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being a brainlet has to be literally the worst pain ever, pls tell me there is a cure close to being made public /sci/

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Try not being able to build muscle and you'll know what true pain feels like.

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They made you a brainlet on purpose. Why would they cure it?

Devote your life to destroying the Satanist Saturn worshiping Canaanite-leftover, whatever the hell they are. Drag them in and remove recursively.

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based schizo poster

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the cure is called “books”

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Books can't help low iq the same way dumbbells can't help those who can't build muscle

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this is seriously the only thing you must post about. sooner or later we’re gonna need to see a pic of your muscle-less limbs

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This. pics or it didn't happen.

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> Be me
> Sit in my ass all day in front of computer
> Hardest exercise I've done in the last 10 years is fapping
> Am 6+ feet tall 200 pounds of muscle
Sorry anon.

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I have posted this a while ago. I haven't improved in years. I can't build muscle

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I dont see my car there because my car is considered low class, and earns me no respect from people, but I should be given respect for driving a "beater". It's not right...

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Stop whining about not being able to build muscle you nigger faggot. How many threads have you posted to just to cry about your pathetic self? Kys

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I will stop when somebody is smart enough to find a solution to my problem

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Solution found, faggot

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I can't do that there are no guns in my country and the other methods are too risky

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[math]\color{#781b86}{\mathbf{>}}\color{#672e9b}{\mathbf{o}}\color{#65319e}{\mathbf{t}}\color{#6234a2}{\mathbf{h}}\color{#5f37a5}{\mathbf{e}}\color{#5c3aa9}{\mathbf{r}}\color{#5a3eac}{\mathbf{ ~}}\color{#5741b0}{\mathbf{m}}\color{#5444b3}{\mathbf{e}}\color{#5147b7}{\mathbf{t}}\color{#4f4aba}{\mathbf{h}}\color{#4c4dbe}{\mathbf{o}}\color{#4950c1}{\mathbf{d}}\color{#4654c5}{\mathbf{s}}\color{#4457c8}{\mathbf{ ~}}\color{#415acc}{\mathbf{a}}\color{#3e5dcf}{\mathbf{r}}\color{#4161cb}{\mathbf{e}}\color{#4466c7}{\mathbf{ ~}}\color{#476ac3}{\mathbf{t}}\color{#496ebf}{\mathbf{o}}\color{#4c72bb}{\mathbf{o}}\color{#4f77b7}{\mathbf{ ~}}\color{#527bb3}{\mathbf{r}}\color{#557faf}{\mathbf{i}}\color{#5884ab}{\mathbf{s}}\color{#5b88a7}{\mathbf{k}}\color{#5d8ca2}{\mathbf{y}}[/math]

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If your IQ is in the 95-105 (I doubt you're below that) scale you aren't a brainlet, you're simply searching for excuses to not do anything, convincing yourself you are too dumb, because you think you are entitled to an amazing life/being special and not an average one.
t. Actual brainlet

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You think it's possible to have a 2-digit iq and not be a brainlet? What's your iq? Can you build muscle at least? I don't know my iq but I'd happily give away any kind of intelligence I have just so I could build muscle. Why can't I build muscle

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90-100 is essential normal mode core and not mental retardation.
The people who seem kinda dumb at times but can do almost everything on their own except maybe high academics are usually 90 - 100. Think people like Andy Warhol (confirmed 90), Jeff goldblum or Bart Simpson level.

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Btw I also can't build muscle, but I recommend gymnastics and normal workout to at least keep those noodle arms hardened and be healthy

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But I want to build muscle! Did you go to a doctor and try to fix it? What were your lifts? Can you really not improve? This is depressing how did you cope and not kill yourself in the meantime? I hate myself

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Because agile movement, a dressman body and being a qt fit twink beat being a massive hunk who wastes his time in the gym any day for me.
I use gymnastic sticks and used to climb and jog. I layed it off and let myself go since then but I still recommend it and I wish I could get back to that routine but I'm a lazy fuck.
I think I have the same problem as my dad, something with the thyroid. Apparently it wears off in your 50s

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>he does not ingest nootropics

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You're lucky if you actually want to be a twink. Massive guys don't waste their time in the gym by definition if they can build muscle, those who waste their time are those who can't build muscle. If you just want to be skinny you don't need to go to a gym. There's literally no benefit to going to the gym if you can't build muscle

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my iq is genuinely below average though. one of the lowest if not the lowest on this board.

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building unnecessary muscle mass is already a waste of time if you want it or not. You only need the muscles that are absolutely necessary for your survival, hit-the-gym bodies are literal extras if you just want them because, and therefore it's a waste of time and dumb

what is it?

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Im sorry

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The virgin DYEL vs the Chad genetics

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dude, steroids. its like 100$ for a short cycle

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how tall are you

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You can do nothing about it.
t. Below average

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I'm 5'9"
Please help me I can't build muscle

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I am crying right now.

