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Red pill me on 5g

Hear lots of people chimping out about this, help a scientific brainlet out.

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It won't be until 2020, but it will be very fast. 10gbps, under 1ms latency. what are you asking? cellular companies will be competing with Comcast etc..

5g will be at a higher frequency, so probably some cranks think it will be dangerous. 5g frequencies are below that of visible light and infrared, not anywhere close enough for ionization, therefore unable to cause chemical reactions. They are microwaves. They can heat, nothing else, and this is at intensity levels much, much higher than what is used for wireless communication.

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China is a world leader in 5g, US and Canada are afraid so took the Huawei CFO prisoner as bargaining chip.

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Yeah but my aunts cat told me in a dream that it was for zog mind-controll and secret sterilization of the white race.

I kinda belive it over some anon online or some "scientist" with fancy diploma's, its my aunts cat after all

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People are saying it hurts birds, will cause cancer, etc.

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Being higher frequency actually makes it worse at penetrating solids than 4G and the power levels are equivalent, so it's literally safer than current cellular technologies by the logic of those scared of it causing cancer, killing things and so on.

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most people don't know anything

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so entirely unfounded?

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Yes. There is zero linking evidence to back up the claims.

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of course. there is no mechanism to cause cancer in microwaves outside of very specific kinds in long term, high intensity exposure that we can't show conclusively anyway, and nothing to do with wireless communication at the ~30GHz frequency. These wavelengths are 10+ millimeters long. There is no way to cause cancer with this. There is no way to cause cancer until you reach nanometers, picometers long wavelengths.

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Never believe anything a cat tells you.


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so what im just supposed to engage with a stranger on public transport

in front of others?

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go away polesmoker, I'm not clicking on that

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People in that thread are talking about this so I linked, calm down freako

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go back and stop coming here

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no redditor. Been on this site 11 years I go where I please.

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pol ruins sci with it's pseudoscience stupidity. go away.

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No. No matter how much you ask. I go where I please, especially as long as redditors continue coming here.

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>stop asking questions! reddit says everything is fine!

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What frequencies, specifically, will 5G operate on? What will be maximum intensity of transmitted signals? Have there been any studies related to the impacts on lomg term exposure to the related frequencies?

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This hysteria is merely a continuation of the typical /pol/ type worries.

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I've always wondered, how's life living with a mental disability?

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$30 million study, involving thousands of rats, with two geographically isolated facilities (USA and Europe) found that both cellphone and WiFi RF fields caused a specific cancer affecting nerves in the heart.

The methods used appear sound. Not a smoking gun of shit like brain cancer, but an interesting finding nevertheless.

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>’The exposures used in the studies cannot be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone," said John Bucher, Ph.D., NTP senior scientist.’

Please go back to >>>/x/

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It's well known that transmitter techs have high rates of brain cancer. The stray radiation from a huge radar traveling wave tube, TV transmitters, that sort of shit. None of this at the super short wavelengths of your imaginary scenario.

This is outside the experience of 99 percent of us, but totally disproves your blanket assertion of
>There is no way to cause cancer until you reach nanometers, picometers long wavelength

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It showed that WiFi had the same fucking outcome, and that shit is not even jammed up against your body.

Since when is a $30 million study the stuff of /x/?

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>being this eager to tow the line

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you don't look at your own studies, and don't seem to understand anything about the electromagnetic spectrum

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Go somewhere where there is no EMF, you can feel it. Its "quieter" and "lighter". Many people will tell you this. If you can feel it then it is affecting your mind, body and rhythms.
I prefer peace and being in harmony with nature, as do many people. It will only make things more noticeable at higher frequencies.
5G is cool but I mean what's more important?

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Maybe I should Faraday cage parts of my house if I ever get one

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That's shit. We need full penetration so I can get signals in the subway. This sucks. I would trade ionisation for higher tech. Make life sweet.

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I will have to use 4G for my needs then.

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>technology is good
>2 nukes were enough
>Whites are master race because technology

>5G is bad, it causes cancer, causes birds to drop out of the sky, turns the frogs gay

/pol is schizophrenic. Either you shut up and like technology. Or you fuck off with your advanced "civilization" bullshit

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amazing, you should have a nobel prize

these people are literally insane

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Then why do you hate black people for living at peace and harmony with nature in Africa? You guys make threads on /his all day about this

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Why are you people so adverse to inquisition? If youre so correct you wouldn't fear questioning. I think the truth is you dont actually know what youre talking about and just regurgitate what science mags tell you.

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>>Hear lots of people chimping
there probably aren't too many, it's just that the voices of a few people are being amplified greatly. Those people are idiots.

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That's what repeaters are for.

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you cite studies that don't even support whatever you're claiming. you're a moron trying to act like he's equal to people who actually know what they're talking about. that's all polesmoker are.

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This has not been scientifically tested.
In fact, in blind tests people have not been able to notice if EMF were on or off.
People can convince themselves of things.

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A good solution no doubt. They'd have to install them everywhere.

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We are adverse to dumb assholes wasting our time. Scientists do nothing but question each other. You literally know nothing. You have no empirical evidence to support your claims. there is no conspiracy. you're just time wasting morons that nobody wants to deal with and have no weight in the conversation.

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It doesn't matter. Technology is neutral. We can't advance without breaking a few eggs. Sometimes it's fear that's holding us back in your case. Sometimes it's ethics which china was able to overcome so they could gene edit.

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>even if its bad its k because muh technology


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Like they have with 4G, yeah.

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I didnt post that study, I just find it odd that 30m went to a study to see the effects and found negatives yet at the end they added via conjecture that it isnt like the cell network.

I would like to see effects of this level of microwave

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>questioning is wasting time
>muh peer review

Not that guy but pretending like peer review is perfect top lol. In this country one org fooled the entire country to mutilate infants genitals with biased non tests that were "peer reviewed".

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stop pretending you're a scientist.

you are a pseudoscientist. as I've said in a other thread people like you lack evidence, so you instead try to argue ideology instead of evidence (because you lack it), attacking how scientists reach their conclusions. like clock work, you demonstrate that very clearly.

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Do you have any argument as to how the AAP fooled the whole country that circumcision is somehow healthy when every other country and common sense say its disgusting and awful? All was "peer reviewed" and biased as hell.

Do explain. Stop blindly fellating "muh scientists" youre not one and you come off like a pseudo intellectual redditor.

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you're not changing the goal posts to yet another polesmoker topic, sorry. I'm sure your next point will be about IQ or race.
common sense is very typically not helpful in science. you obviously aren't involved in science at all, and you want attention and confirmations of your delusions. you can go to pol for that, not here

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You can't answer because you're just as much a blind sheep as everyone else. You have no retort for instances where your blind trust has been misplaced. Go back to plebbit if you want to blindly suck off scientists and act like they are holy arbiters of absolute truth. They are people like everyone else and are capable of mass delusion and stupidity same as everyone else.

I'm not going to allow you to take the argument to muh IQ and race when I already gave you a different perfectly viable example that you can't as easily whine about as muh /pol/ cancerous reddit ulcer.

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Okay. I'm going to redpill you guys on the big secret of mobile phone towers and RF radiation in general.

Cancer is not the issue. However the range of frequencies in use can cause resonances with the sperm in your testes. In laymans terms these frequencies "can" grab hold of your baby swimmers and then shake them to death.

Male sperm are less resistant to this damage than female sperm so... Expect an overall further reduction in average fertility and additionally a substantially higher rate of female births than mle births.

Personlly I have no issue with this.

t. I work in the industry.

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>tinfoil people that were saying population control were actually the closest to being right


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you already tried to change the topic via a completely false premise(circumcision is conspiracy dude!), so I'm jus not going to reply anymore.

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>its not

No argument. The point was your blind faith in scientists and the "process", you refuse to see that. It had nothing to do with the tinfoilery or not of the original topic it had to do with your blind insistence on the flawless nature of the "process".

You probably actually are deluded enough to believe the lies on circumcision aren't you?

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We were advised that if we wanted a chance at having male children we should take time off work and away from the towers.

It's just about money not some sterilisation conspiracy.

>or is it

Is more girls really such a big deal?

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“Female sperm”
“Male sperm”

Holy shit this bait

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>empirical evidence is blind faith

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Circumcision should be illegal.

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Thats the point though, the AAP didnt have actual evidence they had biased horribly done bogus studies and they fooled many.

I agree. Its disgusting mutilation and every single day I despise this country and and everyone who did it to me.

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I was sure it's common knowledge that the sex of the foetus is determined by the sperm. Female sperm are larger and slower but more resistant to damage, hostile environments and possess more stamina due to their larger size.

Male sperm are sprinters.

This IS how it works.

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you're biased

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Everyone is biased. The scientific process is how such bias is rendered irrelevant. Now let’s ban genital mutilation.

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No shit you fucking idiot. Now look at Freeman and those at the AAP who did these "studies" and tell me a jew who has practiced ritualistic mutilation for thousands of years isnt biased.

I may be biased but the objective facts are that circumcision is harmful to sexual health.

Based. Donate to foregen my friend its the only reason I havent necked myself.

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Oh man. Imagine being this ignorant. Educate yourself...

