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I Need To Make The Perfect Sub Edition

Here we discuss everything engineering related.
Complain about the job market, your undergrad studies, how much you love/hate your current job, future projects, your shitty GPA etc...

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Should I go into machine learning/artificial intelligence or telecommunications, bros? Both are specialities in my department (EE). I'm interested in image processing, biomedical imaging and biometrics, but telecoms have cool projects like this satellite they're building and joining that would look dope in my resume.

Power sounds kinda boring desu.

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I hate pneumatic mechanisms so much, it's LITERALLY cheating

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Is it worth it career-wise to get valedictorian if you can? Idk if I care enough

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>complaining that something useful is easy

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Focus on an internship instead.

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Whats the difference between medical engineering and specialising in medical engineering in physics?

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What do you guys think about ChemE?

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Should I leave my comfortable job and return to school to earn a master's degree?

It's something I'd like to do, but I don't know if it is justifiable in the sense of career earnings. It would be cool to have a higher-end job, too.

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It appears that you have submitted your thread to an incorrect board! Only math and science content is allowed here.

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Lifetime earnings are higher with a masters, and even higher with a phd in engineering. I would do it if I were you, especially if you want one anyways

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Would you not work during your time in school? Using whatever savings you had to survive? Any anosn ever work and go to grad school at the same time? How long and hard was it to do both?

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>remember little anon, if you study a really hard subject then you will always be guaranteed a good job
>study mechanical engineering because it's really really hard
>browsing through job listings
>entry level: 5+ years experience required
>extended hours and weekends required
>must be okay with working in a stressful work environment
>$18-$25 an hour depending on experience
>job responsibilities: stupid bullshit a high schooler could do
W-where's the undo button?

Also, inb4
>hurr my subfield of engineering was slightly more challenging!
That's the other thing about engineering: it attracts people with hypercompetitive personality disorders who are so busy measuring how their dick is 1/64" longer than everyone else's that they don't even realize how utterly fucked the job market is for all branches of engineering. It doesn't matter if you're chemE, EE, aero, or nuke, the prospects are all really really bad and everyone is too insecure to admit it.

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What do you suggest then Mr. Know-it-all? Engineering has better job outlook than science fields. Don't tell me you are suggesting *gulp* Computer science? Ewwww.......

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I'm not an ME but can you explain what makes it so easy?

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there is plenty of AI and CV projects for satellites

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I fucking hate these tech normies that only get into the field to become “ethical hackers” because they saw some shitty gay tv show where someone smashed their face on a keyboard and took down a government.

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You can only warn these idiots so many times.

Yes, it's possible to find a good job with an engineering degree, but it's not the job magnet you think it is.

Every year it's getting harder to find a job because there are more engineering graduates and more immigrants.

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Business, bitch. Effortless classes and at least 40k starting doing monkey work with weekends off. I hope you enjoy sitting and drinking coffee.

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At least in CS you won't be making literally about as much as if you were flipping burgers with your four year engineering degree.

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some serious fagposting. Go into physics. Shit makes a ton.

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>Go into physics. Shit makes a ton.
That's even worse than engineering. In terms of employability, physics is to engineering as engineering is to CS.

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lol you're fucking retarded. almost every industry loves physics majors.

physics majors even get employed at wall street where they make a lot more money than your dumbass

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lol you fucking serious? Physics has probably the most broad job-field options of any sci major.

http://www.physics.org/careers.asp?contentid=381 Have fucking fun

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The fact that you're still referring to them as "majors" tells me you haven't actually entered the job market yet.

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Actually I have. I'm an academic advisor at a well-known university.

I see which students find good jobs and which don't. The employment rate of engineering majors is going down every year.

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I'm just gonna assume you live in America. Am I right?

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So basically get a Math/Physics/Engineering degree and just apply for a finance job. Ok then.

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>thinking you will get hired for jobs you're not qualified for just because you have a superiority complex

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>asking /sci/, a board full of guys who are the Van Wilders of 4chan who only know academia/college for job opportunities
Reddit is a better place than here.

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>math/physics/engineering majors are better at math and optimization than business/finance majors
>mr. noseberg wants an anon who can save/make the company shekels through optimization
I mean why wouldn't you hire a STEM major who took a few side finance or business classes instead of some business major brainlet?

