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what's /sci/'s opinion on sociology? i'm not very informed on the subject but it just seems to me that most sociology articles i've read have a serious lack of empirical evidence, and mainly deal with entirely abstract things.

I know social sciences can't use the scientific method, but there has to be at least some sort of standard of evidence or some way of knowing what's correct and what isn't, right?

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wat, what's so trollish about this? i'm just looking for the opinions of well educated people.

if my post is so stupid that it makes you think i'm a troll just point out the reason to that, if it responds my question i'll just delete my thread.

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I'm a dumbass.

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political science, when done right (aka 80% statistics, 20% polling) does qualify as a science

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Sociology papers lack empirical evidence? I thought that's all they used.

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Tag team back again, jump on the mic....

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I find sociology interesting.

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OP here, I've read three articles from the social sciences. Two were economic theory papers which obviously would have no empirical evidence.

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xkcd... It's almost as good as weed

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Sociology is absolute shit. Had to read several papers for a course I took because my teacher adored the subject. It wasn't even sociology I studied, it was business, which is bad enough, but still miles above sociology. Fucking post-modernist waste of time.

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