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does square root have any applications in real life?

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Ancient Greeks didn't know square roots and after they came into certain point in maths, they couldn't go any further

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Yes. A thread died for this?

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what are these

no applications though

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Concept of having number "zero" also doesn't have any application in life (you don't need anything to represent nothing), but it was crucial for science to have a zero

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so it's crucial for purely theoritical science and doesn't have any applications
I knew it

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You have a square wheat field of 500,000 square meters. How long is each side of the field?
You fall out of an airplane at 20,000 feet above the surface of the Earth. Neglecting air resistance, how fast will you be traveling when you hit the ground? Alternatively, once you clear the plane, how many seconds do you have to live?

See! Important practical questions. As the ground gets closer you'll realize how foolish you were to neglect studying math.

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Generally speaking, math as basic as the square root is mostly useful as a foundation for the really useful stuff

That and distances. Square roots are integral to finding distances when you can't directly measure them

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What do you mean by "real life"?
I'm sure some people have a life that requires utilizing square roots while others do not.

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square roots define length in euclidean space and there so many countless formulae that involve them. you can delete this thread now, OP.

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pythagoras theorem

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What the actual fuck does this thread has to do in here? GTFO OP and learn some elementary school math.

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>Does *elementary operation* have any application in real life

Brainlets like OP with a mental horizon of radius zero are the reason why textbooks are loaded with contrived word problems designed to make you feel like you're not actually doing mathematics.

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Square root of 69 is 8 something right? Cuz I been tryna work it out.

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>any applications in real life
In the real life of smart students, yes.
In yours, no.

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even dumb people use square roots

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yes because when i'm falling out of an airplane i would be solving a quadratic equation

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When you get out of highschool and go into construction you will use it quite a bit. Well, your manager will at least

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apparently not, see

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0 allows decimals and multiples of 10. Both are important for even the most basic money stuff

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Well, if you neglect air resistance your body is approximately following the path of a parabola as you fall out of the plane.

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Only if your notation is positional. Location numerals and their recipricals can describe every real number except 0

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None what so ever. Don't let degenerate mathophiles tell you otherwise.

Not needed. It is an industry myth to keep the manager in a higher pay bracket.

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and if we dont neglect air resistance

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you need square root to find the speed of light. after you divided the energy by the mass.

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How /sci/ has fallen...

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No. 0 makes multiplying/dividing by 10 easier and more practical, but having zero is not crucial to make this operation. In Romanic notation, X*X=C, and X/X=I, everything works here

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his manager won't

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Are you 12?

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>/sci/ is a single butthurt elementary schooler

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I used >>9803826 in Minecraft to find the right number of blocks diagonally to create the same distance as a certain number of blocks in a straight direction.

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