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Is this sayijg people who think and speak in hebrew are superior?

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What's unorthodox about orthography?

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The author is definitely a foreigner, so the orthography is sometimes messed up, but that's not the unorthodoxy that should grasp your attention.

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If using an alphabet that is closer to the source makes you superior, than embrace it, god bless. But Colchidian (Georgian) alphabet kept that structure longer and more precise (hebrew don't even recognize vowels anymore, and op explains that their vowels are still vowels, no matter how they interpret it to divide et empera or just because some noble retard said it and they didn't dare to argue (humanities don't like to wipe away their ancient mistakes)
And that book speaks about Colchis directly, speculating of Argo(t) bringing runes (fleece is named runo in the east) to restore literacy after the greek dark ages.

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Hebrew does have vowels though, they exist as addendums to the preceding consonant

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Thanks. I've placed it in the book.

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Those were added centuries later and also include tones for chanting. Not really part of the original system.

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Are you speaking of the dots?
I think he was telling of several letters revealing their vowel naturea when they stand in the initial position (israel, avoda,,)

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What am I seeing?

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What are you seeing?

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heatmap showing frequency of use?

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think of their articulatory features

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Okay but what does it prove? What does it mean?

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I think it shows the vowels.

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I see now. Each letter is colored by the place where the sound is formed. Those that are in-between are colored with more than one color. AEIO is formed by the mouth, U and W also include the lips. B, F, P, V, W and M are formed by the lips, DLSNZ are formed by that thing before the teeth, and others I'm too tired to categorize.

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>that thing before the teeth
the tongue?

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>AEIO is formed by the mouth
by the voice

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also notice
L & R

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Switch the 4 and the 9 in your filename. LOL

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> some mathematical joke
I don't get it. Please explain.

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The alveolar ridge

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does it move? what makes you think it is what matters? (other than misleading education)
I don't blame you, it took me a decade to see the forest (the tongue) beyond the trees they stuck in my head (the alveolar, dental, or god forbid guttural etc)

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Are you schizophrenic?

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Not even psychotic. Cattell's test told "clinical scales are within norm" or something of the kind.

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Sure, it's the tongue and lips that are what's important. Jaw position matters less, especially for indoeuropean languages.

So, your central thesis is a relation between the distribution of sounds in different languages, which indicates that they are fundamentally connected somehow? I mean, there is a limited number of sounds a human mouth can make, so some repetition is expected. You didn't include clicking or tonal languages, so you could expand your chart if you so desire.

You could also use the IPA to directly show the sounds used in languages, which may make your point clearer.

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I don't research phonetics, I research writing systems.
IPA is misleading if you want to understand how those who invented alphabet thought. (as I noticed in the message you answered to)
Even Sefer Yetzirah is more of a help:
Sefer yetzirah speaks of three mothers: א ם ש эти тpи бyквы нaзвaны тaм тpeмя мaтepями. Three moirae are told to be mothers of alphabet in the greek myth, and in that myth their alphabet was 5 vowels, B & T. Aleph is the vowel alpha, whatever they say, hear they scream it in Allah! And B & T are basic labial and lingual – just as M & Ш of ם & ש

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