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physics majors can do that but most engineering majors are too stupid for that.

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Engineering according to Berkeley is better than science in terms of jobs. Can't say about specifics on physics though.

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>engineering majors are too stupid for it despite most engineering majors routinely go for an MBA after undergrad
Stop with the /sci/ bullshit and think without bias. To finance/business employers, all 3 majors are considered equally proficient in math.

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>all 3 majors are considered equally proficient in math

I doubt it. Most employers recognize that the math and problem solving skills of physics majors is far superior to that of engineering majors.

Engineers are the retards of STEM.

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>Can't say about specifics on physics though.


Also, Berkeley is known for its engineering program. Employers actively recruit Berkeley engineering graduates.

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I actually met an electrical engineer who didn't know that electrons move the opposite direction of conventional current.

Engineers are that fucking retarded. Unlike engineering majors, physics majors actually understand what's going on.

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Physicists have absolutely no idea how computers work and actual physicits (not /sci/ shitposters) will easily admit this

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Yeah whatever. I'm too busy to respond to your dumb shit.

I'm working with tensors right now and I need to focus on that. Oh wait, you don't know what those are since you're a retarded ECE major. That kind of math is too advanced for you.

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>I'm an academic advisor at a well-known university.
My LARP-o-meter is going off the charts.

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And yet you responded. Guess I touched a nerve. I know what tensors are and I'm not a "major". I have completed my education unlike you, pleb. I'm glad the physicists I work with in real life aren't retards like the ones on /sci/

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I work full-time while working on my Master's in AE. Ezpz, plus my employer pays my tuition

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I have 10 annual classes this year, and next semester i will be taking 2 extra (6 month) classes (circuit design and real analysis), pray for me bros, its gonna be hard.

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Wow this board is incredibly cancerous.

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I don't know whether to do comp sci since I'm a mediocre programmer from HS experience or just to do pharmacy I know I can get into but an extra two years of school and being stuck behind a counter counting pills and dealing with customers.

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why the fuck are you asking this in the engineering general

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CS. Programming is easy as fuck and you can get a comfy job working from home. Also is one of the stem fields with the most jobs

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Just do pharmacy, man. Guaranteed 6 figs anywhere you want, and no risk of getting your job outsourced to India

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not science or math

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>air goes in air goes out lmao

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pharmacy is a better route by far

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Nice, this one is going in my cringe compilation.

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I mean you could do this or just be the best graduate student.

>Be me
>appointment as a grad assistant doing curriculum development for an honors engineering program (under my advisor)
>Additional quarter time appointment with him doing research that came with a fellowship that has extra money
>potentially getting another quarter time research position if any of the 5 proposals we put out recently come back positive
>Plus that 1/16 Native American incentive money

Getting paid $4000/month after taxes but if I go full time it'll be $5200 with an additional ~20k this year and 23k after I qualify from incentive grants. Pretty comfy. Prof only expects 30-40 hours of work and gave me three undergrads. Can come in hungover or skip days every once in a while as long as work gets done. I also did 3 years of free labor at the same intensity as an undergrad for him though.

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not science or math

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>>9799985 here
Both have poor outcomes for jobs?

If you want to do medical device/implant design be a Mech E. I got my undergrad in Biomedical engineering. Unless this is some top in the world program you'll be better suited to work at Stryker/Depuys Synthes/Zimmer Biomet or something similar as a Mech E not a medical engineer. Engineering is more about the math than the biology, and good engineers can learn the relevant biology in 3 weeks or less with google and a clinical anatomy course from athletic trainers.

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Any interesting things an EE can do in biology/healthcare?

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Anyone else here in upper division and realising that life isn't worth living after early adulthood?

How do people do it? Learn so much and you're not even going to get a good job and you're going to give up what little is left of your soul working most weeks of every year for the rest of your life.

I'm so tired.

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you're not allowed to be full time as a student. you're capped at 67%, at least that's how it is at my school.

regular TA or RA appointment is 50%, and if you get into some sort of deal, as you have, then you can get that bump to 67%

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>even higher with a phd in engineering
source for this? i can see it being true for computer engineering, maybe, not certainly not most engineering fields.