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Except the only difference in the sperm is the extra X or Y chromosome. Are you saying 5G only harms the Y chromosome?
What could be specific about the Y chromosome that makes it more likely to get rekt that doesn't happen to the other 22 autosomes?

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Oh man. Imagine being this ignorant. Educate yourself...

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>empirical evidence is biased

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Yes. We dont need more dumb fucking women to be honest.

Do you think the effects are your due to your proximity or will it be effecting everyone?

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Are you actually this illiterate? The point is what they passed off as "evidence" wasnt so. Get educated on the issue before running your mouth, I'd recommend watching Eric Clopper talk on it as a start. He is far more scientifically minded than you or I.

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Could it replace Australia's NBN on ping sensitive stuff like fighting games?

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Holy shit stop giving him replies.
Read about the difference between X sperm and Y sperm on Wikipedia

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No one said it was dumbass.

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You're welcome.

I'll leave this between you and google now you poor fool. I've already embarrassed you.

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>peer review is biased

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Having an X chromosome doesn’t make the sperm female you dumb faggot trying to look smart on /sci/

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Proximity is the primary factor determining the power level of the signal. Higher power results in greater penetration and more powerful resonances with anything of the correct size.

Working on and/or near the towers so often puts us at increased risk.

However the ratio of male to female birth rates has been dropping according to statistics.

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How exactly did this disprove anything I said?
Y sperm are faster then. Not something I studied but ok. But since both boys and girls are produced at the same rates in the world then it's nothing significant.
I'm a medical student. I don't feel embarrassed at all. Maybe my way of explaining things is bad but it's enough to pass exams. Teaching to someone who hasn't even read highschool biology isn't my strong suit.

The X chromosome that is present in males is given to them by their mothers. Father's cannot pass on an X chromosome.
Mother give both their children an X chromosome and their fathers either give them an X which makes them female or Y which makes them male.
The only difference between the Y and X carrying chromosomes is that the Y is smaller so it makes the sperm lighter and faster. If the Y chromosome is somehow damaged by wireless waves and the X chromosome isn't then I'd be surprised. Not to mention all the other 22 chromosomes that the sperm are carrying that more absolutely vital for survival than the sex chromosomes

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>People are saying it hurts birds, will cause cancer, etc.
I'm old enough to remember how much people were freaking out in the late 90s about cell phones, and how they would cause brain cancer, and that people were developing tumors on the side of their head where they most commonly held their phone. And other people were claiming to get sick because of "radio waves" and that they had to go live in the mountains to be safe, even though there are still shit tons of radio,tv, and cell phone waves still traveling there.

Anyway, it all turned out to be a bunch of bullshit. This almost certainly will too. It just doesn't have enough energy to break chemical bonds in molecules, unless you're standing on a cell tower, perhaps.

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Wipe the froth from your chin buddy. I'm right and you've proven your ignorance. Stop spreading misinformtion you 5g shill. I work in the industry and you're some basement troll.

>get rekt

Still no big deal in my humble opinion. More pussy for me.

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how's it going in here boys? tinhat dude still putting up a fight?

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Having an X chromosome doesn’t make the sperm female you dumb faggot trying to look smart on /sci/

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>cutting off part of your dick isnt harmful

And you call me an Amerishart? Kill yourself you stupid reddit meming fuckhead.

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You're not qualified yet buddy. That makes you dangerously uninformed. The size difference makes the y, or male, sperm more fragile. Fact.

You clearly have zero understanding of waveforms, resonance and 5g in general. Being a med student doesn't make you more of an expert than me I'm afraid.

You've been wrong a lot. You're having difficulty handling that gracefully. Hopefully you'll wake up to yourself and stop pretending to be an expert while you're still being educated.

Good day sir.

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you Americans really are dumb

>> No.10328584

Really confusing, since Ameritards are the only developed country obsessed with cutting up baby dicks aside from the terrorist state of Israel

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So you think the male births dropping is due to the amount of signals we live around? Are there not steps one can take to increase the chance of having a male to counteract it?

>> No.10328586

Again, are you honestly saying that circumcision isnt harmful? That makes you the American brainwashed fool.

People here having issue coping with their genitals being mutilated. I did too when I was 16.

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Huawei's CFO was arrested because Huawei was implicated in the funneling of equipment to Iran.

Huawei is Bejing's puppet.

5g bought from Huawei (who is practically the only provider right now) will be literally giving China a backdoor into everything you do over 5g.

This would be less of a problem if the giant telecoms weren't frothing at the bit to drop all land lines and switch everyone over to cell wireless. Not only because the maintenance is much less but also because cell wireless is, by comparison to land lines, almost completely unregulated.

So 5g from Huawei(who is, again, basically the only provider right now) gives China has a back door into everything done over any public digital network. All phone, cell phone, text, and internet will be viewable by the Chinese government.

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so last month?

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Iran is good, so who cares?

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Expert beating around the bush

>> No.10328600

7 years ago. Hilarious you redditors have zero argument and the only thing you have to defend genitally mutilating infants is meme response personal attacks.

To be honest I'd rather have Chinese back doors than American ones.

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>Being a med student doesn't make you more of an expert than me I'm afraid
I lol'd before, but here's where I guffawed.

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The ratio is only slightly skewed at this stage although given what I have been told I would expect to see a further minor reduction in the ratio of male births to female births.

If you're seriously worried pay a great deal of attention to diet and exercise.

Also I will make it clear that from the reading I have done chemical exposure poses a much greater risk to the more fragile male sperm than radiation however the effects are cumulative.

Your diet, exposure to chemicals and then exposure to sources of radiation in that order affect fertility from my understanding.

It's not hard to take a month or two off work and spend it in an isolated mountain valley away from 5g and chemicals. There you can eat well and screw like bunnies.

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>he's been crying about a conspiracy theory over his dick for years

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lol this

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>Coping this hard over a ruined penis

Just admit it’s wrong and go home.

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Honestly my experience with QUALIFIED doctors has me convinced that they are nothing more than spoiled, privileged imbeciles who had their degree bought for them by mummy and daddy.

Honestly kid I hope you prove me wrong on that but you're off to a really bad start.

t. Smarter than you.

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You literally havent denied anything I have said you retard. What else do you call convincing over a hundred million people over multiple generations to harm and mutilate their infants? Do you actually argue circumcision isnt harmful?

Samefag or coping retard. Pick one.

Stop perpetuating harm unto infants and ban this.

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>7 years of stretching his dick skin

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No argument.

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>No argument.
there isn't no argument, yeah. I'm laughing at hoe dumb you Americans are.

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You have a foreskin retard, presumably, why is it shocking to you that people are upset at being mutilated? Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.10328674

you are just pathetic to think it matters and obviously have nothing going on 8n your obese life lmao you probably can't even see your dick anymore

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Now that I'm convinced this thread is nothing but /pol baiting each other. I'm removing it from my thread watcher and hiding it. See ya idiots.

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>most erogenous part of the penis

>dude doesnt matter

Youre definitely a mutilated cunt in denial.

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>oh no I can't handle this ;(

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I read propagation is a issue that needs to be worked out.
>They are microwaves.
Standing directly in front of the tower transmission path at that high of wattage sounds like a bad idea then.
Mutilating babies should be illegal.

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Mutilating babies should be illegal thats the main reason I have considered leaving this place

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>when you can't ever get away from the microwaves

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People say a lot of dumb shit.

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Reposting from a prior thread. It's harmful on multiple fronts, health, privacy, societal structure. Focusing on health.

Millimeter waves are bad for humans, likely lethal for smaller animals. Unfortunately unlike existing technologies (which are no better, see >>10174469) data on millimeter waves is comparatively sparse. But there are some clear trends.

The primary mechanism for existing microwave systems is increased free radical generation, changes in gene expression, and altered calcium flux. It's not known if millimeter waves work precisely the same way, but it is known:
-The structure of human sweat glands is a helical coil. When filled with sweat (a conductive salt solution) it turns out this is a quite functional antenna array for millimeter waves
-Once in the body attenuation is very low according to USSR literature. Millimeter waves propagate almost freely through the extracellular space, preserving in particular their "information" content. Structures in the body are capable of demodulating these signals.
-The structure of the plasma membrane changes in response, and maintains this change long after irradiation has ceased.
-It changes the structure of the skin, alters the blood, alters bone marrow and lymphatic function, cripples the immune system, prevents the production of vitamin D, and demyelinates nerves as well as rendering their axons fragmented. Yes, it strips off the insulation and chops up the wires. This was known decades ago. You can expect destruction of peripheral nerves and spinal ganglia.

Recently birds died in an area where 5G was being tested, I believe in the netherlands. I've been meaning to verify this more thoroughly but from what I know it doesn't surprise me. They died by the hundreds, their bodies looked pristine, the cause of death was internal hemorrhaging.

>> No.10329306


In this link, look at [Studies in Soviet science] Pathological effects of Radio waves[...].pdf
Read the section on low intensity millimeter waves. The other books in there are also informative.


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Posts made prior:
No reading version:
^(This channel contains a lot of presentations from researchers who have been in this field for a long time. I recommend going through them.)

Watch some of this bizarre crap:

Literature sources:


Historical reviews, symposium proceedings, etc ^
These are not just trivia or now irrelevant intermediary stages of a scientific field. There's a lot of important stuff in here.

