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What happens if a black hole collides with a white hole?

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Race war.

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Well one is the creator and the other is the destroyer.

So they would neutralize.

What’s the White Hole look like? She got pics?

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Probably just a white circle or something lmao idk

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White hole is a woman.
It’s allegory. Black hole is me.

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if you take their superposition, they cancel

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So do I drop all the power for a diamond mulatto woman for a single night, or keep absorbing the power.

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Tomorrow is another day.

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The white hole negates the black hole.

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There are no white holes. The idea of a white hole was created by artsy types getting lost in the nomenclature of "black" and combining it with some gay shit about the duality of man and lunar/solar worship.

If we're going that stupid, may as well just call them nigger holes.

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>leave nigger hole alone with a star
>come back later
>it's gone
>never see it again

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What happens if a black hole collides with UR MUM???!!! LOLE

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Anything you want. They do not exist.

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it'd form a greyhole

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This thread is why I am so tired isn’t it. Feel like my balls were drained all night.

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That means only three left to finish my obligations. When?

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you get a la creatura hole.

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This is the real answer. The rest are just faggots

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Either the blake hole grows or stais the same without having a withe counterpart.

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There are no withe holes. They aren't anywhere in our universe to observe i wanted to add.

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what happens if a black hole made of water collides with a white hole made if fire?

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Hot interracial lesbian action.

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A *white* hole?

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black hole is her poopoo hole
white hole is my peepee hole
when they colide my penis erupts
Dr. Prof. Peter North from michigan intercourse university made several documentations about this topic.

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A black hole is already a white hole because "Hawking" radiation causes all attractions.

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The white hole dumps all its stuff into the Black Hole and the Black Hole's resulting White Hole gets Whiter.

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