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What does /sci/ think of Dentistry?

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Q: What did the dentist see at the North Pole?
A: A molar bear

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>falling for the denatal jew meme


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Well, one thing's for certain, no one here gives a shit about dentistry

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>What does /sci/ think of Dentistry?
It's absolutely necessary. I also need 200$ worth of fillings, but I don't have the money yet.

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An honorable profession.

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A field of study one can really get their teeth into.

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I need to set up a dentist appointment, I forgot to go last year

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You won't find any more due to global warming

They're dissolving in the water

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She's very qt

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Filled with quacks. Once in a while you'll find a decent dentist.

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Which one?

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My sister's a dentist. She makes a nice living by owning her own practices, but it's not something you can really get passionate about. Feel like I'd get bored extremely quickly.

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Along with hot water plumbing, electricity, schooling and grocery stores dentistry is one of those things that makes you feel civilized.

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Literally failed doctors.

And since medicine isn't science, dentistry isn't related to this board.

Why isn't dentistry a doctors specialty like a dermatologist is?

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I do believe dentists make more than an average General Practitioner with an MD.

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> Medicine isn't science

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I don't brush my teeth

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Bullshit, but necessary. There is a lot of stuff that can go wrong with your teeth, but aside from putting in fillings and fixing really bad things with your teeth, it's largely useless and should be some sort of sub field. Basically like >>7908770 says, it should be something that you get referred to because of specific things that might be wrong with your teeth that you discuss with your general doctor.

As it is, it's like going to your doctor and your doctor is always trying to convince you to get your tonsils taken out or your appendix removed, just in case. There should definitely be some sort of outside recommendation/examination before you go to the dentist just so they can make bucks drilling into imaginary tiny dents in your teeth.

It's really a problem with dentists than dentistry.

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dentistry should still be performed by blacksmiths or whatever it was. It's more of a craft/trade than anything else.

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It's my fetish

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I was obviously referring to the cute one you retard

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>Asked my dentist if the degree really needed to be 5 years long
>she gets butthurt

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snake oil

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(C-) level students from middle class families become dentists. Generally speaking, they suck.

Just had my biannual cleaning last week. Dentist started the polishing brush and it cut the fuck up out of my mouth because he was using dated technology... needless to say now I have 4 gaping sores in my mouth were he botch his shit by have his inept tools pinch me.

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>What does /sci/ think of Dentistry?

Well, I sure could use a dentist right now--my tooth is killing me.

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>You're gonna sit in a chair while we drill holes in your face.
>Then you'll pay us.

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Do you want to look like a redneck? Having your teeth drop off one by one before you're even 18

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In childhood, everyone dreamed of becoming astronauts, I dreamed of becoming a dentist because my father constantly cursed that he paid them too much

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Hello guys. I am sure that visiting a dentist is a necessity for everyone who care about the health. I understand that it can be expensive. Personally, I bought night guards on https://americandentalcraft.com/ to feel better and it seems to be useful for my teeth.

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