Irreversible infertility:

General theory:

In vivo DNA damage in humans:

Behavioral changes with prenatal exposure:

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oh nonononono

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There are some implications with autism. Along with birthing procedures, wireless devices likely have a causative role.

Pulsed microwave fields, ie the emissions from wireless devices, alter calcium flux in cells. This leads to chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+. There is a genetic polymorphism of the gene encoding parts of the calcium channel, called Timothy Syndrome, which cause it to be overactive, and these individuals will near universally present with autism. So we know that the calcium aspect -alone- can produce autism. Further, calcium is involved in dendritic spine formation, axonal guidance, and myriad other processes particularly active during second trimester neurodevelopment. These devices also cause increased free radical generation, oxidative and nitrosative stress. This will also harm the brain of the developing fetus. Further microwave emissions increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, so much that albumin staining is seen in experimental animals exposed to cell phones in use right now. This will let more toxic junk into the brain. They also tune the bacteria in the digestive system for virulence and selectively kill off some good bacteria. This will majorly mess with the developing brain and immune system.

Sources on that:

Wifi 6 operates at 60GHz and will make it worse. Being in the absorption spectrum of diatomic oxygen it'll alter the spin of its valence electrons, rendering it unable to bind to hemoglobin. And who knows what else. It seems designed to be harmful. Just like choosing a frequency for wifi near the maximum dielectric loss of water, gosh, I'm sure making water molecules spin on their axis in the body won't do nuttin'!

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A brief note on the surveillance aspect. 5G is pretty much the spine required for massive data harvesting operations. New LED streetlights, which besides emitting high intensity blue light which causes necrotic cell death of your retinal ganglion / photoreceptors and suppressing melatonin synthesis, will read blackbody radiation and communicate with each other to build a realtime 3D map of an area. Remember also, airport scanners use millimeter waves. Why? Very good at assessing fine grained geometry of objects, under clothing.

Televisions already have internet connectivity, microphones, and IR cameras. If say, RFID units were added to most products, everything about you could be known. You really think any of this will be used to make the world a better place? Are you really not seeing all the agendas designed to destroy our ability to get along and form responses against state approved power structures?

Ah, then you have ID2020, overtly supported by the typical offenders.
Read this whole site.
And gosh, wouldja look at that, lo and behold it's already happening! Probably because we signed on to a commitment to do so.
eg (https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/realid)

You'd have to be a fool to not see where this is headed. We have the ability to make cells express "magnetoproteins", we have cheap and generally effective gene editing technology, we're nearing a point of mutational load sufficient for obvious population infertility. Birth rate has dropped below replacement in many technologically advanced countries, they now rely on immigration. Infertility has become big business, and allows access to the genetic makeup of the embryo. Wen have self assembling materials that can form nano sized conductive filaments. We have little organic piezoelectric machines we can produce. There are many ways of controlling minds, and it's strange that the bulk of the stories I wrote years ago were ac

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jesus christ. get out more. whatever lifestyle youre living now is causing you to be paranoid and i wish there was a way to show you how ridiculous you sound, and before you answer me with '' but its true and youre the fool the answers are right out there if you look'' just take a deep breathe and re-analyze youre life and ask why you got to the place youre at where youre posting this bullshit on an anonymous website in the science and math section. Just so you know, i feel stupid even replying to you, but out of pity i feel like someone should at least try and point out that you are on the wrong path.

>> No.10329346

>u r dumb

wow you really showed him anon. You fucking retarded sheep belong on reddit.

>> No.10329352

sound like you need to re-read the post too, bud.

>> No.10329354

Can you not address the multiple things he posted instead of just passing it off with "bruh ur dumb and paranoid lol"

>> No.10329357

t. jelly NSA

>> No.10329359

I read his post, and he strung a bunch of studies together, loosely connecting ideas and also jumping from one subject to another. I could also post a bunch of bs but that would waste everyones time too.

>> No.10329360

he addressed it, like everyone else. you are dumb and paranoid, and everyone thinks you are wastes of time and should go back to your board.

>> No.10329361

also im done with this thread, feel free to reply and stuff but clearly you are way more intelligent than i am i guess.....yeah have fun in here.

>> No.10329363

This is what passes for criticism on reddit I suppose? No surprise it transfers here with all the transplants lately.

You can't even pick out anything to address you just call someone a loon and walk off. Fucking pathetic.

Can't even address the first post here alone:

If its so paranoid and unscientific surely you big brained redditards have no problem debunking it?

>> No.10329367
File: 217 KB, 793x638, adey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Captcha stole focus and I hit backspace. Gotta retype a few thousand characters, don't think I can concisely structure this twice.

tually already being worked on if not already well developed. One idea was the use of nanomachines, or little organic piezoelectric compounds injected into the body to control brain activity. They would respond to subliminally pulsed signals in the environment, symbols, colors, temporal patterns, to alter brain activity accordingly. Perhaps to create an emotional response, to suppress one, to activate an embedded program to generate false memories, or to suppress memory formation at all. A "remember to forget", but hardwired. There was also the possibility of RF sensitive proteins expressed by cells, added via retroviruses or before birth. This has come about in the form of "magnetoproteins". There are self assembling materials that can generate nano sized conductive filaments in certain environments.

Cheap and effective gene editing exists and provides relatively stable results as far as oncogene activation. We're also nearing a point where mutational load is sufficient to produce clear population infertility. Sperm quality has been dropping for decades, from many factors. Birth rate is rapidly dropping and in many technologically advanced countries has fallen below replacement, they now rely on immigration. Infertility has become a big business, and is expanding. This allows access to the child's genetic makeup before "conception". We may see the formation of genetically enslaved underclass. Born into inescapable hardwired slavery, or as some scientists in the 50's feared for the future of man, effectively "robotocised". The future is bleak even down the avenue where we're sterilized.

Agenda 21 involves high density housing and little control over your environment. You may well be forced to have this stuff, even if you don't use it. Not sure to the degree you could take shielding measures against it.

>> No.10329369

couldn't help but wait for a reply.
one - I dont do reddit, and i dont understand why thats an insult but ok, you got me.

two- i am saying fundamentally the posts are are not even worth responding to, its a waste of time. the crazy babbling that was trying to
be passed off as science isnt fooling anybody. you may as well be jenny mcarthy spewing out bs about how vaccines cause autism. and if you want to argue that point too, well i guess i cant say i wont expect that.

ok there im done responding to you, i guess ill go to reddit now

>> No.10329370

>he cites the /sci/ wifi schizo that spams the same claims in every thread who nobody cares to even reply to anymore because he doesn't listen to anything anyone says for the last 3+ years
go back.

>> No.10329374

Take your medication.

>> No.10329388

>i-i-its not even worth replying
>muh vaccines

You NPCs always fall back on your magical infallible muh vaccines dont you? Dont know why redditor is an insult either? Smells awfully new in here.

This is not an argument.

I expected more from a science board. This is honestly pathetic. You people are exactly the same as those whom science used to hate. Insistent on your set in stone beliefs as if they are universal truths. Fucking pathetic little brain fags.

You'd be arguing heliocentrism and replying to people in this same manner years ago, ironic.

>> No.10329390

Anyway. There's more I could say but I'm pretty tired and losing my post really pissed me off tbqh. You can't even disable backspace acting as back when the main page frame is in focus, without going to the source code. Ridiculous.

Nine times out'a ten you're better off staying focused on one particular matter, but I think it's important to provide loose models of the overarching picture, and why we're seeing what we're seeing and where it's leading. Once you "follow the money", you have to ask "what is money". Why "money"? Money is power, or more accurately, money is the basis for affordance within any ecology which involves entities (generally people) who recognize it as a form of value. You can't eat money, and you can't do anything with a form of money if it becomes worthless in a given ecology, so it's definitely being turned to something solidly tangible.

There's a lot to say. A lot of history I've gone over prior and can't reasonable duplicate. This concerns the classical definition of "Microwave Sickness" by Sadchikova and others in the USSR. Refer to the Warsaw symposium held 1972, sponsored by the WHO. It's in the mediafire link. For some background on the whole field, read the paper by cook. I'll try to find a post where I talk about exposure standards. Also in that link is a file called "list.txt". That's pretty much everything I've based my opinion on minus a few dozen I didn't update the list with, of which I've thoroughly read ~65-70%. Skimmed another 20 for certain patterns and criteria. It's somewhere to get some leads.

I also recommend microwave news.
Esp their print issue archives.


>> No.10329394

see >>10329374

>> No.10329409

Lastly, I'm going to copy a few shorter posts I made the other day.

"Face it, you've been sold a bill of goods. These fucks like Tom Wheeler have been lying to you your entire life. Ever since Lai and Singh's study showing DNA breaks in the brains of rats and Motorola's leaked "wargaming" memo. And ever since the 1996 telecommunications act wherein section 704 subsection 4 states that siting of a cell tower cannot be blocked on the basis of concern for the environmental (and health) effects of its emissions, so long as it conforms to FCC guidelines. Explicit wording, 1996. Now why would they do that? Preempt local zoning and establish one chokepoint they had to control, the exposure standard."
And obviously if you don't believe me, just refer to that document.

Similar language has been included in the Streamline Small Cell Deployment Act. It's in section 5 or something.

