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This guy, who e-begs on his skype call podcast even though he's a multimillionaire, is the son of Susan Harris, the creator, lead writer, and producer of the Golden Girls, a show which still airs in syndication.
She created other popular shows, like Soap and Empty Nest:
That's how Harris could afford spending a decade traveling, meditating, doing BJJ and psychedelics.
His PhD was self-funded by his one-man thinktank.
His undergrad was in philosophy (nothing wrong with that), and he somehow gets accepted into a UCLA neuroscience PhD program with no science undergrad?
He's only ever published three papers, all of the soft FMRI variety:

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>Harris is one of the Four Horsemen, along with Dawkins, Hitchens, and Dennet


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I cant even find his email on his website
instead all I found was that if I pay I could (possibly) get him to answer one question on a Q&A
how can someone be so arrogant and disrespectful

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he went to Stanford you dumbass.

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That's Ben Stiller OP

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>I cant even find his email on his website
>instead all I found was that if I pay I could (possibly) get him to answer one question on a Q&A
>how can someone be so arrogant and disrespectful
His greed is incredible, in light of his manufactured "wise Buddhist science man who meditates" image.

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>he went to Stanford you dumbass.
For undegrad.
His PhD was from UCLA:
>Building on his interests in belief and religion, Harris completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at UCLA.[17][23][24] He used fMRI to explore whether the brain responses differ between sentences that subjects judged as true, false, or undecidable, across a wide range of categories including autobiographical, mathematical, geographical, religious, ethical, semantic, and factual statements

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>neuroscience PhD program with no science undergrad

You don't need an undergraduate in the same field you're doing your graduate studies provided you're competent. An undergrad in CS and then doing graduate neuroscience is preferable to an undergrad in neuroscience imo. I don't see the issue with him doing philosophy -> graduate neuroscience.

I'm sure he is one of many people out there who did an undergrad in philosophy and then something different in grad school. He may very well be a brainlet, but the whole "how'd he get into grad school with a philosophy degree?!?!?!" is dumb.

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>morality science man

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>medical health man

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haha look at pic related, fucking history major, can't into STEM fosho

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Heh, I remember the day I realized Jews have the skeleton key to every institution. Good times.

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Shitty analogy because there are also Nye, Tyson and Musk. And probably others.

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Those are the three aspergerteers

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>He used fMRI to explore whether the brain responses differ between sentences that subjects judged as true, false, or undecidable
This is what passes for rigor in neuroscience?
No wonder physicists laugh at you.

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That would also explain why he's so money-grubbing.

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He bought a multi million dollar mansion as a vacation home in Hawaii a year or two ago. it was on http://www.yolandaslittleblackbook.com/ but Sam sperged out and went on a nuclear campaign to get it off google. Seriously try searching for it, you won't find anything.

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his stance looks very awkward

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He looks like Zoolander who is this guy

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>Sam Harris
Fuck off >>>/reddit/, we don't care about your memes

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that's not Sam Harris you dingus
>this is
and he sounds like a faggot, i'm an athiest and i never think of it like that. its more like a lack of care.

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fuck me i forgot the pic
>i'm a dingus too

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Oh shit, OP.

Somehow him having money invalidates what he has to say.

Thanks for your take on celebrity gossip.

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The only proper neuroscience is done by those with a quantitative background like (bio)physics, cs, stats

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You don't see why he wants to keep his home address private? Salman Rushdie went into hiding for a few sentences he wrote of a novel deemed critical of Mohammed. Sam Harris talks about Islam 24/7 and spares no terms.
As for being rich, he has talked about being the son of a producer of Golden Girls on the podcast. This is no secret.
NEETs are the worse because unlike leftists who hate the rich because of "moral reasons". NEETs have never actually worked a day in their life and they hate success and the successful.

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I know there's no way to keep children off this website, but I want you to know your posts reveal your age instantly, and nobody is interested in them.