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Return to Christ

>> No.9800382

>i can see it being true for computer engineering
why do you say that? just curious as to your perception since i have phd in compE

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>He doesn't have profs who are the millionaires at the head of their field and make him depressed as fuck by comparing his shitty life to theirs

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My EE internship sucked. Most of the time I was doing boring shit like putting test data in excel or talking to manufacturers on the phone about a specific part I needed to order.

Which subfield in EE should I concentrate in so that my work is more theoretical and mathematical?

>> No.9800391

because you can then become employed in either data science or software engineering, which seem to be the main places where an engineering/math/science phd seems to be in high demand.

meanwhile, i have a phd in mechanical engineering and no one gives a fuck because my work was experimental.

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Yeah in that case an additional job is probably needed to have enough money to save/raise a family.
I'm at a top 5 university for engineering where they let us get full time. Salary cap is $68,000+tuition/fees waived without additional approval from the Dean of the graduate school.

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why the fuck would i want to do data science? fuck that gay shit. i'm a compE and that's what I want to do. i have plenty of people interested in my work.

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Is this code for kys?

>> No.9800403

Yes. Implanted devices that record data. Also imaging tech is developed by EEs. Basically Materials/EE/MechEs are the best degrees. Then just apply your knowledge to biological problems.

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is it a private university since you don't seem to want to name it? i was at a state college so that might be the reason for restrictions. the 67% cap is for the university pay. i was earning 2.4k from the university and for my last semester of phd i was working part time earning an additional 2k/month.

>> No.9800421

Nope I'm at a state college in a cornfield. COL is super low. They just also don't want the school to pay students more than 68k or 74k for lecturer positions. I actually read the manual today.

You're also allowed to work for your advisor/coadvisor at a start up too because they're pushing start ups right now too. Gets some of the students over 100k/yr but that's like <25 students out of the college of engineering.

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From what I gather, internships are kinda wack and you should use them to make connections in hopes you can land an actual job there once you're done with school and they will probably move you to more important stuff.

>> No.9800427

so you're at UIUC then? i'm was at UIC.

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the contrast is funny though, because at my school they nickle and dime the fuck out of students. almost everyone is just getting paid 50%, i.e. 25k, while living in chicago which has a high cost of living. it wasn't until recently that they dropped the tuition differential for phd students in engineering, which was about 3k you had to pay on top of the 2k you have to pay in fees.

of course, that's the consequence of going to a shitty school.

>> No.9800450

Yeah we only pay ~3k in fees per year if you don't have a fellowship to cover the differential, nobody pays tuition. Some students only get $20k per year as a stipend though. A single person can have a comfortable living for $18k in the area though.

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pretty much all the students at UIC are indian/chinese/iranian so the departments/professors know they can exploit them since they won't risk getting kicked out of the country. i imagine purdue has far more US citizens in the student body, so they can just say fuck it and go to a different school at any time, or even just enter the industry.

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Yup pretty much true. One of my friends is going to be making 100k+ stock from a start up that's successful if a deal goes through. Plan is to hit that salary cap for 3 more years + grants + start up funds to try and break 130k by my last year of my PhD. It's pretty ridiculous but if you game the system and have a prof that likes you and has funding for it students can profit immensely, especially if they live like they're poor grad students and don't tell people about the money.

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Wow this one specific school known for its highly ranked engineering program has a high job placement rate for its engineers. Surely this is evidence that engineering is better for job placement than anything else everywhere.

>> No.9800714

basically is unless you go to some shit engineering school

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First semester SGPA was okay.
Second semester exams just over on Friday.
What do with my life?
Pursuing computer science.
Have no clue what to go for.
Live in India, so don't give that "You can do whatever you want and get a job in it" shit to me.

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Yea the MedE masters program in physics seems like shit since half of it is biomed

>> No.9800784

Unless you like mathematical theory, expect to be a code monkey. If you do like theory, aim to get a masters or PhD in the US.

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One month and 100 applications in, but still no job. H-how much longer?

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Where in India, anon?

>> No.9801052

How many times does this need to be explained? If you're a white male, you NEED 14 patents, 7 research projects, 4 student council/leadership positions, and 4 summer internships to even be considered for an entry level position anywhere.

