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So I did recently look into some stuff about the Nazis building flying saucers and stuff (if someone is interested here a thread about the stuff https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/126352757 )
However one thing mentioned frequently is the Schumann levitator which is apparently used to propulse the saucer. Now my question is if a structure like pic related (which allegedly is the schumannlevitator) would be able to let things hover and overcome gravity

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This seems at best, terribly inefficient

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why not make one yourself and find out OP?

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Fuck to the no

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not talented when it comes to handywork. also i have no idea what "high voltage" is and assume its not the kind of voltage coming out of the powersocket in the wall. also i dont want to accidently electrocute myself

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just a bump so i get some more oppinions

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The diagram is nonsense. Newton is crying.

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>being relevant to electromagnetism

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Whatever that magnet is attracted to is attracted back just as hard. There is zero net force being produced. It's the equivalent to Newton's laws.

Unless you're meaning to tell me that an electrical field line passing through metal produces a one way force in the same direction?

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Yes it works. The magnetic field around the coil is proportional to the current through it. The resulting magnetic field interacts with aluminium lattice electron spins, producing a net force opposite to Earth's gravity (Lorentz force).
You just need several kT and you're good to go.

Send from the moon.

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>i push something with my hand
>newton's 3rd law it pushes back just as hard
>therefore it doesn't go anywhere

da fuq m8, that's not how it works

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i imagine it working similar to this principle though. it works through electromagnetism as well so its not that far off. the question is just if it works when structured as inthe OP

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it actually works, saw one at a science fair. It is terribly inefficient tho, and it would take lots of power to even lift 1 kg. There is no way the nazis would have found an energy source powerful enough.

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well, this shows allegedly how the glocke worked. an anon once mentioned it could be a scalar device producing energy for propulsion, weapons or simple energy source. in case of the glocke maybe all of it. cant tell if this would work, maybe someone of you guys can.

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>running 25kV across a bare copper wire to lift a triangle made of aluminum sheets

doesn't seem to be worth it tbqh

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yeah, seems ineffective, but all technology is at the beginning. once we got the principle right we can finetune it and increase the effectivity i guess.

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some bump since i maybe get more infos

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>>scalar device
and what the fuck is a scalar device?

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Lifters don't work via antigravity, they operate under the same principle as a jet engine.

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i know, not my fault the guy called it that way.

from what i got it supposedly is a device which draws energy out of the ether meaning that tesla apparently was right. however again i know too few about this stuff to be able to say if those instructions hold any ground

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Complete techno-gibberish. This doesn't even qualify as techno-doubletalk.

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anything in there you can point out on what wouldnt work specifically?

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And you don't seem to understand. A shame, you seemed an honest man.

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There isn't enough of a "there" there to point out anything in particular that is wrong. There's just no reason to expect this to do anything at all. All it's describing is a lead-lined thermos full of radioactive purple ferrofluid you've cooled down to a bit colder than liquid nitrogen and are spinning around with an electromagnetic field.

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i dont think i get what you mean

ah ok. but can you think of any effect this might produce?

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No, that's what I mean by there not being any 'there' there. Not only can I not think of anything interesting that might do, I can't even think of why you might expect that to do anything interesting.

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well, as i said its supposedly some description of the workings of the glocke. finding out if it does something or what it does could tell us if it could be legit or not

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