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if another Human species were revealed to have survived how would they look like?

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Danny Devito

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grays, which I think are just time travelers from beyond the anthropocene

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Australian aboriginals

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No joke

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white liberals are not human beings.

Never in all of my travels have I encountered another species with such a fixation on self mutilation and destruction outside of perhaps lemmings. Fascinating creatures, really.

I've already petitioned the Royal Academy of Sciences to procure live specimens for bisection, dissection, and vivisection. I'll keep any interested parties informed of any discoveries I make during my studies.

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>other human species
African Pygmies
The San Bushmen
The Papuan Natives

thats what they would look like
>hurr they arent another species
By genetic distance they definately fucking are

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t. someone who doesn't know what a species is.

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>hurr interbreeding
I guess homo erectus is a human then because we could fuck it despite it being more ancient than us.

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Erectus is literally a human you retard.

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No its a hominid not a human.

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species is subjective and being subjectively used for humans

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A human from another species. Also neanderthals were humans from a different species.

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Taxonomy is a fickle thing, ask any working biologist and they will agree.

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>working biologist
here. PC climate and cultural anthropology took such a huge shit on "taxonomy" it's not even about different viewpoints any more. here a paper that will sort of give you an insight into current year's biodiversitiy studies:


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That's what i just said, it's a fickle thing.

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Basically, we interbred with the other species until we merged into one race. These other sister races also came from the same race, but branched as humans spread out.

> Base human race
> Three human races
> Human races merge into one race again for the most part via interbreeding

Pic related: a neanderthal. Looks pretty Irish, right? That's because neanderthal genes are almost exclusively found in euro-ethnic bloodlines. Neat, huh?


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just extinct yourself.

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> does not know how extinction works

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Yeah. Basically, anyone other than African-descended people have Neanderthal and/or Denisovan admixture in their genetics. Their traits were consolidated into the prevailing human species through interbreeding.

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look up abbos

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I am watching you.

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Genetic distance is how species are classified you reality denying libtard.

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A Denisovan.

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Makes you think....

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Blacks, Whites, Asians
I consider them as a subspecies
Similar to dogs, they can breed, but they are still different
I still don't understand why the concept of races is prohibited.

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Dog breeds aren't a subspecies. Donkeys and horses are different species and they can breed but that doesn't make donkeys just a subspecies or breed of horse.

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>why the concept of races is prohibited.

because it is counterintuitive for the elite´s plan

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>I still don't understand why the concept of races is prohibited.
Because nothing is gained by saying that, and it just breeds a shitload of hostility.

Even if humans were all subspecies, what would be actually gained by classifying us as such? All that would happen is it would cause a ton more division and shitstorms. It's dumb and unfortunate, but that's how people are.

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Its a logical fact. Also there is a division and shitstorm going on. Accepting and living with it would be the better thing.

Yes, people are dumb, they always run away from the truth.

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>what would be actually gained
Accuracy, honesty, and actually accepting others who are different instead of pretending to

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Eurasians are a single species while Africans and Australians are both seperate species.

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they are humans just brainwashed. I guess christianity is wearing off with the smarter white people so the jews have to make up a new retarded cult for them

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If you can have fertile offspring with it it's the same species as you

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But niggers are incapable of doing these things

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>suicidal lemmings

I get it’s a joke post but lemmings are no more suicidal than the average person. They were forced off that cliff, much like white liberals.

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I suppose that means bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales are the same species then?

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Wholphins have a lot of trouble producing young, unlike interracial couples with normal reproductive capability. So yes, humans are the same species. Someone who suggests otherwise is actually retarded and should question why they’d even try to wonder about that. Under no biological standard would we define humans as different species or subspecies. Not even enough to blur the lines. Think of humans as having selected varieties, much like a variety of livestock or fruit.

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i'm not denying that humans are the same species but having trouble reproducing =/= being completely incapable of doing so. wholphins are a pretty interesting case, and ceteaceans in general since clymene dolphins are apparently naturally occuring hybrids between two different dolphin species as well, though those two are at least from the same genus.

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You really have no idea how much liberals hate Christians, do you?

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>Looks pretty Irish, right?
You know it was a different gene that gave them that phenotype. Redheads have evolved more than once.

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Human's have breeds, like dogs.

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>slightly different positioning of teeth and skull shape are enough to classify animals as a different species

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Isn’t that the point of my post?

Step 1. Smarter white people abandon Jew cult #1 (Christianity)
Step 2. The Jews make up a new cult for them (liberalism)

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Neanderthals can breed with us yet are not human, and if you think they are human you are a fucktard who doesnt know every anatomical difference between them and us.

