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Hey boys.

I'm not a total retard when it comes to the hard sciences, but what are some good books to understanding scientific concepts?

Nothing particular, I suppose. I like physics- astronomy interests me very much. I'd like to know what "quantum mechanics" means or what "quantum computing" can do.

I'm not necessarily looking for a Dummies' Guide, nor am I trying to pursue common pop science. I'd just like to really understand the world around me.

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check out princeton companion to mathematics, a lexicon that gives detailed overviews of that sort.

a kind of historical anthology: world of mathematics (4 vols) compiled by James R. Newman in 1950s

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Primer guides

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intro/freshman/hs level readings

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I haven't read any of these but Campbell B and it's a fucking meme.

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Welcome to biology

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>reinvents integral
is this the grothendieck of biology?

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>the Bible
This is not the theology board

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And he didn't post the Summa Theologica

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Are these actually worth reading? They seem to be intriguing

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