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I have a BSc in Math and I have a BSc in Physics. I want to studying something in Physics on the theoretical side. What current fields have lots of
>open positions
I was thinking Quantum Information, but besides that what else do you suggest?

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Give up on your naive youthfull spirit and accept the reality of CS where you will land regardless of what you study

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what do you enjoy?

and like, what area? high energy, condensed matter, nuclear, optics, etc

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>I have a BSc in Math and I have a BSc in Physics
Me too, and I dropped out of a dead-end graduate Physics
program (plasma containment for fusion) and got into a graduate
Math program which was a lot harder, but more open-ended.
It's hard to predict what will be funded in five or ten years,
so all you can hope for is to be prepared when it happens.

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From a practical point of view this is correct. CS is invariably the field of occupation for people like us. I have a BSc in physics too but I'm studying networking and java to get a job.

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I think the closest description of what I like would be mathematical physics. I did some stuff with QFTs already. But I'm afraid there aren't many open positions/funding for that sort of thing, unless you are some Witten-level genius boy.

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Yeah I get that. It's a last resort guys. I want to at least try once though.

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Pretty much. Most worthwhile hep-th positions are taken by the big boys, so unless you were scooping some string theorist by your third semester, you're out of luck.

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>what else do you suggest?
Engineering. Physics is my passion, but engineering has far more opportunities. If you are interested in quantum information, the design and building of hardware is still in its infancy

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no, you WILL make it. It's just that you will inevitable need to be a cs dude to research and study

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