What about insurance companies? I'm sure they get their money somehow, in the macro picture. Insurance companies backed away from telecom in the 90's when it became obvious cell phones weren't safe. There were class action law suits, etc. Modern day incidence of most types of brain tumor are -dropping-, as predicted by Adey's study. However rates of acoustic neuroma and glioblastoma multiforme, thyroid cancers, breast cancers, and melanoma where the cell phone is held in teenagers are rapidly rising.

I recommend referring to Hardell for a deconstruction of the WHO's RF working group. Refer also to Adey, Belyaev, Hocking, and Panagopolous.

>> No.10329417
File: 926 KB, 600x350, noo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Millimeter waves are bad for humans, likely lethal for smaller animals. (...) data on millimeter waves is comparatively sparse. But there are some clear trends.
You FUCKING COMPLETE RETARD. You have not a single clue what are you talking about. You probably never learned anything about physics. You absolute moron, data on millmeter waves is clear and well known as well as for every other wave length. Things you just wrote /copied here make no sense at all. If you could only see how abysmally moronic you sound.

>> No.10329426

thanks for posting this anon.
I will read the sources and try come up with my own opinion on them

>> No.10329427

Based and rational pilled

>> No.10329429
File: 729 KB, 1840x2381, DIA 1976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few other posts.


In regards to NATO and the west, refer to Adey 2002 in the mediafire link above. Explains how the military's in house research base became consolidated at Brooks airforce base in an effort by the military and industry to shield itself from litigation, and protect its use of radar domestically and abroad.

The first RF safety standard was created by the USSR in 1956, based on their extensive animal and human clinical studies. Exposure for the general population was set at a peak intensity of 10uW/cm2. The rest of Eastern Europe followed either exactly or a similar derivitive (Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc). It has remained unchanged since then. Although some reports say the limit for mobile phones is now 100uW/cm2, and the RNCNIRP has called it the greatest threat to Russian youth, and has petitioned the WHO repeatedly. China and much of Asia use the Soviet standard modern day. Remember that when reading so called reviews that conveniently omit the countries with the oldest safety standards. This caused great conflict during the cold war, there was a complex dynamic and a lot was written about it during and after. The US set a limit of 10mW/cm2 averaged over 6 minutes, no explicit peak intensity limit. It has now been lowered to 1mw/cm2. Now only 100x greater the Russia and China. Though barely enforced.

Many things to be said.

>> No.10329433

So are you just going to posture and puff yourself up, or are you going to bring some real substance to the table?

>> No.10329439

Sorry I won't waste my time on trying explain basic physics to naive retard.

>> No.10329445

Another thing to read up on. The Moscow Signal. I plan to get together some documents on Russian electrosleep experiments as well. Adey acquired and wrote about one of these devices.

>> No.10329449

these people are literally schizophrenic and therefore completely irrational. you could argue that they aren't even people but objects or NPCs. To say that millimeters long wavelengths cause cancer is completely idiotic but that's what people who are severely mentally ill are. They use anonymous forums because they know they'd be banned anywhere reputable for spam and intellectual dishonesty.

>> No.10329455

>muh ionization

>> No.10329460
File: 124 KB, 382x491, proofs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

calm down buddy

>> No.10329467


I must say you have quite the sense of humor.
the amount of argumentation is overwhelming.
some of your references are strong enough to be convincing on their own.

>> No.10329611

Bump for refutation I'm nervous

>> No.10329656

read the beginning of the thread before pol arrived

>> No.10329661


I love how elegantly some /pol/ack derailed a conspiracy theory about 5g into a conspiracy theory about circumcision.

The truth is, /pol/anon, that your country is indoctrinated with the evangelical flavour of Judeo-Christianity, which teaches the mothers that snipping their sons dick is harmless/gods will/health net-positive/etc. If you want to talk about it, you should make a seperate thread about it where you present your findings, instead of shitting up this Q&A here about 5G/telecom.

>> No.10329666

The beginning of the thread had a much greater lack of linked proof and substance.

I'm sure theyre probably correct but I am curious to see how the other anon amassed so much on the topic in his favor.

First off. I was the op dipshit. Second off I used it to point out to that guy how retarded he was for magically pretending like scientists cannot be wrong or that peer review is totally infallible. Only after he ignorantly ignored that circumcision is an example of this and that its actually bad (no shit) did I persist.

Attack the people diminishing the importance of legalized child mutilation not me.

>> No.10329686
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oh so you're also a pol nutjob that just wanted to hear his beliefs confirmed.
abandon thread

>> No.10329688

Uh no? I literally just said the people in the beginning of the thread are likely correct. Dumb frog poster.

>> No.10329769


Hence the pivot the (safe) topic of circumcision, I see....

>> No.10329781


>> No.10329798

What about the brids? Dumb fucks

>> No.10329879

It kills birds?

>> No.10330421

>Go somewhere where there is no EMF, you can feel it. Its "quieter" and "lighter". Many people will tell you this.

Go out into nature, you can feel it. Its "quieter" and "lighter". Many people will tell you this.

>> No.10330440

The Conspiracy of Scientific Fraud
70% of Experiments Cannot Be Replicated, 50% of Researchers Cannot Reproduce Their Own Results

U.S. Campus Corruption

“In 2005, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a software program called SCIgen that randomly combined strings of words to generate fake computer science papers. The objective of the exercise was to prove that the peer review process was fundamentally flawed and the conferences and journals would accept meaningless papers. After being notified by other researchers who were tracking those SCIgen papers, journals were still quietly pulling articles as late as 2014.”

Let’s end reviewer fraud – Publons

107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud | Ars Technica

Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws – The Toronto Star

China cracks down after investigation finds massive peer-review fraud – science mag

Chinese courts call for death penalty for research fraud – PBS

Peer-Review Fraud — Hacking the Scientific Publication Process | NEJM

Scientific Fraud – EuroScientist journal

>> No.10330470

It hit me what I forgot to include here.
Research the background and other projects the assignee has worked on if you want to assess if these are credible claims. They're well in line with the literature (research the period in the 80's when VDT's were being introduced in clerical environments, and the large spontaneous abortion clusters). Also refer to work by Bawin and Adey, of UCLA's Brain Research Institute.

It would seem so. It also kills insects, which ultimately kills birds because there's nothing to eat.

Along with the LED streetlights which emit high intensity blue light which suppresses the activity of night time pollinators. Research has shown that ~40% of pollination occurs at night. Ever put your hand over an insect and see it immediately go "dormant"? Part of that is about detecting rapid changes in luminance for survival, part of it is that it's simply a day time species. It also alters the behavior of soil microbes killing many of them and tuning the rest for virulence. Lastly, "smart" have antennas on the top. The light draws insects in to high intensity zones near the antenna, and kills them.

Insect populations are already plummeting. I don't hear crickets like I used to, you go outside in the summer and it feels "dead". I live in a rural are. Amphibian populations are dropping, bird populations have dropped by 65%. We are heading towards ecological collapse. There are a few causes, but this a major one. We must stop. Failure to act yet again, means we've had it.

>> No.10330507

It doesn't let me post links to nature.com.
https://www[dot]nat[...]ure.com/articles/s41598-018 -22271-3

Stumbled on this, haven't read yet, may also be relevant.

These are papers on the effect of various types of visible light and lighting in general. Not including behavioral and neurodegenerative effects of fluroescent lights, or magnetic fields / dirt electricity produced by their transformers. (There's also some IR stuff mixed in with this folder if I recall)

Athenasiou 2013 - The cell stress machinery and retinal degeneration.pdf
Behar-Cohen 2011 - Light-emitting diodes (LED) for domestic lighting Any risks for the eye.pdf
Brown 1995 - Growth and Photomorphogenesis of Pepper Plantsunder Red Light-emitting Diodes with Supplemental Blue or Far-red Lighting.pdf
Bullough 2017 - Evaluating the blue-light hazard from solid statelighting.pdf
Darabyan 2017 - Exposure to Visible Light Emitted from Smartphones and Tablets Increases the Proliferation of Staphylococcus aureus Can this be Linked to Acne.pdf
Enwemeka 2009 - Blue 470-nm Light Kills Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Vitro.pdf
Grimm 2001 - Rhodopsin-Mediated Blue-Light Damage to the Rat Retina Effect of Photoreversal of Bleaching.pdf
In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of riboflavin and ultraviolet light on Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseu... - PubMed - NCBI.htm
Jaadane 2015 - Retinal damage induced by commercial light emitting diodes (LEDs)..pdf
Jaadane 2017 - Effects of white light-emitting diode (LED) exposure on retinal pigment epithelium in vivo.pdf

