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Why is every planet but earth so fucking useless?

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because God made earth special

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It's largely thanks to Jupiter that Earth exists where it is and is largely safe from asteroids.
Now apologize.

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Why is every planet but Earth and Jupiter so fucking useless?

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because most elements on their own aren't really all that exciting and don't do much

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what makes you think earth isn't as useless in the grand scheme of things? for all we know, we're just as desolate as mars or mercury to some higher order life.

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well i think you can objectively say earth is more interesting than most other planets.

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He is not objective. To deny the uniqueness of Earth means his brain has been twisted by the Marxist cancers that erode our institutions of academia.

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only from the immediate visual perspective of life
there's some cool shit elsewhere if you bother to study

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i suppose you have a point. apart from life though, earth also has very complex weather patterns, plus a lot of varying geography, and shittons of surface water. so i think those things plus life make it a very interesting planet.

that's not to say there aren't other interesting planets that don't have any life, just that earth is probably one of the most interesting.

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There could be some interesting shit on Venus. Also some of the moons.

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Mars is a good propaganda tool.

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You mean the "we can totally go to Mars, technology is cool, don't worry about the future guys!" propaganda?

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Assuming life on earth arose through abiogenesis, it's possible that such a natural occurrence is extremely rare, a statistical improbability, and that life evolving intelligence is even rarer

It's estimated that there are 100 billion planets in the Milky Way, but it would not surprise me at all if the planets with intelligent life only number in the tens or hundreds, and are so far apart that lifeforms from different planets never come into contact with each other

Not that this speculation means much, since we only have a sample size of 1 inhabited planet at the moment

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The universe wasn't designed for you.

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If we are talking about uniqueness then all of the planets in our solar system get a pass.
>b-but they dont have liquid water and life
Are those necessary to be unique?

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Life is a fluke. Advanced consciousness is a short period of time that will be gone sooner than it came.

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Because Mars got cucked by Jupiter out of its fair share of the protoplanetary disc, and wound up way smaller than it should have been. As for Venus, it was a good planet with a lot of potential that just grew up in a bad environment.

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>Life emerged after approximately 9 billion years
>Humans haven't even been around for 65 million years
>"Humans will be gone sooner than they came"
This isn't as deep or complex of a thought as you think it is.

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if there are no ayyy lmaos should we send our life-seed to habitable planets and let it evolve on its own or should we place humans there

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Its our duty as humanity to kick those 4th dimensional aliens butts.
Or fuck it.

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we are the elder race, the first alien species.
in 10 billion years some distant species will use our stargates while we are long dead.

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>in 10 billion years some distant species will watch our stargates while we are long dead.

Only then will SG:U get the respect it deserves.

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No reason you couldn't encourage panspermia while also colonizing planets.

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That's a new brand of astrology. People of old used to project their characteristics on the planets and stars, but "uselessness" was not one them.

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Stop posting pics of my slave.

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>This whole post
Fucking brilliant. Excellent trips

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Furst one nen da udder

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The first and only response to this thread should have been: evolution.

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>>9829949 #
>>9830151 #
Furst one nen da udder

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That pic is so hot. I want to yank her chain, pull her by the hair, tear those stocking to shred and gently cum inside her while I'm choking her with the chain.

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Someone better have sauce on that semen demon.

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Was thinking about this, is there anyway we could start doing that with current level technology?

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Many tide pools are wildly interesting. Indeed, they may be the origin of life itself. That doesn't change how ambivalent humans are about the gradual but unceasing annihilation of all tidepools' life in this Sixth Extinction.

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I don't want to know anything about the creepy implication that this girl is so rare the most probable likelihood is I am being tracked and this thread is full of robots, a thread created as an elaborate phishing attempt.

This is mostly safe for work unless you click anywhere at all. You need a Right-to-Click extension to save the pictures. You should do that. You will never see this again.

Fack. I can't paste the link. Try erome.com, then a slash, then an a, then another slash, then LrBnBAcv.

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Damnit, why does Android never upload the image I ask for... oh gods of banhammer, have mercy on me, I never even come to /sci/ it was just a once a year mistake....

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Theres potentially more forms of life other thanks carbon based. Other planets are useless to us because this planet is perfect for us due to evolution. Dont be a nigger, use your mind

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Please stay on topic.

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