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What's your serious opinion about Bitcoin?

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blockchain is the future more than bitcoin imo

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a ponzi scheme

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found the nocoiner

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Iraqi dinars are a safer investment, you can actually spend them as well.

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i bought eth during the march crash faggit, but even though i made money with this shit it still is a ponzi

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Not a Ponzi scheme, but a scam, since only 4% is in circulation.

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Decent wealth store and hedge agaisnt inflation, also extremely high risk. Buying now is a good way to get burnt, wait until it's ~half it's current price and don't be surprised if it takes 2 years to come back up.
t. been in since 2013

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the guy in the other thread saying it was gonna go to 100k, owes me a big apology. I just lost like 12k USD


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Made some videos on SHA2, ECC, Mining and other consensus algorithms in 2018, 2019


I'd say to understand the 2008 blockchain innovation that happened there, one must always highlight that it's digital scarcity at low communication amount.
The security "only" improves a bit over the byzantine fault algos that have existed for many decades prior. Also, the solution is horrible from an environmental aspect and so it should have been a fluke. It's good that this game started rolling though, since it got that whole field of research going. Then again, the space is also full of assholes and the fraction of tech innovators is restricted (some exceptions could be named).

There is something to the technology more broadly, even if it shouldn't go on like it did. That's my technological view.
But if you ask for my prediction on it as a market, then I'd say it will go on even if it doesn't make sense. Too many people are invested (monetarily or otherwise) and so it will go on as an asset platform either way.

Facebook et. al. is also trying to establish themself as digital bank on the continent of Africa, and a dollar coupled local currency (i.e. a global stable coin) would be attractive here. It is an exponentially growing workforce.
Will be interesting what happens.

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Where are the other pics?

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A horribly unstable currency. I ironically like it more when it stays around 10k for months.

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bitcoin is moving all the world from a debt based system to a locked system. locked is when you got assets but only in the future. more and more crypto is being locked. this is the future. dead crypto billionaires - who locked huge amount of assets , that get released according to their plan. instead of being controlled by the psychopaths of our own age and time, like today, we will be controlled by dead psychopaths.

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Crypto is like Swiss accounts in that if you loose the key it's gone and just like Swiss acounts anyone getting a lot of crypto today is going to have the key written down somewhere it can be found on their death be it in a safe or at their lawyers office.

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Fat, neckbeards, nerds, fags, dweebs, dorks. That sums it up.

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you didn't catch my drift. look at ethereum. there is a bunch of it locked for a various amounts of tasks. example: locked liquidity. as crypto matures , more and more of it will be locked in a certain scheme.
having a key won't help you, caus it properly locked in the system. even the ones with keys can get it out before the time stated in the locked.

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What is the circulation for gold, and why a low liquidity makes something a scam? Are new GPUs a scam? Picasso paintings? Your mum's?

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And you see that as a bad thing? I see fixed inflation that everyone knows the release rate of as the best thing about crypto vs fiat.

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yes, this is good. you say right.

i am introducing a new idea. imagine an old crypto billionaire. a psychopath (we are not lacking in them today). doesn't trust his own children. is detached from normal. believe in some crazy shit.
on his death bed , or a bit before.
arranges a scheme where he locks all his crypto.
every year 1% unlocks to some crazy caus.
now for 100 years , this caus will live strong. no matter what you and i have to say about it.

( i know it's not the best explanation , sorry , i just watch the crypto and more and more of it is being locked, so i try to think about it and formulate this behavior somehow , it's seems obvious to me that debt doesn't exist in crypto, and its replacement is locking )

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What you are describing is a trust fund, they have existed in fiat for a long time.

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>A trust is created by a settlor, who transfers title to some or all of his or her property to a trustee. (from wiki)
there is no more a trustee. the trustee is the financial system itself. the trustee is the ethereum blockchain ( let's say for example ).
so it's very much different than the standard you speak of.

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i have to go, thank you for the chat. bb

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Bullshit, but I believe you

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Nice concept that doesn't scale, i'd say it's a bubble but that's moot since all securities are in a bubble right now

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I haven't seen my sister in years.

Do you guys have a source for what fraction of mined coins were being moved within the last 4 or so years?

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great for pump n dump
if you follow "buy low, sell high" you will make money.
Buy when it crashes, set a sell point (2-10x the current worth), and forget it until it triggers the sell point, then sell.
It's unstable enough to hit those prices onward into the future, so as long as you follow the golden rule and don't get sucked up into buy $200 wallets like an idiot consumer and following all the bitcoin blogs by the skin of your teeth, you should be fine.

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Gigantic waste of resources

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She's amazing below her head.

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knees too sharp?

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That's why when it goes up you trade for stablecoin and rebuy later. You can't really lose, only lose margins.

Plus this only happens every 3 years and it's basically like getting 100% interest in your savings

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The bubble striker:
> Has THOUSANDS of dollars in treasuries with real negative return or saved in a currency that the only basis is the ultimate faith that politicals are good people and doing good with the paper they print
> "Bitcoin is a bubble because I can't understand it xd xd"

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OP why are you trying so hard to shill your shitty payment system? Nobody uses it as a payment system. It's literally just a ponzi scheme where if more people put their money on it, the price goes up.
I don't understand buttcoiners. They always say real money sucks but at the end they always convert their bitcoin into real money because bitcoin is useless.

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here in my country they are REALLY trying to pass a law that wants to LIMIT how much you can withdraw (and this is going to worse, relax), making you use literally a money that somebody in db can increase some zero "because it's funny"

I have BTC, but I don't even have so much in it,

there's no such a thing as a perfect coin. If you have gold, fine! But probably you have gold in some ETF fund that borrow your money and throw into the stock market,
if you have bitcoin in a broker, fine! But they probably are going to pickup your BTC and use like a bank would use.

We are screwed up, I just can say that with 25% YOY you're STARTING to getting back your stolen money, and with 0% at your doollars..........

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This is just flat earth tier retarded. This is also why /g/ banned bitcoin discussion. Insufferable fags trying to FOMO others so the price of bitcoin goes up.
And no, it will not go up because you're a fag. You lost your money. Time to sell and move on, wait for the next pump and dump.

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Based. OP is a fag.
Not even /g/ tech virgins like it. Only retards who think they can get free money with no effort fell for it.

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As an asset it's a high risk investment, could pay off great, could loose a lot.

As a currency I don't like it anymore, people generally don't own it with the intention of ever spending bitcoins, they own it hoping it will keep increasing in value so they can exchange it for fiat. It's also horribly inefficient and outdated, which is a problem because it's structure makes it very hard to implement changes.

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Utter garbage. It isn't even usable as a currency anymore due to 400$ fees for transaction.

Fuck off to /biz/ you faggot, no one is pumping your shitcoin bubble.

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Centralized more than fiat currencies under central bankster governance.

PoW incentivizes winner-takes-all to invest more into mining, to become the sole miner.

Bitcoin already had more than 51% of hashrate in 1 pool. Today they lie about it more but really its a dozen people who are in total control of the network since they control more than 80% of the hash-power.

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