>> No.10330511

Kim 2013 - In Vitro Bactericidal Effects of 625, 525, and 425?nm Wavelength (Red, Green, and Blue) Light-Emitting Diode Irradiation.pdf
Kitazaki 2018 - Metabolic Reprogramming in Leaf Lettuce Grown Under Different Light Quality and Intensity Conditions Using Narrow-Band LEDs.pdf
Krigel 2016 - Light-induced retinal damage using different light sources, protocols and rat strains reveals LED phototoxicity..pdf
Kushibiki 2015 - Low Reactive Level Laser Therapy for Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Therapies.pdf
Lipovsky 2008 - A Possible Mechanism for Visible Light-Induced Wound Healing.pdf
Lipovsky 2009 - Sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus strains to broadband visible light..pdf
Lipovsky 2010 - Visible Light-Induced Killing of Bacteria as a Function of Wavelength Implication for Wound Healing.pdf
Lubart 2011 - A possible mechanism for the bactericidal effect of visible light.pdf
Maclean 2008 - High-intensity narrow-spectrum light inactivation and wavelength sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus.pdf
Milham 2018 - The electronics in fluorescent bulbs and light emitting diodes (LED), rather than ultraviolet radiation, cause increased malignant melanoma.pdf
Nakamura 2018 - Exposure to excessive blue LED light damages retinal pigment epithelium and photoreceptors of pigmented mice.pdf
Narimatsu 2013 - Disruption of Cell-Cell Junctions and Induction of Pathological Cytokines in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium of Light-Exposed Mice.pdf
Narimatsu 2014 - Angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockade suppresses light-induced neural damage in the mouse retina.pdf
Narimatsu 2015 - Blue light-induced inflammatory marker expression in the retinal pigment epithelium-choroid of mice and the protective effect of a yellow intraocular lens material in vivo.pdf
O'Hagan 2016 - Low-energy light bulbs, computers, tablets and the blue light hazard.pdf

>> No.10330513

Okuno 2010 - Blue-Light Hazard from CO2 Arc Welding of Mild Steel.pdf
Pereira 2017 - An optical and electrical study of full thermally activated delayed fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes..pdf
Renard 2016 - The dangers of blue light True story!.pdf
Saito 2016 - Establishment of a drug evaluation model against light-induced retinal degeneration using adult pigmented zebrafish.pdf
Sanoubar 2018 - Data on seed germination using LED versus fluorescent light under growth chamber conditions.pdf
Shang 2014 - White light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at domestic lighting levels and retinal injury in a rat model..pdf
Shen 2016 - Illumination from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) disrupts pathological cytokines expression and activates relevant signal pathways in primary.pdf
Stamatacos 2015 - The Possible Ocular Hazards of LED Dental Illumination Applications.pdf
Taheri 2017 - Exposure to Visible Light Emitted from Smartphones and Tablets Increases the Proliferation of Staphylococcus aureus Can this be Linked to Acne.pdf
Vecino 2015 - Glia-neuron interactions in the mammalian retina.pdf
Wang 2014 - 17á-estradiol ameliorates light-induced retinal damage in Sprague-Dawley rats by reducing oxidative stress..pdf
Wang 2018 - Changes in the fucoxanthin production and protein profles in Cylindrotheca closterium in response to blue light-emitting diode light.pdf
Wei 2018 - 17á-estradiol ameliorates oxidative stress and blue light-emitting diode-induced retinal degeneration by decreasing apoptosis and enhancing autophagy.pdf
Zhao 2015 - Moving forward with reactive oxygen species involvement in antimicrobial lethality..pdf

>> No.10330515

>Red pill me on 5g
Well it's not 6g. It won't be 5g no matter how much it tries, even if it matches its weight by going to a stronger gravitational field. Therefore it should go its own way and live off the grid because society (gravity) has failed it.

>> No.10330523

Also, there's an important area I forgot to include on the physiological and pathophysiological pathways of NO. That covers Ca2+ overload, NO synthases, that NO reacts with superoxide at a rate 5x faster than the latter can be removed by superoxide dismutase (a reaction which itself yields H2O2 and relies on the glutathione system). Some good papers have been written about this specifically,


>> No.10330545

Wait.. so your response is basically "this sounds nuts, therefore it's not true and you shouldn't waist your time looking into it?"

So someone (you) who has no knowledge of a subject dismisses it outright in the same way that evolution deniers have no interest in understanding evolution because of how absurd it sounds to them.

>> No.10330630

Literally lmaoing at this dude trying to prove peer reviewed science worthless by BLATANTLY moving the goalpost to somehow discuss fucking circumcision.

>> No.10330639

>Calcium retard spams a thread to bump limit
This rerun is getting really old

>> No.10330657

>2020, but it will be very fast. 10gbps, under 1ms latency.
I call bull shit. If you honestly believe that we will have 5G wireless faster then most wired service ANYWHERE in the country in 2020, then I have a bridge to sell you. At best we will have a slight improvement over 4G labeled as 5G and marketed to sell new phones.

>> No.10330717
File: 78 KB, 382x491, 1548504697690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10330787

I can redpill you on the chimping out, in that none of it is organic and the entire issue is being astroturfed (whens the last time you even heard about the transition) this is just another conspiracy theory the CIA is pushing to keep people confused and disoriented about the real conspiracies.

>> No.10330798

those numbers are the maximum of 5g, so definitely not but it will be an improvement :)

>> No.10330928

my only worry about 5G are my sperm. having your phone in your pocket has been proven to reduce sperm viability, this would just worsen the issue.

at this rate we will have to wear faraday cages around our balls.

>> No.10330979

You should also worry about finding a woman who isn't infertile. The main problem is not just morphological problems and DNA damage of sperm, it's a morphological change of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum in female eggs. This likely cripples the zona reaction, which exists to disallow polyspermy. Its absence means plain sterility.

The other issue is DNA damage to the stem cells forming the germ line prenatally and in early childhood, again mostly in women. Another issue is exposure to blue light at night. Lack of proper melatonin curve eliminates hormonal rhythms required for proper maturation of eggs. This can effectively render a woman infertile.

Male fertility is quite vulnerable and will contribute greatly to mutational, but the real immedaite risk is female fertility. Egg keep dropping month after month, but woops, they're all duds. Maybe one will be halfway viable. Maybe the kids will keep coming out screwed up. It ain't just "dude my balls". This stuff isn't a goddamn joke.

>> No.10330983

>contribute greatly to mutational
mutational load*

>> No.10330989

Feminism has already rendered 98% of women infertile in western nations.

>> No.10331204

How sad when China is more ethical

>> No.10331213

Youre a fucking retarded prick. Not trying to prove all of it as useless just pointing out to that retard that it isnt infallible. Which it clearly isnt. Read the string reddit shitdick.

>> No.10331221

Do you have a source in particular on 5g killing birds and insects?

>> No.10332284

Bump for proofs and refutation

>> No.10332291

5G is killing all life.

>> No.10332454

Refer to my post above on 5G / millimeter waves. >>10329304
And: >>10330507

Similar action on insect cryptochromes may be expected.

Haven't gotten around to really reading this yet, but is relevant esp when combined with the above.

This is also a good collection of literature.

>> No.10332534

The science doesn't add up.

>> No.10332563

There are studies showing oxidation, effects on calcium ions, etc. There are non-thermal effects too that effect biology.

Lots of studies. https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/studies.asp

I think it is obvious there is an effect on biology.

Lets not play the old 'mainstream science knows best' bolox.

MUH ionisation. Yeah, there is more to it than that. The media and the industry love to lull us to sleep with the 'don't worry it is non-ionising' crap.

The effects on fetuses are pretty detrimental too.

To say artificially pulsed microwaves that are millions of times stronger than the sun does nothing, is almost like religious zeal to mainstream science.

>> No.10332566


>> No.10332569

wew lad

>> No.10332570


>Microwaves do nothing to us.

wew lad.

>> No.10332580

I get you.

Science thumpers will only grasp that concept if Einstein wrote a book on it.

Ironically, they can't see things until a peer reveiw study comes out telling them to see it.

>> No.10333614

Now I am scared tinfoilers might be right

>> No.10333655

I don't know why people find it so unthinkable that large populations can be systematically deceived, convinced to act against their own interest, while having dissenting voices suppressed. It happens all the time. It's been said if you want to get to the truth, you should ask what you're not allowed to question. Is it really so surprising that everything that's been branded taboo "conspiracy theory", "tinfoil hat" etc could in fact be true? Is it so surprising that everyone saying something, doesn't make it true?

>> No.10333660

Not really but I guess the water muddying with ridiculous shit like flat earth and reptiles really puts people off

>> No.10333881

>The methods used appear sound.
Kind of, not really. The study was a meticulously designed and executed attempt at minimizing and masking observed effects. Problems included:
-Use of a reverberation chamber. The material should have been anechoic to prevent extensive destructive interference, which is not a typical exposure scenario.
-Multiple antennas, same issue as above.
-Power density not much higher than standard devices, but still too high. Reported SARs are often bullshit, and even if correct, they're created using a phantom called SAM which is just a sugar filled cavity and some other stuff with the device held 1 cm away. Directly to your head the SAR rating can as much as 4x higher and is well above even the invalid thermal guidelines.

I don't really care for the NTP study. It's good it still managed to show effects, but the only reason we're all "look, look! NTP, NTP! Look what NTP said! Look! See, there you have it! Same data we had 30 years ago, but this time by NTP!" Which just shows how utterly powerless people feel, and how dire and out of control this situation really is.

Melnick actually designed the study. He was replaced by Bucher midway.


These people aren't your buds.

>> No.10333907

>Not ridiculous

>> No.10333935

Can you actually read through the legitimate concerns here instead of just spouting that? This is far different than flat earth foolishness.