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big ol' cuck that fella

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i know, so please refrain from future use

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>You don't see why he wants to keep his home address private? Salman Rushdie went into hiding for a few sentences he wrote of a novel deemed critical of Mohammed. Sam Harris talks about Islam 24/7 and spares no terms.
It's probably more a combination of Harris being embarrassed that he's the son of silly sitcom writers and actors and not scientists and intellectuals, and Harris being afraid that if people find out just how rich he really is, his e-begging will lose its effectiveness, the legitimacy of his few credentials will be doubted, and his persona of an enlightened, scientific Buddhist meditation master will be exposed by his greed as a farce.

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only geniuses can attain that stance

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Hmm first of all he's talked about the Golden Girls thing on his podcast & on joe rogan's podcast so why talk about something if it's embarrassing? And he started off his career as a writer. All his books are national best-sellers...
Final point is, his podcast is free to listen and ad-free. He says if you want to support me blah blah you can donate any amount you want. In return you will get subscriber-only "Ask Me Anything" podcast. Same thing for his "meditation app". He says if you were already a supporter of his podcast you get it for free, for life. And if you can't afford it email me and I will give it to you for free.

And that, to you, qualifies as e-begging? Fuck off mate you're basically saying he should work for free

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this is now a religion dump

in honor of OP's butthurt

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dude i’m pretty atheist but nonetheless i find your memes cringey

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Based and redpilled

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cucked and cringefilled

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Shoo shoo back to /r/atheism

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>people should be allowed to become doctorates of science without taking the fundamentals of chemistry, biology, or physics

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>let me post a picture of a fat incel tipping his fedora, real quick
>That will surely invalidate all the arguments they have.

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>he's the son of silly sitcom writers and actors
>muh indellegdual bedigree xDDDD
And they're still richer than whiny faggots like you. Stay mad.

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and done

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>All his books are national best-sellers...
He's a rich Jew, so that's to be expected.
>And that, to you, qualifies as e-begging? Fuck off mate you're basically saying he should work for free
You gave this fraud money, didn't you?
You see nothing hypocritical about a guy who passes himself off as an enlightened truth-seeker, scientist, and educator who meditates for hours every day being this greedy and materialistic?
Face it.
Harris just really, really likes money.
Everything he does is for money.
The meditation app? A moneygrab.
His own reticence about his networth is an implicit admission of hypocrisy, since he knows his greed can't be squared with his persona of an enlightened, altruistic person who should be above such petty things.
And don't call what he does (skype calls and blog posts) "work."

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>unironically posting the "scientific method"


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>aka a bunch of strawman memes
top kek

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>Mommy loves you so much
>That she'll kick you out to be on the streets at 30 if you still haven't found a job
Traditional senpaitachi BTFO!!!!!

>Signs you are an unquestioning medic
>You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of folk healing claimed by other practitioners, but fell outraged when someone denies the effectiveness/safety of your vaccines.
>You feel insulted and 'dehumanized' when activists say that your medicine is a scam by big pharma, but you have no problem with medicine's claim that folk healing is snake oil
>You laugh at folk charms that repel illness, but you have no problem believing in "preventive medicine" and vaccines
>Your face turn purple when you hear of the 'atrocities' attributed to folk remedies, but you don't even flinch when hearing of all the kids that died from vaccines
>It's ok as long as you "Believe"
Medicine BTFO!!!

>lel, championed cure for aids is a bust
>lel, championed cure for cancer is a bust
>lel, another championed cure for cancer is a bust
>lel, championed vaccines are a bust
Medicine BTFO again!!!

>science finds the truth!
>-Challenge accepted-
>So is there any science that has been debunked?
>of course, it's always being revised...
>So science doesn't find the truth if it has to revised?
>yess... no... welll. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Science BTFO!!!!

Look at me mommy, I'm attacking strawmen arguments I've made. Aren't I so very smart!

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lol i fucking knew it

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that's a high IQ ashkenazi power stance, wouldn't expect a goyim like you to know

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Zoomer detected

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That's clearly Ben Stiller

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He doesn't even believe in the bible or want his kids to be African.

What a fucking fedora atheist looser.

