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>I can't comprehend
Is it not obvious...? Seems pretty intuitive that looking at a screen is not the same experience as actual, face to face interaction. I don't know why this is a surprise to you. Are you autistic by chane?

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well that’s why i never had a facebook

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>Using less social media than you normally would leads to significant decreases in both depression and loneliness.

and that's why i don't like the world depression anymore. i thought depression was used to describe sadness that could possibly only be cured by medication. now it's used to describe any kind of sadness.
but if you dare to suggest a depressive person that maybe it's their fault everyone will tell you that's not how it works.
what's the catch her? can depression be cured by life style changes or not?

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>can depression be cured by life style changes or not?
Considering social media doesn't exist not so long ago and people aren't that depressive about a shit post

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>can depression be cured by life style changes or not?
Yes, you fucking moron.

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2. Aleovera
Perhaps the most widely recognized plants we find in the majority of the houses is Aloe Vera. It is an extraordinary air filters and furthermore contains gel can soothe you from burn from the sun, skin inflammation and aggravated, and dry skin. Aloe vera gel is an incredible source to improve your stomach related framework, it fortifies the resistant framework and it mends wounds too.
3. Peppermint
It is perhaps the most protected and common sterile, and antimicrobial. It is additionally known to alleviate migraines, skin disturbances, torment, fart and quiets the stomach, and mends acid reflux. As indicated by certain investigations, peppermint have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Peppermint oil is proficient and compelling against skin issues, it helps in making the skin cool and take out dandruff or lice from the scalp, and may add to hair development as well.
4. Rosemary
Rosemary have numerous characteristics and benefits and generally individuals are unconscious about it. For quite a long time, perhaps the most medicial utilizes for rosemary has included improving memory, ease muscle torment, improve memory, help invulnerable framework and circulatory framework. It likewise contains antibacterial and cell reinforcement corrosive.
5. Lavender
It is perhaps the best mending plants which is an unquestionable requirement add to your kitchen garden. Lavender incorporate its capacity to calm pressure, improve temperament, and it’s scent advance relaxing rest, which assists with decreasing skin disturbance issues, dispose of dandruff and assists with diminishing hair fall and advantageous for recuperating stomach related issues.
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