>> No.10333937

Flat earth:
>Autistic retards spend years spamming /sci/ with nonscientific conspiracy babble
>Autistic retard spends years spamming /sci/ with nonscientific conspiracy babble

>> No.10333967

>its non scientific because I say so

Seems to me like plenty of it is scientific, can you address the points brought up or just meme?

>> No.10333973

Why should I bother? You'll just say no u and either remake this thread next week or derail another one with the same copypasta after this 404s

>> No.10333993

No I'd much rather believe that 5g is unharmful and completely okay than to believe me and my eventual children will be bombarded with harmful microwaves and there is essentially nothing I can do about it.

For one the harm of insects and birds would be a good place to start.

>> No.10333998

That's the issue doesn't it?

Specially considering that we are still not sure of the effects of ionization and microwaves in the microtubules of the brain.

>> No.10334010

You don't see people throwing away their microwave ovens.

>> No.10334012

There seems to be much were unsure of yet people fucking continue on regardless pretending as if they know it all.

>> No.10334016

The microwaves are contained inside the microwave

>> No.10334019

They leak.

>> No.10334023

To any meaningful degree?

>> No.10334024

>by a flimsy metal grate with 0.5 mm holes
imagine being this radiation-intolerant

>> No.10334026

Well they used lead based oil for more than a century, they aren't the smartest bunch.

>> No.10334039

Thats another thing, science back then and peer review for the longest time pushed that lead fuel was completely okay until it wasnt. People love to forget these things.

And in the near future we will look back on how doctors pushed circumcision or "gender reassignment" and see the same thing as we do now looking back on lobotomies. Its fucking insane.

>> No.10334069

I don't know how much they leak but the same concerns should apply. People have been having devices as powerful as 5g tower in their kitchens for a long time now. If it's damaging, it's really subtle.

>> No.10334083

Microwave ovens operate at 2.4 GHz, continuous wave. This is because it's very close to the maximum dielectric loss point of water, but not so close that penetration depth is too poor for heating.

5G is in the "millimeter wave" region, which is waves that have a length less than a centimeter and greater than a millimeter. It's much higher frequency. And though effects have (very low) thresholds and some types are windowed, power density isn't really what produces a biological effect anyway.

Leakage from a microwave over is bad for you and you shouldn't be enar it, but it'll manifest mostly in the skin, thyroid, and eyes.

I remember going up to it and watching the food rotate inside because I was retarded, and just didn't know.

>> No.10334086

Also to clarify, not all of 5G is millimeter waves. I don't know if any phones are actually going to exist with millimeter wave uplink, or if it's just going to be a bait and switch.

>> No.10334087

Lobotomies do the job, no one can convince me otherwise.

>> No.10334098

why do you think a faraday cage "leaks"?

b-but it's non-ionizing so it can't have any effect

>> No.10334122

>can't have any effect

Certainly doesnt seem that way

>> No.10334443
File: 87 KB, 500x712, 1544300108858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems them Ruskis are more clever and are moving quickly towards Li-Fi, while we work hard on killing ourselves. Men with wives, kids, families, out laying fiber lines day and night sewing the seeds of our destruction. It's absurdity, and you're enabling it.

I also suspect that there won't be a millimeter wave uplink. It's too energy intensive to generate from a mobile device at the present time. It's the ol' bait and switch, because they're definitely installing the deadly millimeter wave downlink and small cell stuff.

>> No.10334453

Just shoot the fucking 5g thinks with shotguns when they go up

>> No.10334654

If these microwaves will be constantly heating all over the country, in a minute but widespread degree, won't it have an affect on global warming?

>> No.10334655

Does it

>> No.10334661

the intensity level is too low to produce heat at all.

>> No.10334663

Microwaves still must interact with their environment though, perhaps microwave radiation is already partly responsible for climate change we experience today.

>> No.10334666


>> No.10334675

No one has proven an experiment (they show the opposite) that the human concentration of co2 in the atmosphere equivocated to a jar can increase the temperature of the jar (with a control also shined with a radiating light) in a noticeable way compared to if the jar did not have a slight trace of co2 in it, and yet it is still widely accepted that even though that low intensity isn't proven to do it, because a high intensity of it is, the benefit of the doubt is given.
Perhaps if you blast it with low intensity microwave radiation, you could finally prove in experiment how co2 is heating up the atmosphere despite experimentally being unable to do so at the amounts present, and instead only doing so in high concentrations.

>> No.10334679


>> No.10334685

source is a highschool physics 1 class you dumbass nutjob

>> No.10334688

>skeptical science rebuttal, website owned by a US rep who's bankrolled by GE.
>In the study, a team from the University of Washington at Seattle and the Air Resources Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), based in Maryland, analysed microwave emissions from the atmosphere. The emissions were recorded between 1979 and 2001 by NOAA's polar orbiting satellites. The data can be used to deduce temperatures in different layers of the atmosphere. And the study finds that stratospheric cooling, a known effect of greenhouse gases, appears to account for discrepancies between temperature trends on the ground and in the troposphere.

>The team, led by Qiang Fu, an atmospheric researcher at the University of Washington, subtracted the impact of such cooling from data on the stratosphere and performed a statistical analysis, which found temperature trends consistent with observed warming on the surface and the predictions of climate models.

>> No.10334689

So no source?
Here's mine:

>> No.10335155

Nobody wants to engage with you because we've all seen your song and dance before

>> No.10335912

>no arguments

>> No.10337445

Again, a lot of people in these threads seem to be using crowd manipulation "shill" tactics. Trying to create a perception on a majority consensus group, then separate another view to be the "other". It's a classic and I'd hope it's obvious.

To the rest of you and anyone who knows what's what, or even has doubts, actually step up and say something. Add your voice in some way, don't let me thread after thread go on with these nay-sayers, letting them trash the SNR of the thread until bump limit, meme all over the place, appear unopposed, and if they can manage it, turn it all into a circus. This shit is going to be affecting you.

>> No.10337481

We, as in everyone on /sci/ who's seen you ranting and raving for literal years and asked you politely to fuck off and kys urself for bringing /x/ tier garbage to the science and mathematics board.
I know I'm not the only one who's noticed you because I'll sometimes go to a thread I think looks interesting, see that you've already done your word vomit, and see other people either laughing at you or asking you to stop.
There was a post from a week or two ago explaining why nobody wants to deal with you anymore. It explains why your act is growing tiresome much more eloquently than I ever could, but I can't find it in the archive because you post the same text walls every single day and reading each thread looking for the reply would be a huge waste of my time.

>> No.10337490

Just out of curiosity do you have EHS?

>> No.10337495

Inspiration struck while I was browsing /o/ and I found it

>> No.10337584

>highschool physics 1 class disproves conservation of energy

>> No.10338078

Where is the proofs in here?

>> No.10339046

So all next 5G phones are totally banned from air travel?

>> No.10339053

For now on, there is no evidence about the safety. However, at places where 5G is present, more birds falling dead were found.
In the Hague for instance, 5G wireless tech was tested about it's range. At the same time of the testing, hundreds of birds died, the suspected causation was poison according to bird rescuers in the beginning.
Just correlation, so no causation for now on. We need however long term studies on the effects of 5G to determine whether it's safe or not. No evidence as a reason for no harm is known as the as science as law bias (X is safe until X is proven dangerous)

>> No.10339075


>> No.10340249

They are going to roll it out before properly testing it.

>> No.10340274

At least try to find a primary source instead of this conspiracy garbage.

>> No.10340650
File: 534 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190130-144851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the issues they face is that higher frequencies require higher power to travel farther distance and penetrate objects

Take 3g and 4g for example, I live right next to a mountain where there is a gap with a major town in it. 3g is around 700mhz, while 4g is 1900mhz (5g is around 6ghz supposedly (6000mhz). If I walk around to the base of that mountain (dipping below LOS to the cell tower) then my phone drops down to 3g, and loses 4g. With 5g, if you stood behind a tree, you'd probably loose reception, and a thick case on your phone would probably degrade transmission enough.

Another case like this is with RC planes, specifically long range ones (like what I own as well). The control is on 900mhz, at 250mw, while the video link is on 5.8ghz at 600mw. I can easily get 40km of control range on the transmitter, but on the video system, it drops out after 10km, and if someone stood in front of the control system, nothing would happen because 900mhz goes through almost anything, while video would completely drop. Now imagine what would happen if it was raining and water was propagating the radio waves, no reception.

Last (but definitely not least) is the deal with output power, most cell towers transmit on a couple of kilowatts of output power at 1900mhz, and there is several warnings not to stand in front of them for too long (like workers up there) because it's like a microwave. Higher frequencies at higher power would be a lot more dangerous and would probably give you a decent burn, since to push that distance on 6ghz would require upwards of 100 kilowatts (see pic related, km vs frequencies at 100kw of power)

Hope that helps anon

>> No.10340884

So if you can't stand next to towers is it hurting everyone to a lesser degree?

>> No.10341079

Yea like standing right below the tower would do nothing, the issue is standing a few cm or a meter in from of the antenna

>> No.10341087

So I’m curious if it’s only frequency that matters then why is it dangerous to stand close to a tower emitting these frequencies? I was thinking it was because statistically if you stand close to a high concentration of low energy photons there is a statistically way higher chance of two photons hitting an electron at once which is high enough energy to do damage? Is this right?