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>muh interbreeding
I guess this thing is human as well despite the obvious anatomical differences.

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Fossil with the structure of a modern white since 80,000 BC

Totally the same species

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It would obviously take a lot less time till the ultimate race war starts and the eradication of niggers on our world

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Get out of your flyover bubble and experience real America.

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Hello, irl biologist here, i came here just to laugh at /pol/tards and their derivatives or the person responding to their bait. Have fun!

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i want to breed w humans

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Yeah, I know every board not actually caring or knowing anything about its subject matter is some sort of epic meme the kids love but /an/ takes it to another level.

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Your tax dollars are paying for my federal job in Hawaii though ;)

But yeah, maybe one day I'd like to see the vapid consumerism, violence, and pollution of the major costal cities to remind me to be thankful for what I have.

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Well, I'm an anthropologist/geneticist from a better university and you're just plain wrong and dumb.

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Hi there, activity studying this field, African pigmy people are a different species. We cannot interbreed. We can interbreed with Aboriginal and anyone else.

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I think there's some confusion between the word hominid and humanoid. An ape is is a subhuminoid but not a hominid. There are pretty hominid primates but no pre primate hominids. Hominids is a larger group containing Humanoids. Anything starting with Homo is considered a human. Prehuman includes many hominids like astralopithicus africanus etc.

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Race is real because humans are animals meaning we would have genetic clusters based on our time apart from eachother. You denying it confirms that liberals regardless of IQ are completely insane.

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Human-Homo Sapiens
Hominid- Any Homo specimen that isnt homo sapiens.

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Einstein here, those anti-semite racist /pol/lacks are pretty stupid.


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can't believe this shit bait worked

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>That's because neanderthal genes are almost exclusively found in euro-ethnic bloodlines.
East Asians have more Neanderthal genes than Europeans.

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Continuing on from that, IIRC, Europeans are actually the least mixed of all humans (i.e. the most pure Homo-Sapiens). There's less admixture from other archaic humans in Europeans compared to all other races.

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I find this interesting. Can you provide some peer-reviewed references? I would like to read them.

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So many ppl from pol are here tehe :,)

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she kinda has that 90s alternative diva thing going in. Id eat her ass

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The most pure humans are african niggers.

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>another species
they already exist OP

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the problem is we don't consider genetic distance compared to other members of the same species.

we measure it against genetic distance of other species. But even then it doesn't mean anything if the two supposes species still regularly breed in nature.

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They're called abos, m8.

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>low res and blurry

what a dumbo

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The animals in question are actually classified as a different species because they can't breed to produce fertile offspring you retard.

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Virtually every species of bear can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. The "species is defined by if they can breed or not" definition of species is so full of holes that it's ludicrous to go by it, there are so many examples of cross species and even cross genus hybrids that it is simply an awful metric to go by. And why use a generalized rule of thumb when we can look at an animals DNA and determine where it belongs on the tree of life anyways? Almost every parasitic worm has been classified through molecular biological methods like this and that yields much more precise results.

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my best guess is some pygmy with red hair

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Except that native africans are the only group of homo sapiens that doesn't have neathderthal DNA. So really, everybody else looks the most like another species of humans.

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Linnaeus is the modern human type specimen.

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anybody who wants a quick and dirty, easy to understand peak into sate of the art biodiversity studies can read a representative paper here:


"genetic distance" is not a universally applicable measure. genetic distance has to be viewed in the greater context of the organisms at hand, meaning wile 0.055% may be a big deal in one species it may not mean anything in another. that's lineage related methods that help hind migration and ancestry of an animal. however, ultimately, coding DNA defines a species as it functions in it's habitat and here lies the bigger problem: how to marry lineage related genetic data with the actual working, coding genetic information.

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are there any records of an actual white person attempting to breed with an aboriginal?

pink nipples and blonde hair is a requirement to be called white, otherwise they're mixed.

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drunk aussies

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i've seen uglier people
you can make the case for a perfect 10/10 girl that they aren't human also

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to be honest, if niggers are the "pure" form of Homo sapiens sapiens, then i'd rather be a neanderthal thanks

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>to be honest, if niggers are the "pure" form of Homo sapiens sapiens

they aren't. dogs didn't evolve from recent wolves either. both dogs and wolves evolved from a common ancestor, the direwolf. the direwolf underwent a process of cladogenesis, it split into two groups: the one that would become the grey wolf and the one(s) that would becom the dog(s). the grey wolf ancestor underwent anagenesis into the modern wolf while the dog ancestor was bred into the various dogs. meaning dogs and wolves share a common ancestor but dogs did not evolve from wolves. similar situation applies to europeans and sub saharan africans. while modern recent africans and europeans share a common ancestor, modern europeans did not evolve from recent africans.

