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Are we headed into a future that is controlled by megacorporations?

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Yeah, unfortunately.
We have strayed too far from God, embracing materialism and money.
Our way out is to stand for truth and to love him once more.

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>inb4 some Americunt spouting antisocialism propaganda fed to them by their megacorp overlords

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>Government, not corporations, should rule our lives!

Maybe both ideas are retarded?

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>as predicted
>and a reply in less than 2 minutes

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This is the choice Humanity is faced with:
> Be dominated by ultra powerful Governments.
> Be dominated by ultra powerful Corporations.

Both of these organization are overseen by the same people and they are going to leverage both to the fullest extent to achieve total societal control.
Did you seriously think that you had a meaningful choice? Did you believe that they'd ever leave the slightest chance for you to get out from beneath their thumb?

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>an organization made of 10 people with the only goal of making them profits is the same as a collective construction of individuals built over hundreds of years in which the greatest philosophers economists and politicians of all times are constantly trying to find the way to make it more just and equal and its basis is a system that tries to literally take into account the literall will of every single individual in the best way possible are EXACTLY the same

woah, the corporations already won on you

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bitch we've been there since mid xx century

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>controlled by megacorporations
Sort of. Megacorporations and goverment are in bed with each other. The world we are diving into will be led by a controlled market. Feudalism in a sense. We are about to enter a dark age that will be followed by a renaissance. Troubled times are ahead of us.
This. If you don't believe in God, the Bible is still a good way to lead your life.
>antisocialism propaganda
While there are a lot of idiots that don't understand what socialism is, it is not the right way for the United States. We are not homogeneous enough for it, and geographically too large for such a system. Where the US is heading is not proper for it either.
>implying the government isn't already in bed with profit-minded people
>implying that the "greatest philosophers, economists, and politicians of all times" actually care about individuals and not only themselves
Human nature is a strange thing, and seeing as to how you're a communist you clearly aren't human. Therefore, you don't understand how the world works.

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if government and corporations werent controling you, what would you do that you cant do now? im not necesseraly saying you are wrong, im just curious ast to the specifics. do you dsiagree with taxes? criminal law? economic law, how hard it is to get a buisness running? how there is no middle ground between small and large buisness? the nepotism and corruption in politics? something totally different?

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>Human nature is a strange thing, and seeing as to how you're a communist you clearly aren't human. Therefore, you don't understand how the world works.
your retardness is explained in one of the millions of books people who think about the state wrote. you should try reading at least one book before you think your opinion matters

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>you should try reading at least one book before you think your opinion matters
I have read Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, The International Jew, Fascism for the Millions, The Fountainhead, Liberty Defined, Atlas Shrugged, and so forth. Those are just the political books. I am a book worm and read at minimum a book a week.

You, Marx, Engels, and every other communist seem to think that you can control human nature. That everyone will just cooperate and work. No one will have a desire to control the masses. This was proven with Stalin, and when the government has total control so too will someone else make it totalitarian. The same concept will apply with a megacorp, just like Amazon essentially usurping the people's money and the amount of control they have is absurd.

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yes and it has been pretty obvious since at least 20 years

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I aspire to have your level of confidence to spew retarded nonsense as if it is a commonsense fact

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>Are we headed into a future that is controlled by megacorporations?

America is.

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there's a large swathe of men avoiding marriage due to current family laws.

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More like technology.

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