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Olivine-rich (olivene-rich) Altar Stone is from Anatolia.
U.S. Geologists know it because we have rock.
Thin-section 277 is all that you jokers got.


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The builders of Stonehenge and all the megalithic structures of Europe came from Anatolia and the Middle East. They were farmers and pastoralists who created the first towns, and they did this from Turkey to Scotland. Their cultures and sites included places like Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, Skara Brae, Vinca, Cucuteni, LBK, Cardium, etc. They died out because of plague brought by other groups and did not contribute much genetically to modern Europeans. The Altar Stone might have been passed down a family through generations after they first got it in Anatolia. It is very likely there were long-distanced trading networks throughout Neolithic Europe and it is another possibility that the stone was traded, possibly directly between travelers or merchants from Anatolia/Britain, or indirectly through a very long time before it was in Britain.


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>. They died out because of plague brought by other groups
No, they died out because the Aryan invaders slaughtered them. Their descendants are still very much alive in southern Europe -- Italy (especially Sardinia), Spain, Southern France, parts of the Balkans (including Greece), etc.