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When will science finally find a cure for low IQ?

I don't want to be a brainlet anymore.

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No "cure don't act retarded

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It's called positive eugenics.

Once everyone is smart though society will collapse. You need stupid people to do all the drone/wageslave work.

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>Once everyone is smart though society will collapse.

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AI will never exist.

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>Smart people everywhere
>civility order and cooperation during disasters, rebuild country after war overnight

>dumb people everywhere
>savagery chaos and mass killings during disasters, destroy country after peace overnight

Joking aside ( africans are our equals of course ), the whole field of robotics and AI shit on your assumption so hard you'd think it was made of shit.

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> Science and the notion that intelligence can be represented by IQ
Pick one and one only

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Maybe you can have smart people doing "drone/wageslave" (read: the important) work that has been devalued by society. Perhaps if we valued these jobs more smarter people would show interest in doing them as well, and there are good chances that they will be done with better quality than they are now.

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>comparing Japan to Africa
>comparing one island nation with a singular government to literally hundreds of nations with macro and micro governments on a fuck huge continent

Of course japan has it's shit together, there is less to organize and monitor.

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I think it's mostly cultural. Hell, even Japan's career criminals bleed honor, duty and discipline.

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I was joking, can't you read ?

Of course it's cultural. There is no other credible explanation.

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You say that now but go back some centuries when it's state of government was fractured and warlords were calling the shots.

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Yeah, I see you're joking don't worry too much. That's why I was only bitching about the size not the people.

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We really to kill all these subhumans though.
Targeted virus or nanoswarms ?

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Obviously. If you look at countries where teachers are required to have a masters and be in the top arbitrary percentage of their class, teachers are highly respected and paid very well.

Whereas in the UK (from my experience) we get shit teachers. I had a teacher who got Cs in their science GCSEs (age 16 exams), and they were teaching me English.

The dregs of graduating classes seem to be the individuals who go into teaching.

But how can you even make these undervalued jobs more desirable? They're undervalued because almost anyone who isn't clinically retarded can perform them.

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>he compared japan to africa

"smart" people everyone

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Dont worry op, at least ur not irish.
Then youd be really dumb...

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What's your IQ?

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Choose any subset of africa equal to the size of japan, it still holds

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Actually it already does. The most powerful computer today is as smart as a cockroach. And a cockroach has living intelligence. Humans are finitely detailed. In other words, if u knew where every atom was in my body, you would know what my reaction would be to every known stimulus. We are not magic mr spiritfag. There is no pixie dust in our brain.

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140... Enough that i am smarter than most ppl i come across. Of course theres millions of ppl smarter than that in the world but if im 30 pts higher than the nat avg in the smartest (also best engineering) countries in the world (s kor, jpn, and ger) i think i should be somewhat satisfied.

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Don't forget looting...Black people love to loot whenever they get a chance.

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my iq is literally 75 ama

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You like all nigga or like half nigga nowimsayin?

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Same dawg

good thing I make lots of money

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How's your CS major going?

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Crackas just dont have the balls

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What is smarter? Wasting months to years of your life learning a language for college you are not passionate about or cheating with the tools at hand we have been given like google translate?

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The smartest move is to realize it's not that hard, get an A in your required classes, and be done with it.

You sound like people that I tutor who whine about how they're never going to use calculus in real life. The truth is you're not going to use a lot of shit that you learn in school in real life. Just pass your classes, and move on.

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Even if that were true, the sad thing is that you don't even need AI to do a lot of our jobs.
There's no question of "if" the "worker drones" will be replaced by robots. It's just a question of "when."

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>I did an IQ test on the internet

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R e a d
a a

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if IQ is genetic:
kill the people with small IQ or forbid them to reproduce.
force people with hight IQ to make a lot of children.

create very intelligent AI abble to do self improvement and kill every human

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The thing is, people with high IQs can spawn people with low IQs and people with low IQs can spawn people with high IQs. You just don't know what your DNA combined with other random DNA might give.

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Which book do you recommend?

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Infinite jest by DFW

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>dvw meesterras

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>aka give me your money for knowledge you'll use very little outside.

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Japan is culturally whip into being civil to each other

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> if u knew where every atom was in my body, you would know what my reaction would be to every known stimulus

Go read into quantum biology and how it is applicable to the human brain and nervous system. It's extremely likely that the brain has reactions that operate well below the chemical/molecular level. If this were the case knowing the locations of atoms would not be nearly enough. You would have to know the states of the quarks and leptons as well. Even then we are not fully sure what particles might exist below that. While it may be possible to make an intelligent machine, we may never understand how the brain actually works.

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The world doesn't consist of stupid/smart people. It consists of people with a multitude of abilities and desires.

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77IQ here.

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congrats on perverting Darwin's basic theories you goober.

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Deze is voor jou: http://schooltv.nl/video/de-vuilnisman-liedje-uit-hoelahoep/

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Computers are also physical things and it's possible to simulate "uncertainty" on them.
It just makes everything unstable to the point of uselessness.

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True, but the variation is what counts.

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