>> No.10341125

Valuable looking data, but does anyone have a source? Some of my friends are being dumb about this.

>> No.10341126

So no health issues in your opinikn?

>> No.10341222

No health issues, it's just that 6ghz is a very weak frequency to use, and you'll either be at max output power on your phone, draining the battery like no tomorrow, or within 300m of the tower. Also just holding your phone would be enough to drop reception

>> No.10341224

So what about all the other anons posts?

>> No.10341306

The main difference between a food microwave and a big transmission tower is that all the radio waves are blasted at 1-2kw in the 2.4ghz band into a very small area (relative to power) and heats food via that. Radio waves are at the bottom end of the electromagnetic spectrum, so non-ionizing. The only damage microwave ovens could do to you is on the surface (skin, eyes etc). But that's all the radio waves being forced into the one area.

I mean the phone in your pocket is only transmitting at most a couple of hundred milliwatts, which is nothing compared to the kilowatts that towers use.

But then again the issue is that 6g would either have very short range or they would have to up the power output

Also the anons who think that a metal grate isn't doing shit against microwaves, you're retarded, it's a literal Faraday cage, nothing's getting past that

>> No.10341310

I already get 110mbps on my 4g service in rural Australia (OnePlus 6) and it goes all the way up to 700mbps in Melbourne, I can see it happening

>> No.10341344

So why is it that that one anon can post these studies and the like pointing to detrimental effects from this 5g tech? Isnt it non ionizing

>> No.10341357

It is non ionising, so it will not tear electrons off of atoms, it can only heat. That's why microwaves are safe, imagine bombarding your food with that much energy from a source of ionizing radiation, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere near it.

Radio waves = safe
But the main issue I try to point out is higher frequency= higher power required for distance = incredibly rare chance of slight heating, and anyone unfortunate to be in front of the tower would probably experience a very warm sensation on their skin (radio waves DO NOT cause cancer). It's like standing in front of a bonfire if you were in front of a tower

>> No.10341365

So you dont believe its killing birds, harming insects, fertility etc. or posts like this:


>> No.10341770

Because that one anon uses shitty sources and often sources that don't agree with what he says. he cares more about spamming than actually being right, which you would know if you browsed /sci/ for more than a few days.

>> No.10341944

Except there are some that he linked that are legitimate and points that he made that havent been refuted.

It seems like all you people have are personal attacks or the aggressive pass off of "oh thats ridiculous" response thats oh so common these days in "science" without addressing points that are brought up.

Really hate to see such group think being associated with "science" large scale. On this, anti vax, or anything else.

>> No.10341970

Except none of that is true. It's almost like you're just hoping you can dissuade people from looking into it themselves.

It's like "don't bother looking. don't look!"

>> No.10341991

>that he linked
That was you though.

>> No.10342023

Also, I'm going to say myself that the biggest flaw with the citations in my post is that they're meant for a general overview and highlighting core mechanism, but in doing so it's actually too focused and narrow in its scope. I also rely too much on citing fairly large documents, which requires that someone already has the interest and intention to go down the rabbit hole. And the rest remains scattered in subsequent posts.

Notable omissions that will be added shortly:
-Increased blood brain barrier permeability
-DNA repair system inhibition
-ELF and power frequency field effects, particularly on melatonin synthesis
-Cancer induction and promotion
-Functional changes of the brain, EEG, neurotransmitters, corticotropin release
-General organ changes.
-Cardiovascular effects
-Changes in the skin, mast cells, etc.
-Immune system effects
-Hormonal and endocrine changes
-Effects on the eye
-More about fertility
-More about developmental changes
-More about ecological effects

There's a lot. I recommend starting with the file list.txt in the mediafire link if you want to take this into your own hands.

That wasn't me. You're ironically very paranoid, go put on your tinfoil hat and fuck off back to >>>/x/.

>> No.10342029

>It seems like all you people have are personal attacks or the aggressive pass off of "oh thats ridiculous" response thats oh so common these days in "science" without addressing points that are brought up.

Because that's all you deserve lel

>> No.10342037

Alright, now that's enough of you distracting from the topic. I suggest anyone else not help these types quickly drop the SNR and get closer to the bump limit.

>> No.10342039

/r/ing the copypasta about this dude

>> No.10342063

milimeter microwaves microwave water.
microwaving water will increase global temperature, because water vapor is the most significant greenhouse gas, and microwaving water makes it lose its carbonation (co2 faster), so they are self fulfilling the end of the world by forcibly inducing climate change.

>> No.10343391

Making sure they can push their climate laws

>> No.10344356

No, in theory, and from in practice, it shouldn't. I mean, I've been close to radio waves for my 20 years of existence and no harm has come so far. The only thing that could damage reproductive abilities is the heat that your body would cop standing a meter directly in front of the radiating part of a 5g tower

>> No.10344361

There are some reports of internal burns and paralytic syndromes in DHS employees working around airport millimeter wave scanners.

>> No.10344376

Yes, that would be because they are in close proximity to a device transmitting at a much higher power than what is required for data transmission

>> No.10344381

Not so.
>The power density for a millimeter –wave scan is between 0.00001 and 0.0006 mW/cm

>> No.10344386

You should take a look at the military guys that wear the radio comm system backpacks. They often can't grow hair in certain patterns on their head after a while. It fries them.

>> No.10344391

People come out of the university system as priests for the correct views. How the correct views are formed is an interesting question.

>> No.10344405

How dare pol want to get education so it’s not your secrit club
You probably complain about plebs being ignorant then shoo them away instead of helping

>> No.10344407

You’re Jewish. You tell me.

>> No.10344410


A lot of unwarranted stridency for people referencing a body of knowledge constantly in flux and that often changes when the old guard die off

>> No.10344416

>scientists learn from critiquing each other
>you need to learn
>and also I won’t critique you
You sound like someone more interested in ego than in learning

>> No.10344420

This is SomethingAwful tier unbacked irony smug
If you think that scientists and even entire fields are incapable of being poisoned by bias you know nothing of science history

>> No.10344449

Interesting, do you have a link for such an image/article? I really wanna see it

I don't mean this in a demeaning manner, this is pretty interesting

>> No.10344557

>so probably some cranks think it will be dangerous

t. 17 year old who thinks he knows everything

>> No.10344612

It's been demonstrated that radar literally fries birds, so why won't a small emitter placed directly against your body carry out damage?

>> No.10344682
File: 38 KB, 300x472, 2 towers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10344706

War. War never changes.
Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.

In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes.

In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters, known as vaults. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them - all except those in Vault 101. For on that fateful day, when fire rained from the sky, the giant steel door of Vault 101 slid closed... and never reopened. It was here you were born. It is here you will die.

Because, in Vault 101: no one ever enters, and no one ever leaves

>> No.10344796


>> No.10346685


>> No.10347810


>> No.10348102

>Exposure to microwave radiation can produce cataracts by this mechanism,[28] because the microwave heating denatures proteins in the crystalline lens of the eye (in the same way that heat turns egg whites white and opaque).

>> No.10348155

The only dangerous thing about 5g is that it will be a market dominated by the souless insect people and the Jews can't have that.

>> No.10349101


>> No.10349591

Sure, but what is the value of linking to a notorious conspiracy theory board?

>> No.10349628
File: 25 KB, 1015x146, unknown[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I clicked on a youtube video about 5g and saw stuff like this in the comments.
What is going on? How the fuck are so many people so sure that these waves are harmful to people?

>> No.10349655

This happens every time there's some new wireless technology. People were sperging out about it way before cell phones existed.
Many RF engineers have stories about these people

>> No.10349659


Jewish over representation is a conspiracy now?

>> No.10349664

Yet the world keeps getting worse, and the very biological effects the literature tells you to expect become more and more prominent. Year after year.

How's your sperm quality doing, anon? You go refill your levothyroxine prescription yet?

>> No.10349669


Considering no one can even address the concerns levied in this thread do you blame them?

>> No.10349671

Oh boy it's you

>> No.10349680 [DELETED] 

Oh geez it's one of you.
Us and them, us and them.

Meanwhile we're all getting fucked.

>> No.10349712
File: 30 KB, 777x315, birds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because most of it is nonsense. I mean look at this one:

>Recently birds died in an area where 5G was being tested, I believe in the netherlands. I've been meaning to verify this more thoroughly but from what I know it doesn't surprise me. They died by the hundreds, their bodies looked pristine, the cause of death was internal hemorrhaging.
Here's a snopes investigation on the story:
The original source of the story is this guy:
>Kuhles, who recently suggested that the devastating November 2018 California wildfires were triggered by a direct energy weapon as an act of revenge from the “Ruling Elite” to punish the state for vetoing a “mass 5G deployment” plan, tied the factual existence of unexplained bird deaths at a park (Huijgenspark) in The Hague, Netherlands, to a non-existent test of a next generation cell phone network (5G) that Khules claimed (without evidence) took place simultaneous with the bird deaths:
Batshit crazy.

Can you point me to any kind of evidence that 5g radiation is dangerous?

>> No.10349718

Like I said, I don't know much about that and other similar reports. We're also now having reports of DHS employees exposed to airport millimeter wave scanners developing the type of skin, immune, and nerve damage I described in that post.

