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Will internet run in space?

Can you surf 4chan from planet Mars?

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if you plug it in then no problem

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Yes, but there would be a serious delay and thus no streaming or whatever. Marsfags would take longer post than Gaiafags.

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minimum light lag ranges between 3 and 22 minutes so better stick to /sci/ cause it needs to be a slow board

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Kill yourself.

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>set up server bank on Mars that constantly downloads updates from websites that have been in transit for 3 to 22 minutes
>browse the version of these websites from 3 to 22 minutes ago but in real time with essentially zero lag due to accessing a server probably less than a few hundred meters away
>make posts or whatever as you do so
>server is also sending updates back to Earth with a 3 to 22 minute delay, where the Earth server is updated with Mars posts
>all is well

if you replied to an Earth post you may have to wait as much as 44 minutes minimum to see any reply, if you replied to a Mars post you could get a reply instantly.

Messaging people on Earth a la skype would be more like writing a short letter than shooting the shit in real time. Any video messages would obviously need to be pre-recorded, no facetime for you (which is good because facetime and anything like it is cancer).

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Yea you would just have to wait up to 4 to 24 minutes for the page to load, depending on where Earth and Mars are in their orbits.

If you wanted to play a game your ping would be between 48000ms and 2880000ms.

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this will mean return to glorious days of message boards and more insightful discussions

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More like your page would load instantly like normal but be outdated by up to ~24 minutes, having come from a server on Mars which is being constantly updated from Earth. This is already how normal internet works, it's just that nowhere on Earth is far enough away from the other servers to produce update lg on the order of half an hour.

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>Can you surf 4chan from planet Mars?

Yes, but you won't be able to see images or post due to the lag time screwing up your browsers time out for image loading and trying to post or logging in for 4chan pass with captcha since it also times out quickly.

You would need to modify the browser to allow the images to load by removing the time out thing. For posting, you'd need to get 4chan staff to set something up for you. Good luck with that last one.

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wtf i just realized space travel will kill the online competitive gaming scene

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>Martian lag wizards


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>thus no streaming
You could conceivably still stream, you would just need to buffer for a few minutes.
I imagine the infrastructure needed to get a decent bandwidth would be a minor investment compared to colonizing mars.

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>Can you surf 4chan from planet Mars?

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>If you wanted to play a game your ping would be between 48000ms and 2880000ms.

Imagining the situation:
>wtf i have been shooting at this guy for the past 6 minutes and he just does not die. He must be hacking.

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>competitive turn based interplanetary gameplay
>the edge-of-your-seat riveting action of waiting half an hour between ticks

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People used to play chess by mail man

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People didn't used to have a choice. I could see some exhibition matches in something like chess/go where time limits aren't as important being played between earth and mars, but for the most part people take the path of least resistance.

Speaking of which, anyone outside of the Earth-Lunar sphere of influence is going to exhibit cultural drift pretty fast. The Earth-Mars meme wars will be intense

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You can still have instant internet, you would just need to make a long chain of computers with no space between them from Earth to Mars so the time between each link in the computer chain is zero seconds.

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why would anyone want to live on mars? under a pressure dome with artificial air in constant danger? we already have this exact technology available and could build underwater settlements on our own planet with it, but no one wants that, not even researchers.

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Pioneering conditions are never comfortable. The point is breaking new ground, subsequent generations can figure out how to smooth out the living conditions.
Also underwater settlements don't make you a multi-planet space faring empire and don't give you the benefit of spreading out the species on more than one planet as a way to avoid going extinct from a single planetary cataclysm.

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Even if humanity survives long enough and has the motivation to become a spacefaring civilization and successfully colonized Mars you'd die of old age before it happened

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>For posting, you'd need to get 4chan staff to set something up for you. Good luck with that last one.

I'm sick of these Marsfags always replying late to shit. Planet flags when?

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Imagine how rare those flags would be

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>tfw no one takes your posts seriously because you're from pluto

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what is holding the front awning up?

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That would only happen if your code has shitty netcode

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It's a cross-section, my man

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>it's a fucking dwarf post

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fuck, that's good

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Maybe online Diplomacy will become more popular. I would like that.

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>haha I'll come back and check for your response in 10 hours

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>ywn troll marsfags
>ywn post in /mars/ general
>ywn be mars lower gravity lanklet
>ywn post >how do I into martian gf in feels threads
>ywn shitpost about mars locals and street food in /trv/
>ywn troubleshoot interplanetary networks
>ywn be a man from mars with a qt from venus
>ywn rage about immigrants on mars

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>anyone outside of the Earth-Lunar sphere of influence is going to exhibit cultural drift pretty fast.
Consider that on these colonies you're not going to have the creature comforts for a long time to come so things like Books, movies, tv, video games, academia, and the like are still going to be earth centric for a while just by virtue of no one else having the time and resources to produce their own content, and even when they do it's going to be low budget stuff produced by people who were probably sent up to the fledgling colony with more applicable skillsets to constructing oxygen farms and habitat domes. People will still have downtime, and a need for entertainment so that would probably come from earth for a while helping to establish a baseline culture for the short term.
I mean American literature wasn't even recognized by the rest of the civilized world until Mellville in 1850, and cemented by Twain later in the century.
And with the connectivity of everything, even with a lag, you'd still have plenty of Earthaboos running around annoying everyone.

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Fair point, when it comes to media they will be stuck fast to Earth for a long time. I'm thinking more about the day to day. In a world with nigh-instantaneous communication as the norm, 6+ minutes of round trip lag is a serious bar to entry for casual communication

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Too wide, wrap the text and put the /sci/ at the bottom
t. Meme Engineer

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ignoring the "long chain between Earth and Mars" part
>increasing the number of hops reduces latency
fucking kek


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Around Mars we will probably want to set up some low-orbit internet satellites, so that bases on Mars can easily communicate with each other - hey look at this Starlink test satellite. We could then have a smaller number of big satellites in Mars synchronous orbit, that handle communication back to Earth.

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>tfw /v/ threads are gone before you can shitpost in them from Mars

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Feels fucking bad man

Feels fucking good man, only nice, slow boards like /sci/ and /diy/ will survive.

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I don't even see how that's possible, just like how it was impossible to sail to Sardinia for most of human history.

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quantum entanglement based communications

Think of it like a modem of sorts.
You would have an rx and tx section.
Data in gets encoded as quantum states in a particle. The corresponding entangled particles in the destination show the same states and the encoded data is read back out.

Entangled particles transmit their states (data) instantaneously. The only latency comes from how fast you can manipulate your "transmit" particles to the next state to send the next bit of data.

So then you move up from single entangled pairs to multiplexing like cable modems and wifi do with RF channels.

The research for this is already in motion and proof of concepts have been demonstrated.

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>quantum entanglement enables FTL communication meme
that's where you're wrong kid

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The martian lads would create a martian internet, with a martian 4chan. It would be better than faggy earth 4chan and internet.

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There's a reason you have to source some obscure /x/ retard with no views to back up your point and that's because it doesn't come out of the mouth of anyone with an ounce of credibility.

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learn yourself some physics, dude


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Imagine being from a moon of Uranus?

>despite Uranus being best planet.

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Faster than light communication violates causality

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We will never get to mars idiot

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This. Mars people will be underground dwellers. Same with Moonmen.

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In the future "fuck off lanklet marsfag" will be a valud insult


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Go away brainlet

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The technology to actually travel to Mars and create a livable habitat does not exist and won't be created before humanity dies to climate change or nuclear holocaust

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Will marsposters be the new strayaposters?

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