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why do sci makes fun of computer science?

It's jealousy?

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They're buttmad because comp sci takes all of the shit they do in pure math and makes it useful.

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I used to think this was a meme, but my buddy just got a job doing exactly this. Best part is they want to hire me as the math consultant

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Plenty of shit that people used to think was useless pure math because useful because of comp sci. It isn't a meme at all, and that's what makes /sci/ salty as fuck.

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>*because = became

Also, what's the salary offer like?

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I think certain majors attract particular archetypes of people that give the major a bad name. But it's obviously ridiculous to bash a really important and interesting field such as C.S. because it's filled with retards. Hell, most majors are field with retards since educators insist everyone needs a college education on STEM.

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I’m a 3rd year CS and math double major. I can list a few reasons.

1) The problem is that since it’s so wide, there’s this obsession to make it service the practical UNLESS you go out of your way to learn the theory. The irony is that the theory actually comes back to be practical anyway. Most schools offer it though.

2) CS in undergrad has a curriculum that’s sort of between science and engineering, but it has an engineering culture. The problem is that engineering is steeped in tradition of applying physics, so when you see a field that’s easier to break into since there aren’t any fluid mechanics or Fourier transforms to learn, it seems babyish. The irony being that algorithms to solve both of those things have been developed extensively by CS people and have revolutionized research and engineering firms

3) Because of the aforementioned point, a good amount of CS majors take the bare minimum and think they’re hot shit.

I audited a good amount of physics classes past my requirements (two semesters of classes plus labs), and I took a lot of math alongside the harder CS classes, some of them graduate level. The problem is that this degree can give you so much if you go out of your way to learn math (and a good amount of physics on the side), but it doesn’t force you like engineering does. Perhaps an ABET accreditation for systems design and theory should exist so that you eject all of the “I want my web design degree now” people.

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be sure to practice programming for interviews on sites like topcoder and hackerrank.

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If you're learning CS and math, you should at least delve into the main branches of science (certainly physics) to a "general undergraduate" level.
That way, you'll be able to better understand what you're going to apply that information system to, say for bioinformatics.

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Fortunately STEM is good for weeding out the retards though, thanks to based calculus II.

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Yeah, of course. My first wave of big tests hit me like a truck because of pressure, and because the interviewer wasn't very helpful, but I have to learn how to deal with that. I've been spending this summer studying and practicing speed and accuracy of my solutions.

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I definitely agree. I think that learning physics can do the world for a CS major; being able to see STEM and problem solving from both an analytical standpoint and through intuition is important, no matter what type of work you take in the future

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Well it certainly worked for Brian Kernighan.

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>Brian Kernighan
Funny you should mention that. I have my C manual signed by him from when he did a talk at my school.

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He's one of my favorite STEM figures, and still highly articulate and knowledge for a man of 70-odd.

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>*knowledge = knowledgeable

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Even though the essence of the field is in math, by name it is one of the youngest STEM fields out there. It hasn't been standardized across the world. so you get a lot of inconsistent education. While I think every CS major should be able to write industry code, I feel like there should be a software development major and a separate CS major where you focus on systems design and hard theory. You can already impose this on yourself by doing CS and math as a double major, but most don't do that. It's a good, exciting new field that is unfortunately filled with a lot of stupid people. Hell, if you go to some normie course site like iTunes U, algorithms, systems theory, signals, other CS topics, etc. are in the general engineering section while the dedicated CS section is "dae how do I write my first app." Stuff like this doesn't help the image of CS.

If I recall correctly from a strawpoll sometime back, a lot of /sci/ is math and mechanical engineering and EE people. I think it's natural that they would get salty that people they think study less than they do and therefore are less that is deserving of praise get comparable if higher salaries out the door.

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>It's jealousy?
it's evil

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I think this a pretty good analysis of the phenomena.

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At first, it was making fun of the bad students in computer science. Now people make fun of computer science is a lot of curricula in the US caters to those bad students.

Not to say it's all bad though.

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CS is fine, it's just that most american programs are terrible and focus on shit like web development for code monkeys.

90% of them don't even require shit like Complexity Theory, and that isn't even that advanced, it should be the minimum

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I took Calculus 2 in one month and got an A. 4-5 hours a day doing homework with weekly quizes and biweekly exams. Do not recommend.

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Mathematicians are jelly because general math is a subset of CS.

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I wish CS would just start requiring way more math out the gate since you're gonna need a lot of it (continuous and discrete) when you start getting in grad school or anything past a basic algorithm) like any other mathematical science or an engineering field. I guess the popularity of CS is raking in a lot of money for lesser schools.

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> favorite language is HTML5

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that's a lot of make up

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petition to separate CS from codemonkey.

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>computer science is a really great field for anyone that wants to develop websites (...)


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The absolute state of CS majors.

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100k Trump pesos a year for learning HTML and the JS framework of the week.


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This is really dumb.

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The comments are..really disheartening. If you go to a non brainlet school, you can double major and take "proper" CS, but the average student..

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>why do sci makes fun of computer science?

psych warfare to prevent potential competitors from understanding cyber warfare tactics.

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It's not a real discipline, it's just a mixture of problem solving, decision maths and electrical engineering. Really a better comp sci degree is physics cos you get all the skills you need and you can pick up the knowledge easily.

Especially true because the only important problems in computer science use calculus and quantum mech

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I don't really give a shit about comp sci. I tried it and it's not for me. Can't stand most comp sci majors though.

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See, this is what annoys me. This ISN'T CS, that is software engineer, and only very tangentially.
They should have an associates degree which is software engineering, which is baby-tier CS.
Then have a PROPER CS bachelors.

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>When you do CS is community college.

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CS = Math [math]+[/math] Software E

Software E = CS [math]-[/math] Math

Computer E = EE [math]+[/math] Software E

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I reckon the reason this hasn't been done yet is because how nascent computer science is as a field. There needs to be some standardization in which CS needs to require a lot more mathematics than it does at the moment, forcing the split.

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That feel when you realize people that you read daily are hellspawn.

That feel when you realize you are probably demonically possessed too.

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>Enjoys learning about information theory.
>Thinks is perfectly benign.
>Turns out I'm hellspawn.

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It's because comp sci belong on >>>/g/

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It really doesn't, that's a /v/ corrupted place. Very little to do with information theory will ever be found there, only:
And so on.

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>computer science

You are unemployable, you can do maths but not apply it

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>When you make things up.
You do know it's one of the most valuable degrees, right? Oh no, wait, of course you don't! Because you aren't actually in academia and just get all of your opinions as memes from /sci/.
Please leave this board, I'm fucking sick of your kind.

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>one of the most valuable degrees
depends, i have never seen a single job outside of few data analyst and extremely specific cases where Comp-sci was more valuable than comp-eng.

employers care more if you can actually give them something usable, not if you can do P=NP.

And because of CS being more difficult, the future employers will think:" this guy can do more than the one with CE, but CE is ok with getting paid less and he is going to do the same thing"

also getting angry to someone on the internet sure does help

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On average, it is a valuable degree.

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Not exactly true. Once you hit academia, CS has a much more well defined flavor. It’s very applicable everywhere, yes, but it’s accurate to call it a part of math. My personal interest is where physics theory and CS theory intersect

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Isn't it obvious that that's just stereotypes?

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Computer science and math are the same thing

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