>> No.9801145

Should I study Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics?

>> No.9801156

I start my Year in Industry tomorrow, at a major aerospace company. I'm a mechanical engineer student in the UK, just finished my second year. I'll be working until September 2019, and will make enough to pay off my tuition fees and have some savings too.

I interned at the company last summer, and apparently made a good enough impression that I didn't need to interview or send my CV, only an updated reference.

The thing is, I'm worried that they're going to expect more than I'm capable of. Mechanism design, MATLAB, MSC, compressible gas systems, mechanical assembly design, stress analysis, engineering management, presenting, FEA, fluid dynamics, and other things besides.

I've been trying to learn MATLAB, but I'm worried that they're going to see me as out of my depth. And I really want to make a good impression, because they sponsor outstanding students for the remainder of their degree, which I could really use. Anyone got any guidance?

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>> No.9801206

I just started a new job this week. Is project construction engineering actual engineering? I feel like I want to move into structural design, but I also sort of want some field experience.

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Don't worry about it, no obe expects much from interns
>be me, working for Airbus
>get some FEM loads, apply them to my FEM, start looking at stresses
>notice that stresses for one particular load case is pretty different from the previous iteration
>plot deformations for the whole FEM to see what's up
>it's bending in the opposite direction it should be
>in typical Airbus fashion, have to argue back and forth on whose fault it is for a week
>double and triple check that I didn't screw up the Nastran inputs (no problems)
>eventually get a new set of loads and an explanation - the intern assigned to make the loads didn't know which strut was supposed to be foreshortened for that load case, so he just picked one and rolled with it
TL;DR if you don't know something or aren't clear on something, just ask, even if you think it makes you look dumb. From what I've seen, the mark of an expert engineer is not knowing everything, but rather having a very good understanding of what you do know and don't know

And don't forget to have fun

>> No.9801314

y u no? c'mon u can get a job at RiverReaperFestival Preschool teaching special relativistic chemistry
d pay is gud

>> No.9801318

but really tho the natural science field is so desperate for people that https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Integrated%20Physics%20Chemistry&start=10&vjk=1793e64dbcbdd880
will take an economist

>> No.9801331

Is latex necessary for engineering degrees and if so what year does it become relevant

>> No.9801344

every year, unless you're doing a double major in engineering physics and materials science you're not to reproduce

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>> No.9801565

>Send in faceless resume with a normal name that could be from any race

>> No.9801704

If you don't have social media, you're not getting hired, period

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>This much work just to make the same money as a machinist with an AAS, if not less
Lol what? Why bother? Is there something in the extra 2 years and going to Uni my wimpy gearhead brain is missing?

>> No.9801749

Nope, it literally isn't worth it, especially if you can get a security clearance. Aoyboys are just too scared of being near big, loud machines and of disappointing mommy for not getting a """respectable""" engineering job

>> No.9801779

The only social media you need is linkedin.

>> No.9801788

>>Send in faceless resume with a normal name that could be from any race
Literally every fortune 500 company asks you for your race. At least in US. It's probably a law.

>> No.9801795

Which would be enough to tell your race

>> No.9801805

Doesn't matter if you don't have a linkedin because you don't just email your resume. You fill out an application where you're asked about your race. At least for major corps.

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Shit like this just further proves /sci/ is just as much a cancer as any other board on 4chan. Being white is a positive for employment especially in the moderately conservative and male culture of engineering. Firms do not want to hire some snowflake who is gonna cause a shitstorm. No one should take advice from /sci/ period because more than naught it's the complete opposite of what is true.


>> No.9801830

>Shit like this just further proves /sci/ is just as much a cancer as any other board on 4chan.
Fuck off with your lefitst taqiyya. Stop blatantly lying to naive young people.

HR departments will absolutely throw out your application as a white male if you're not in the top 5% of applicants.

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Now compare engineers to the math and physic majors.

>> No.9801839

Btw those are all boomers. White male grads are the Anons you see writing posts about sending 100+ applications and getting 0 interviews.

>> No.9801844

companies literally get tax breaks/benefits for hiring "minorities," i.e. shitskins, you retarded faggot. the worst part is that the US definition of minority is so ass backwards that a multimillionaire spic born in the US will be considered a minority, but a penniless immigrant from europe whose native language isn't english will not be considered a minority.

