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The Stonehenge Altar Stone is from the Western Pontides of Turkey

Altar Stone is a Late Devonian micaceous sandstone
from the Western Pontides of Turkey transported by
Cheddar Man, petrology and petrography identical.
(samples from Stonehole 96, its original location)

Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yıldırım, wants Turkey's Rock back;
Should the National Trust / English Heritage return the Altar Stone?


See the Gobekli Tepe site,
Garry Denke, Geologist

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No idea about that, but can we all agree to stop calling it "the altar stone" when it was no such thing?

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wtf? Turks didnt even live there then. Fucked up aggressive roaches and their corrupted logics.

If anything shall be returned, it's the Elgin marbles.

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You seem to be confused.