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>you do not understand something the first time and end up googling endlessly with the tag “explained” or “simplified”
>you need examples to understand something
>you still don’t understand even with the examples
>you feel the need to have a solution manual to check your answers
>you memorize formulas instead of deriving them all from intuition and first principles
>you revise by doing past exam papers rather than having an intuitive understanding to tackle any question given
>you think online courses are better than lectures in a classroom
>you think you may know know “advanced topics” but can’t even do a basic foundation level problem if given to you
>you use mind maps and flashcards
>you take IQ tests to feel good about yourself
>you have an IQ < 120

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>yellow fever

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PSA: Signs you are a brainlet-egotist
>you assume your answers are right and anything you got wrong was due to a bullshit silly mistake
>you don't review past exams to fuel your ego, denying yourself knowledge as to what type of questions will be asked
>you don't dare try to understand anything that you haven't seen before because you might not get it right
>you don't study at all because while most retards just say they don't study, you really have to nut study
>you paid to get your IQ tested because, as a result of the above, your achievement is low (but it's okay, your effort was even lower so the ratio balances out!)

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This, at least stupid people are capable of passing down their genes.

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>shes yellow

Shes more white than you will ever get mutt

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>You post irrelevant threads about “brainlet signs” on a board about mathematics and science because you’re an egotistical pseudo.

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Racism is for retards from /pol/.

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My IQ is actually 208, lol. Nice try, though.

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Lubos Motl is that you?

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no sorry i was just posting to make the op look stupid haha

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>being on 4chan
>making this thread

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The odds of you having an IQ greater then or equal to 208 are 3.01 * 10^(-13)

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Jesus Christ those legs...

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Yes! tThis makes me feel bad enough to not want to continue my pursuit in proving all human intelligence to be a laughable conceit

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>you don't realize that everyone learns in different ways
>you think that because people learn in different ways that they're retarded for it
>you study past exams to memorize answers and steps in solving problems instead of learning the concepts being tested with each question
>calling people retards for how they study and learn
>be OP

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I like seeing examples and I use the solution manual to check my answers, but how else can I confirm that I have the correct result?

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i didn't come here to be hit this hard

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