>> No.9801846

>someone who works for a living
>someone who depends on/begs the US government to support them

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Engineering is one of the most whitest and male professions in the US. Now if you are black and want to work as an engineer that is a worry because there are so few in it. Of all the STEM professions, engineering is the safest from the sjw bug because it's extremely capitalistic and nothing is ran on feels.

>> No.9801853

>Engineering is one of the most whitest and male professions in the US.
Because it's largely staffed by Boomers who won't retire.

You can tell this guy is full of shit because he had an entire slideshow and song and dance prepared as disinformation in case any young white males ever dared to call into question big corporations modern hiring practices.

>> No.9801859

You sound like a shitskin engie student trying to convince yourself of your lies or trying to get rid of the competition for jobs. That or you are just an Australian being Australian.

>> No.9801866

You're literally retarded.

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>> No.9801876

i work at a non-profit. this matters because government grants provide most of the funding, so winning brownie points with the government in any way you can is a plus. everyone in engineering is either white or asian. most of the engineers are either in their 20s or 40s, and all the boomers are planning to retire within the next couple of years.

whereas i'm sure you're a broke dick undergrad that hasn't had as much as an internship.

>> No.9801931

How Pajeet are you out of 10

>> No.9801935

You reek of curry.

>> No.9801937

In my graduating class of 45 mechanical engineers, there were five women. Upon graduating, only five people were able to find jobs. Want to guess who was who?

>> No.9801946

If I was I wouldn't be shitposting in a /sci/ thread lameting how I get cucked out of getting hired because I was unfortunate enough to be born a white male in le current year.

I certainly wouldnt be working at a nonprofit that gets government grants (and hires mostly minorities)

>> No.9801951

Wow shitlord didn't you see his WaPo infographs? Checkmate, bigot.

Seriously tho, leftists love to fucking attack you if you dare call out hiring practices. It's insane.

>> No.9801959

when i said asian i meant real asian, not the britcuck definition of asian which includes sand and curry niggers.

>> No.9801963

If you're a black engineer you should actually feel good because you know your competition from other Jamal's is so low that any company will be willing to hire you so they get brownie points.
You need to learn to play the game.

Now you can cry all you want and call me tyrone or whatever, which I am not, but compare this to asians, another minority. A lot of asians also go into STEM fields and I wouldn't be suprised if it's as much as white people . An asian applicant has to do the same amount of work as John because of how much competition from his race he has to do and his no longer a token minority.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

>> No.9801964

Physics fag here again
How does materials research in physics differ from materials in engineering

>> No.9802077

>be /engi/ master race graduate
>no internships
>2.6 gpa
>68k starting out of school cause not an autist

>> No.9802084

you forgot
>daddy got me a job

>> No.9802087


>> No.9802159

Anyone know a good VHDL book? Most of the undergrad ones I see are also digital logic books and I already know a good 70% of the material they cover, and the ones that don't cover digital fundamentals are fucking tomes.

>> No.9802161

>inb4 you get fired for doing C-level work

>> No.9802193

They got jobs in HR, impressive :^)

>> No.9802211

Nope, they were actual engineering jobs at big companies. Though two of them went straight into engineering management, so they're being paid more than you to be your boss and order you around.

>> No.9802236

>Though two of them went straight into engineering management
how in the fuck does this actually happen? you're supposed to have at least 5 years of experience before they consider your for lead/management roles.

>> No.9802238

Califag? Networking? Kinda hard to land a job without an internship, regardless of how hard people jerk over their gpa.

>> No.9802243

Not him, but a (female) classmate of mine went into management after two years. I know another girl that went into management right out of college, but over oil rig workers, not engineers. If you're a girl who can communicate effectively, you're a shoe-in for management. I don't really like that, but at least they're being put someplace where they can't endanger the public

>> No.9802291

Dubs of truth. This general continues to be full of whiny cardboard league shitters who can’t hold their spaghetti through an interview.

>> No.9802367

How old are you?

>> No.9802372

I’m a millennial

>> No.9802377


>> No.9802394

Close enough

>> No.9802430

Where are you at boomer? Come fite me irl.