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The myrtle warbler and the Audubon's warbler interbreed and produce fertile offspring.They also look much more similar than an african and a white person

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those are the nipples of a woman

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But anon... they have.
I am given to understand there are various points of divergence with homo sapiens - while we can all interbreed that there are species of finch with less differences than there are subgroups of humans surprises me.

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True, disney forced them off and just made up the crackpot ecology to explain it lmfao. One of the lemmings from that shot was actually a specimen in the labs at my uni, cracked me up seeing it credited to "disney co" on the tag

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Yeah, they are human. They're a fuckugly human, but they're a human all the same

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Race is real, he didn't deny that you retard. He also didn't say anything to indicate that he was a liberal.

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I wish the whole thread was like this

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Ashkenazi Jews. These creatures have the highest average iq in the world "calculated to be from a range of 110–115". Einstein was an Ashkenazi jew.

Copied from Wikipedia: " 27% of United States Nobel prize winners in the 20th century,[125] a quarter of Fields Medal winners,[126] 25% of ACM Turing Award winners,[125] half the world's chess champions,[125] including 8% of the top 100 world chess players,[127] and a quarter of Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners[126] have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. In addition, their large snouts (commonly confused with a nose) allows them to sniff out any unspent coins or newborn babies."

In short, Ashkenazi Jews are a breed of futuristic super humans (homo wallet snatcher) that were a major threat to the world in the 1930s. There have been attempts to stop their spread since then, but all attempts have failed so far.

Now, Ashkenazi Jews run the world's governments and corporations, shepherding us normal humans like mules and eventually will sacrifice every last on of us to their Jew god. They are lead by their Jew king Zuckerberg, who currently resides in Jerusalem.

My high school was completely overrun by Jewish administration. There, no one listened to me when I warned of their spread. Hopefully /sci/ has reasonable people who will take heed of this warning.

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>the jew IQ myth

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That may very well be the case, but as I previously cited from wikipedia (you can trace the sources yourself if you'd like)

" 27% of United States Nobel prize winners in the 20th century,[125] a quarter of Fields Medal winners,[126] 25% of ACM Turing Award winners,[125] half the world's chess champions,[125] including 8% of the top 100 world chess players,[127] and a quarter of Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners[126] have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. In addition, their large snouts (commonly confused with a nose) allows them to sniff out any unspent coins or newborn babies."

So even if Ashkenazi Jew intelligence is overestimated, the above statistics still points at an unnatural intelligence among these Jews. Moreover, although Jews were outperformed by the Nordics in the early 20th century, it should be noted that "It is interesting to note that although Jews have a significant number of genes in common, resulting in a general resemblance between Jews of any kind, Ashkenazi Jews have a substantial number of Nordic genes, captured from Nordics during the Jews' stay in Aryan society. Right across Europe, and also here in the United Sates, it is common to see successful Ashkenazi Jew with fair hair and blue eyes, the George Soros type." Thus, by combining their already vastly superior intelligence with those of the Nordic ethnicities during the mid 20th century, the Ashkenazi Jew clearly evolved into something well beyond our society's control. Moreover, through natural selection during the holocaust, the Ashkenazi Jew became more elusive and able than ever before.

Tell me again how the Ashkenazi Jew species is not currently one of the five biggest threats to human existence?

>This Nordicization of the Jew was noticed by Francis Parker Yockey, "Imperium", (The Noontide Press, Costa Mesa, 1991), p.418 where he says that the 20th century has seen "the primacy of the spiritual in race-formation." (p.418)

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While phrenology is obviously a pseudoscience, you can easily see how it began

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No denying jews are a plague upon this earth, but IQ is not really the reason, they are average people propped by nepotism, taboo of being criticized, and lack of morals.

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just watch some niggers, OP

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Liberalism is directly derived from Christianity.

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They have admixture from an unknown hominid. They are not pure, look at that variety in Africa, that alone should be a proof.

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Those subspecies refuse to breed with one another naturally thus are considered subspecies.

On the other hand, most humans (living out of your delusional /pol/ fantasy) are perfectly fine with interracial marriage thus destroying the need to categorize humans in subspecies.

That aside, categorizing humans of any race would be rightfully unethical in this century. Taxonomy in biology is also really flawed but there's nothing I can do about that.

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wud berry

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Let's ignore the facts because we are scared of them kek

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is there something sexual behind this? I'm skeptical.

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I'm a brainlet. Can anyone explain what these mean and their significance?

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