everyone is either with or against you. Why should I believe or not believe those claims? I never personally claimed anything. What fucking proof do deniers have that it MUST be placebo? How is it any different than any other reported claim involving, say, happiness or sadness?

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If you don't bust a nut frequently enough you'll get weird bumps on your balls.

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>Think about yourself as a teenager and if the scenes another person has constructed for you, at all resemble your own natural fantasies.
uh, yeah
it's the 21st century, we're not limited to masturbating to whatever coked up whore the shabby hollywood jew producers got on set today

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>I never personally claimed anything.
Great, then go away. Nobody here called your retard nofap cult a placebo.

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>when you're so fanatical you filter out facts

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Here's the source of the nofap cult following if anyone is curious reuniting.info/science

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If this doesn't concern you, then fuck off the thread.

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Brainlet here, that was a perfect description of the internet skeptic. Why do the groups become cancerous after hitting critical mass though?

No fap hasn't done much for me, there's some improvement after a few days, but it's very modest. I almost feel like more of it has to do with simply using my time/thoughts more productively since the time used to get off is put elsewhere.

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Have any of you actually quit porn? I'd like to quit but I'm not sure it's even really possible. Is there anyone who has actually really cut it out of their life completely?

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Porn is mainly useful in that it shows strangers. Fantasy usually uses someone you've seen or met as a base, which to someone wanting confidence to begin with, might feel wrong, uncomfortable, pitiful, etc. Masturbating to an accessible object of one's desire.

Like I said above, focus on qualitative features, not quantitative. The content of the porn is most important. Just looking at solo stills / masturbation is probably a viable weaning process. Depatterning.

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Fucking this lmfao

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>I almost feel like more of it has to do with simply using my time/thoughts more productively since the time used to get off is put elsewhere.
This is why people think nofap works. It's not the abstaining from masturbation that improves them, it's quitting their fucking multi-hour a day porn addictions and putting their time somewhere useful instead.

If you have healthy masturbation habits not jerking off does nothing.

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>So for the naysayers, I ask of you to bear the burden of proof to prove that NoFap is harmful
who said it was harmful?

I did it over a decade ago before I even knew it was a thing, just to see if I could, and I never noticed any difference at all

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I last came 10 days ago and honestly I see no difference whatsoever.

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If you don't fap while you're awake your brain will fap for you while you're asleep anyways. I prefer the natural heroin to be something I can be aware of and enjoy, because I enjoy the post-masturbation wiseman time.

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>Perception requires contrast. Contrast is the creator of memory, and memory is the creator of reality.
This is the dumbest aphorism I've read in a long, long time.

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Newton and Tesla did nofap, keep jerking your meat brainlets

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the rock hard truth of the blueballs blues

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Just the fact that you obsess so much about whether or not you're gonna jerk your ding dong shows what kind of loser you are. Your deep rooted psychological problems won't go away because you stopped fapping, it's just an arbitrary behavior you choose to believe has magical properties. You're literally as bad as people that do juice cleanses, but at least they don't obsess about people that don't do juice cleanses on the internet.

Also, not /sci/ related. Keep this crap in your autism board

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>fill your balls with your own cum
>I can't into anatomy

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NoFap is just betas attempting to trick people into caring about their cocks for once.

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>he fell for the yourbrainonporn.com meme
Imagine being unironically this retarded.
>Some people believe the act of ejaculation draws testosterone, the hormone of both sexual desire and aggression, from the body.
>"This is a really wrong idea," said Emmanuele A. Jannini of the University of L'Aquila in Italy. Jannini is a professor of endocrinology, the study of bodily secretions, and has studied effects of sex on athletic performance.
>"After three months without sex, which is not so uncommon for some athletes, testosterone dramatically drops to levels close to children's levels," he said. "Do you think this may be useful for a boxer?"

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NoFap, why not Fap moderately? why always two options, the devil is in the excess say a saying.

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