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>> No.9802453


You won't find a job in EE. At least it will be difficult. The industry is oversatured. Do Mechatronics.

>> No.9802460

I live on the west coast and work for a tech company. I like long walks on the beach and I don’t kiss on the first date. What else do you want to know shitter?

>> No.9802528

Do you work for Amazon?

>> No.9802530

I work for a tech company :^)

>> No.9802539

Would it be possible to buy minature jet engines and construct a jetpack a la Buzz Lightyear? I'm not particularly interested in an entire suit (that's just more weight).

I'm a mathematician more than I'm an engineer, but on paper it seems possible if the engines/thrusters (or maybe the wing structure itself) can rotate (between upward and forward orientations).

>> No.9802543

I think I remember him saying he works for Intel or anotther semiconductor company.

>> No.9802550

How come engineering majors in most universities are not required to take a class on PDEs?

Don't a lot of concepts in engineering use PDEs? Fluid mechanics, electromagnetism, semiconductors, etc.?

>> No.9802551


>> No.9802560

You're expected to be able to pick it up as you go.

>> No.9802563

San Diego?

>> No.9802621

Any transportation engineers on here? That's real engineering, r-right?
Based transportation planners. Another profession of almost exclusively white males.

>> No.9802631

Why would you think that?

>> No.9802674


>> No.9802788

I was recruited through a technical recruiting office for a fortune 500 company located east coast. Enthusiastic phone screen led to an in person interview.

>> No.9802887
File: 45 KB, 526x526, 1414379090708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got memed into engineering
>worried that if I get a master's in CS that will become a meme too by the time I graduate
send help

>> No.9802891


Are PDEs easy to pick up once you're comfortable with ODEs?

>> No.9802897

You never ever, ever do PDE's by hand. They'll probably introduce you to the finite difference method in your heat transfer class, and maybe also the finite element method in its own course.

>> No.9802903

lmao that cheerleader definitely offed herself after that one

>> No.9802923


Are those same methods used by physicists and EEs when they us Maxwell's equations or the Schrodinger equation?

>> No.9802932 [DELETED] 
File: 175 KB, 500x353, 1396479576516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

might join her desu

>> No.9802941
File: 175 KB, 500x353, 1396479576516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

might join her desu

>> No.9802947

OP pic just made me look up the old song Chocolate Rain

>> No.9802982

Pretty sure it can be applied to any continuous and/or conserved property.

>> No.9803235

>Aerospace engineering major, finished sophomore year
>Kinda just going through the motions, no career experience or internship or doing anything amazing
Am I fucked as far as jobs go? I managed straight As thus far but nothing in industry. I got turned down left right and center on my online internship applications.
Do I have to become a charismatic chad?

>> No.9803277

the company i work at is kind of shitty and doesn't attract top talent by any means. we have a website that lists all the new hires including new interns. literally all the interns we got are from top 15, maybe 20, schools.

>> No.9803303

You have next summer, some companies also offer fall internships which you have to apply for now and then some for spring. Use job search websites like indeed to get an idea what they ask for.

>> No.9803314
File: 271 KB, 638x426, STEMgirl3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9803386


>> No.9803452
File: 304 KB, 423x533, 11bc9921dceefa5d18f3e6b44b2f6de17b164d06e25357da1e38535edcab60dd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>IC is rated for 5.6A
>put in 0.5A without heat dissipation elements

>> No.9803671

everything is so hopeless.

>> No.9803870

Paint your skin black.

>> No.9803881
File: 73 KB, 706x706, 1526593973527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heh, I remember back when I was applying for internships at a career fair and they went as far as to tell me not to apply again.

>> No.9803975

any process engineers at fabs in the states here?

>> No.9803984

at least code monkeying is still viable...

>> No.9804157

>uuuugh ngineers stoopeed

>> No.9804307

What if I hate the game for flooding itself with millions of new players? And I hate the new players for flooding by the millions into the game?

>> No.9804419

Let's be honest: the oversupply of engineers is because of FIRST robotics, isn't it?