>Can you point me to any kind of evidence that 5g radiation is dangerous?
I don't understand why you're responding to a post if you're not going to read it.

>> No.10349720

>I don't understand why you're responding to a post if you're not going to read it.
I don't understand why you're posting fake stories that you haven't researched as "evidence" that 5g is dangerous.

>> No.10349734

Excuses. No one can read for you, no one can understand for you. This goes without saying, so I'm really not understanding where you're coming from.

Do the work or go home.

>> No.10349755

Are you listening to yourself? Why aren't you reading the things you're posting as evidence?
If you post things as fake as that bird story, then you lose all of your credibility and you have to work hard to regain people's trust.
It is absolutely reasonable, wanting to investigate the effects of microwave radiation on living creatures, but you can't just go posting nonsense and claiming it is evidence. I'm not going to do the work for you.
Are you schizophrenic?

>> No.10349758

Do you not know who you're replying to?

>> No.10349772

I thought so. You're one of those guys that can't or won't carry the meaning of a sentence over to subsequent sentences. I take it you're playing dumb.

I said this:
>I've been meaning to verify this more thoroughly but from what I know it doesn't surprise me.
And I went on to provide sources and documents in the next post. The book "Pathological Effects of Radiowaves" has been downloaded a total of two times. There's a counter. That doesn't leave much to infer about what's going on, on your end. All of you.

Enough. There's a whole thread of people whining, putting in minimal effort, and calling me schizo. I told them what's what, and you have those responses to go back through. Consider it a less structured Q&A / FAQ. If you think you'll be getting spoonfed to save your own life, you've got another thing coming.

>> No.10349776

>There's a whole thread of people whining, putting in minimal effort, and calling me schizo.
There's way more than one of those threads.

>> No.10349783
File: 113 KB, 1384x915, Count.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And for the purpose of archival and to rule out inflation of download counters, because your honesty and legitimacy has been called into question.

When you consider how many times I've posted some variation of that, and all the shittalking that goes on, it's pretty sad.

>> No.10349790

Have you ever considered that people call you schizo not because they're some kind of shill, but because you have a compulsion to turn topics to the rut you're stuck in, and because you post /x/ tier preachy bullshit when you're not textwalling about microwaves, all behaviors that are more at home on the schizo paradises of /x/ and /pol/?

>> No.10349834

It may be hard to imagine but we're very nearly out of time, on many fronts. This is one I'm most focused on.

So I'm not interested in narrativizing in this particular direction. If shortly you're not going to have a livable planet and functioning ecologies, everything else is meaningless. If you don't have your health, everything else is meaningless. It is vital we deal with these growing threats before the real meaning of that is obvious and reflexive, because chances are at that point it's irreversible.

Life has no restarts.

>> No.10350029
File: 12 KB, 848x90, youtube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all of these comments

>> No.10350062

>look over random article about possible effects of phone waves on humans
>"If you use a cellphone a lot, it may help to avoid holding a cell phone to your head, use a speakerphone or headset instead, especially if the signal strength is low or you are downloading or streaming large files or when traveling fast - because that means it is doing more work so emitting more radio frequencies. For minimum effect you download the files first with it not close to you, and then you watch them or listen to them in airplane mode (when the RF emissions are switched off). Not to carry it around close to your body but in a back pack, briefcase or purse."
lol, when I'm downloading a file, I shouldn't be too close to my phone (the file receiving device)?

>> No.10351108 [DELETED] 

>Page 8
Gonna have to give this thread a bump.

>> No.10351112

>Just use a headset, it will keep u safe!
*Connects long ungrounded metal wire connected to a metal coil at the end*
*Puts metal coil in ear*
Much better.

>> No.10352921
File: 491 KB, 1900x1819, 5de8cecc3df813857b2af206e28c2636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the links anon.
Should use mega. You need a premium account to bulk download from mediafire.

>> No.10353497

so are the studies showing effects of microwave radiosignals on small animals, fertitility and human cognition legit or quackery?
so far I've heard that some of them had to be retracted (DNA double strand breaks, small mammal infertility etc) and that all the studies trying to proof EHS couldn't deliver

>> No.10353533


Made me think

>> No.10353607

>so far I've heard that some of them had to be retracted
I've seen very few papers retracted.

>DNA double strand breaks
Going back to some classics for now.
https://microwavenews.com/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/backissues/j-f97issue.pdf, page 13.


>small mammal infertility
Refer to what I referenced above, and the mediafire link.

>that all the studies trying to proof EHS couldn't deliver
There are a few aspects to bear in mind with EHS research.
-Controlling for sampling bias and selection criteria for individuals becomes highly important
-Methodology, and your metric. Do you have an objective measure for changes in the body, do you rely on self reporting? Do you ask them if they detect if a device is active?
-It's highly publicized and is a good strategic target. To many, EHS is the symbol of the opposition. Branding them psychogenic fools and soccer moms would be an important step in protecting your product.

The literature suggests the following.
-Humans and other animals can detect the presence of a field. It was a common observation in USSR and Polish workers for example in the 50's - 70's, it was well observed they could reliably and rapidly determine if a field was present, character of modulation, and power density. Refer to the WHO Environmental health criteria 16 in the mediafire document, I believe. And also the Warsaw symposium which I may have just prefixed [Warsaw]. The paper by cook as well.
-Reliable detection sometimes has a latency. This has been found with dirty electricity and certain other high level behavioral changes.

>> No.10353608

Question is which motherfucker is risking apocalypse for speed of ethernet without cable. It's like some apple cocksucker who hate cables.

Then we have another side which is putting cancer inducing agents to food of experimental animals.

If you really need 10gbps, you can afford having Ethernet/fibre cable being there, if nobody cuts the cable.

If somebody could cut the cable and it would be loss, it's some surveillance system.

Ecology is ruined, environment is ruined. And we're going to be watched and being rewarded if we don't care and just walk into death.

Maybe it's just because means of human cooperation is so ruined that we can't agree on putting "our" cable. Our cable would solve so much problems of networking you can't even imagine.

If we could build infrastructure in sync, like building all networks, even fibre at once, with one digging on common space, it would be awesome. Problem is with so much beaurocracy and "property" problems with cable, people choose wireless even to be stationary, because they are appletards retards who can't fucking wire out RJ45 with manual from net, or they want to try so many goddamn positions how to interact with their computer for $4000 but they can't afford a $50 table, or they are fucking obviously retarded and they see vein of digital life as cosmetic problem...

Consumer is problem. Praise corporations who are going to kill consumer.

If you need to constantly change location of your computing system that requires high speed you are retarded who can't setup download quee at home and just pull out usb stick out of seedbox and plug it in computer...

>> No.10353609

Cry about it

>> No.10353612


After examining the motivation to build 5g networks we came to conclusion it's just toxic masculinity cock measuring thing to not having ethernet plug on device because it's too thin.

>> No.10353614

I'm happy about it, I don't live even in 3g coverage, just appletards going sterile and watching it trough ethernet cable.

>> No.10353617

You're still being microwaved by the gangster computer god via GPS and satellites, sweeaty

>> No.10353636

They read my mind by some microwave laser and upload ideas to my brain at the moment. Why the heck I need 5g if I got brain-network contact like this?

Just admit 5g is waste of money for sake of drone that would not be permitted to fly by authorities, or would be authorities. And in most real case will be "in building" and whole building can be farraday cage or be far away from people.

>> No.10353638


>> No.10353642

Nah, binary is for kids, real people read base64

>> No.10353645

I've personally noticed bluetooth is particularly obvious and builds to pretty decent effects within 15-40 minutes. Those effects are likely caused by action on the hypothalamic adrenal axis and thyroid.
-Cells of people with and without EHS respond the same way by some measures. This supports the functional perspective as originally developed by Soviet authors, that EHS (Perhaps a superset of "Microwave Sickness", though I prefer the latter term) where it's a gradual failure in higher level compensatory and regulatory mechanisms for specific and nonspecific systems.

The USSR's work remains novel to this day, both in its depth and breadth. They looked at everything from cell geometry to tissue organization (entropy), to specific constituents. Most of that unfortunately probably remains untranslated and not indexed in the west.

This group's work has been interesting.




Very interesting.


>> No.10353647

Die about it.

>> No.10353660

Very interesting, most of self reported radiation suffering people are woman or why did they choose majority of woman in experiment?

Maybe this radiation just affect people in a way that color or horoscope does, so now way without being aware of it's presence.

>> No.10353668

Those are not even experiments. Those are just reports. It's like soviet soldiers got alluminium plates at milliatary base and they've got symptoms from it.

>> No.10353676

Yes, I've noticed that. Psychology and social dynamics might play a role, but I won't bother to discuss them. We all know that men and women are different.

The only major thing I can think of is that cell death in female brain cells is trongly suppressed by the presence of estrogens. And likewise, post menopausal women greatly lack that protection where men have indefinite production via aromatase pathway.

I don't know what you're referencing.

>> No.10353706

Even I... I just cherrypicked something.

Now to the real thing.

So you're saying if I properly wave-guide some 5ghz microwave with some kilowatt in it and let's say point it out at somebody's house, he'll get really sick, and potentionaly(as result of melatonin problems) crazy?

>> No.10354463

Basedest post of the week, congrats

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