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When brainlets call undergrad level cs/chem/physics hard they almost always refer to the parts that are mathematical or mathematical in the way you think about them. Even math majors consider the proof based math hard because you finally can't plug and chug formulas anymore. Is this because of our awful math education/math standards or is this because most human brains aren't optimized to do math.

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top kek

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phycishits shouldnt be there

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How is engineering purer than physics?

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I would say yes. I literally never did proofs (not even in geometry) until my college level discrete math class. I grew up in rural AZ, and our education system is well known to be absolute shit. Now, I loved proofs when I actually got to them, in fact my experience was the opposite insofar as I hated math (although I was competent) because plug-and-chug was all I was exposed to until then. That being said, our education system is a bit deceptive. I think it’s unusual for someone like me to have stuck with math despite hating it until I was taking higher level math courses, likewise it must be jarring to think you love math and then hit a wall when you get to having to do proofs.

The solution is obvious, stop focusing on math as a mere tool and teach it as a method you assholes.

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Yeah isn't high level physics almost purely mathematical? The memes about physicists approximating are better applied to engineers who take physics not actual physicists.

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Education system has to be responsible for a portion of the blame. The vast majority of early mathematics courses don’t even begin to adress proving anything. Simply ‘take my word that this formula I told you works all the time.’

One also has to consider social factors. For whatever reason, its highly common for people to brag about being ‘so bad at math.’ Its a badge of pride for them. This is perpetuated by meeting more people who are ‘bad at math’ thus preventing them from putting effort into improving.

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Is the reality of mathematics too "mystical" for modern education?, do they feel like they are conceding some kind of credence to magical thought by presenting them as anything more than a tool?

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based and pseudoscience-piled

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Except engineers create a realistic model unlike physicist creating meme ones and they dont sperg about math probabtions

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I would only like this more if the theologian all the way on the right was instead replaced with the philosopher taking an order from the computer scientist, looping around to the beginning

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Young students don't give a shit about understanding topics that are poorly taught, so they just memorize, plug & chug until they fuck themselves in the ass by advancing to a topic that was crucial on the understanding of the previous ones. This becomes a vicious cycle where everyone who doesn't catch this shitty way of learning early, which is pretty much no one. But students (and maybe even teachers) don't want to take responsibility, so they just brush math off as some incomprehensible mess that can only be mastered by asians

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>not using math makes you purer
nigger that excuse only works for philosophy

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for you

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For me, the math part of my CS degree was the easy, or at least engaging part. Practical projects were boring because they actually required code to be written.

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Engineering is literally just calculator math and estimating.

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why can eggheads only ever draw shitty little stick figures

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