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Have you tried force feeding enough to have the surplus calories needed to build more body? Or even better, do yoy know how many calories do you eat a day and how much of those are sugars, proteins, fats etc? Obvious step, but do you do that?

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I track kcals and proteins only, but that should be more than enough, most people build muscle without even looking at their diet and doing only accessory exercises. They just build more slowly than somebody who's careful. But I can't grow at all no matter what, so this has to do with something that's not diet. My body just won't respond to exercise. Absolutely nothing works I hate myself I want to die

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Ignorance is bliss. Stop learning new things.

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i can't learn much at all. the problem is i am unable to suppress my desire to learn/work on things over my head, namely science and math. i presume due to the cognitive inertia and rigidity from my brainletism. coping strategies, therapy, and meds have all been useless. if only it was directed towards something mindless like doing drugs or watching children's cartoons then i imagine i could be complacent with my life.

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you just sound like someone who struggles with accepting that he has an average IQ lmao

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i am one iq point above a dx for mild intellectual disability. how do i stop?

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Assuming you push yourself to the limit sometimes during exercise and eat correctly. Take written notes of what you eat in an average week(describe ingredie ts and ~grams of carbs, sugars, fat and protein if you can, not only fat and protein). Do that for at least a month. Take that shit to an appropriate doctor if it still doesn't work and explain your situation. What I'd do.

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I'll try going to the doctor (another one) this summer when I have more time but these faggots won't be very helpful because this disease is unknown, and doctors just *can't* wrap around the fact that they don't know everything. So they might just pretend it's normal when it fucking isn't

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You're aware of your own intelligence making you already smarter than 75% of people.

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>caring about something that a lot of other people don't care about makes you smart

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so how much surplus do you eat? if you actually are eating a surplus and truly cant build muscle then you would gained fat. did you? if not then you arent eating enough.

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So what. Life's unfair. You can't build muscle because of your genetics, while another person was born with a sub-85 IQ. Be grateful for what you have.

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I gained fat and only fat. Also, normal people can build muscle while on a deficit though, they just don't gain weight and it is slower. I just don't build any muscle at all no matter how long how hard or how much I eat

Sub-85 iq accounts for roughly (1-.68)/2 =~ .16 so 16% of the population, which is probably much more than the percentage of the male population who can't build muscle. Also there's literally no difference between 85 iq and 130 iq. The breakpoint is 145 iq to get an academic position, but I don't have 145 iq so what I'll get is just a bunch of academic degrees that are useless (maths&physics).

In other words, while I don't know my iq, it being 130 or 85 wouldn't change a damn thing. I just want to build muscle.

Trannies trapped in a body of the opposite sex kill themselves eventually

Likewise, people with sthenolagnia (me) are going to need to build muscle at some point, no matter how it happens, so I'm continually trying to find a solution.

I'm not grateful for what I have, because then everybody should be grateful for what they have since it's always possible to find somebody worse off (or that one thinks is worse off). But yeah, let's face it, some people just aren't lucky and I am part of these people. I'm going to need a solution at some point in my life. Why can't I build muscle? If it is from my genetics then which protein synthesis is missing so that I can replace it? People will say T but I have normal male hair growth and characteristics other than ability to build muscle

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You may have normal T, but maybe you don't have many skeletal muscle androgen receptors for some reason? Have you tried supraphysiological doses of T to compensate?

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You are just not eating enough or lifting enough you retard.

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>maybe you don't have many skeletal muscle androgen receptors for some reason?

yeah, I think that's the idea (I don't know actually, but I thought about the same thing). Now what can I do? Wouldn't injecting T above physiological doses seriously harm me? Also some guy who couldn't build muscle tried and it didn't work apparently

you don't know what you're talking about

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That article doesn't seem to specify what dose was used. I'd image that "treatment" implies replacement therapy from a doctor, higher quantities are typically "abuse" and would never be prescribed, even in a case like yours because the physician risks their license and lawsuits. You'd have to obtain it through a drug dealer, or be a professional athlete with connections to shady physicians, at least in the country I live in.

Obviously there are risks and potential harm chronically, but if all you care about is building muscle then who cares if you get a heart attack at 50-60? In the short term, at least, 600mg/week of test e is safe. I'd start there


Here's a calculator which can predict blood levels in response to various doses pretty accurately, it can allow you to judge how far over the normal range of testosterone you'd like to go


You can find many more anecdotes of people going far over 600mg/week without ill effect and with further muscle building benefits. Google "steroid source talk" (I'd post the link directly but mods are known to ban people for it on /fit/) or http://reddit.com/r/steroids

The real immediate health harms come only from xenobiotic testosterone analogues like dianabol and trenbolone, which are hepatotoxic and can cause liver failure.

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I lack so much info, like how long have you actually tried to gain weight, what you actually eat and how much. What exercises you do. Still, good luck with getting that second opinion I guess.

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Please, just stop with the “books make you smarter” meme.
There is not a more pretentious group of people on this planet than book readers. Maybe vegans, but probably not.

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