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The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
– Bertrand Russell

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>i have no argument

>> No.10458898

>defending those cringey images

You've to go back to lelddit, ma'am

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0/8 b8

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>he doesn't believe in and worship Joseph's wife's son (from a previous relationship)

>> No.10458910

>replying to yourself

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I'm praying to Joseph's wife's son (from a previous relationship) right now and he's going to punish you for being so wicked to me.

I'm praying. Feel it yet? Feel the curse I'm putting on you?

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His head really is huge

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>That's how Harris could afford spending a decade traveling, meditating, doing BJJ and psychedelics.
Sounds pretty awesome actually

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The Bogs got their physics PhDs with bullshit papers in string theory so full of shit that readers at legit journals got burned out looking at them, and just gave up and published them.

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Loved him in Jurassic Park!!!

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>i have no argument

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if it is at a proper uni, then you will have to learn the fundamentals of the phd field you're undertaking

>> No.10459334

so just like any other theoretical physicist

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He's an actor (like his father) and brainlet playing the part of an intellectual.

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Possibly relevant:
>Three Hollywood stars have been implicated in a massive cheating scandal.
>Full House star Lori Loughlin and Oscar nominee Felicity Huffman are two of the 50 parents charged in a plot to get their children into schools including Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, University of San Diego, USC, University of Texas, Wake Forest, and Yale.

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He never performed his own experiments either. How many PhD students you know don't perform the experiments for their own thesis?

>> No.10459897

his dad was an Ivy League physicist, anon.

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Ben Stiller is so nice, it's clear Harris is the evil twin/doppelganger.

From what I've read and heard (and it fits in with little bits of experience with this from other people) Harris' papers are not even really his own, it's completely pay to PhD. So he paid money to Stanford and paid for the equipment he was using, then paid postdocs or other researchers to collect and interpret the data (and no doubt write and format the paper). The only possible original contribution from what I understand is the general theme of his research which itself is bullshit.

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Three bare assertions and a statement of fact aren't an argument silly. Liebniz btfos this shit

>> No.10460602

Imagine how profoundly retarded you have to be to think this is a good argument.

>implying you can't trivially fast forward and scrub through a simulation's time line
>implying it's strange for a higher being (a scientist) to experiment with lesser beings (lab mice) and observe their behavior

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\begin{array}{l c c}
\unicode{0x2620} ~~~vs.~~~ \unicode{0x271E} & \text{Atheists} & \text{Religious Believers} \\
\text{Smelly} & \color{green}{\checkmark} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} \\
\text{Obese} & \color{green}{\checkmark} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} \\
\text{Autistic} & \color{green}{\checkmark} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} \\
\text{Underachiever} & \color{green}{\checkmark} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} \\
\text{Suicidal} & \color{green}{\checkmark} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} \\
\text{Able to start a family} & \color{red}{\unicode{0x2717}} & \color{green}{\checkmark}

Wow! With this "argument" format, it is almost as if I can make anything I don't like look bad in comparison to what I like!

>> No.10460735

It's not a sin to be autistic, what kind of logic is that

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Show me any undergrad or grad level physics textbook with the "scientific method" in it.

>Does the evidence support the idea
>Bad idea
Or it doesn't apply there, limit the domain :^)
Or it's an outlier, throw out the data points :^)
Or fudge it, you need to publish in a high impact journal to get more grant funding. You can retract it in a few months if you feel bad about it.

>Can the theory be modified to explain the new evidence
Or you just ignore it.
>Improve theory
Congratulations, the theory is now strongly nonlinear, intractable, chaotic and numerically unstable. Worthless!

>Get an idea
>Perform Experiment
KEK, they just skipped over 99% of the work that is in between.

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I have never heard Musk advocating for atheism the way Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennet, and Harris have
Tyson tried to evade the atheist label for a while but now has settled with agnostic atheist.
The "4 horsemen" label is a bit cringy, but at the time being a vocal atheist wasn't ok with the majority of society

>> No.10460991


You mean't to say physicians right?

>> No.10461377

>being a vocal atheist wasn't ok with the majority of society

Wut? They've been around for centuries.

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>Get an idea
>Ignore contradicting evidence
>Keep idea forever

Did Dawkins make this himself?

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