>> No.9804452

hard program. very fulfilling if you can solve your way through the problems.

i got a b.s from UIUC (pretty good engineering school). my first job paid 60k (engineering consulting). Then the work culture started to get toxic and i began looking. Now i make 75k (22 w 10 months work experience not counting internships).

work hard bro there are many things a chemE degree can do.

also 1 thing no one will tell you: chemical plants are in the middle of fucking nowhere

>> No.9805458

Is baby rudin any good for engineers?

>> No.9806233

This really sounds like bullshit. I just graduted and virtually everyone in my mechanical engineering class has a job upon leaving. There were two blacks, one asian, and one hispanic. And 5 girls.
This is out of 48.
Something is seriously fucking wrong with your school if only 5 out of 45 have jobs upon graduating. Unless you're like a biomedical engineering major or something lol.

>> No.9806579

How hard is for a foreigner to get into a Master program in a good Chinese university? Say, in the University of Hong Kong or in Tsinghua University?

I'm a EE undergrad from a South American country and a Master program in China would be my second option after the USA. I already know English. Will I be fucked if I don't learn Chinese right?

>> No.9806707

>Making hazardous chemical
>Plant in the middle of Los Angeles
>Plant blows up
>fugggggggggggg :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>> No.9806885

>Will I be fucked if I don't learn Chinese right?
Yes lmao, also being a chink grad student is slave-tier

>> No.9807352

Is going into a Master program after working im industry for some years a good idea? Do universities value job experience? Or is it better to get straight into it after graduating?

>> No.9808257

same goes for the US since chinks flooded grad schools and professors got used to students acting like slaves.

>> No.9808261

if you have a job lined up don't go to grad school. simple as that. if your job offers to pay for a masters then go for it.

>> No.9808316

Ok, but my question is:

Is job experience advantageous or disadvantageous when applying for a Master program in a top university?

Say for example, that A is 23 years old, just graduated, no job experience except for two internships, but otherwise an excellent candidate (top of the class, did undergrad research and projects). And B is 28 years old, 5 years of job experience, good GPA and a few undergrad projects.

Who is more likely to be accepted in a top university engineering Masters program, A or B?

>> No.9808323

they literally do not give a shit for a coursework only masters. if your GPA is abysmal they might reject you then, but otherwise if you're willing to pay they're willing to take you on.

>> No.9808366

>have an F on transcript for an UPPER DIV COURSE in EE since I fucked up and my parts got delayed for my final project
>retook it this quarter and got an A, F replaced but still on gpa
>upper div gpa is a 3.87, 3.82 if rounding the A and F to a C

how fucked am I for grad school lads
that F is real stinky and I have two Cs on my 4 year transcript, plus shit CC grades.

>> No.9808423

are you a shitskin? a mexican got into my lab with an F and a 3.0 GPA for a phd.

>> No.9808447

yeah actually
but let's just assume i'm a whitey right now
would I be completely fucked, even with my decent gpa and straight As for 3 quarters

it just looks jarring. it's an F surrounded by other As in the same quarter, so I'm worried they might think I plagiarized or something

>> No.9808464

If I published some really amazing research as an undergrad and have really impressive extracurricular projects, but let my GPA slip to a 3.15 because of being too busy, do I have a shot at grad school? Also my GRE scores are really good.

>> No.9808520


>> No.9808582

>but let's just assume i'm a whitey right now
lol there's no point. your standards are insanely low. just by being hispanic or black and having a 3.0 or greater, that literally gives you admission and a full ride scholarship to any US university

>> No.9809251

this. if it was a thesis based masters then they might care.

>> No.9809318

Hey all. I'm from laos.
How does grad school scholarship in USA work? How good of a GPA/GRE do I need to have?

>> No.9809368
File: 56 KB, 512x512, 1523552375836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw am UPS driver and make $23 an hour

>> No.9809381

Can I switch careers into MechE with a degree in CompE, if I pursue a masters?

>> No.9809408


>> No.9809411
File: 77 KB, 380x349, 1528908856271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9809416
File: 380 KB, 579x450, Devi MayCry Boomer Dante.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9809428

nice samefag, retard.

>> No.9809454

>Graduated with a bachelors the other week
>no job offers or even interviews yet
fuck me

>> No.9809776

Can someone help me decide on a discipline? I’m transferring from community to a uni next spring as an EE, but I have yet to decide which electives to pick. Is there anything in this field related to audio, music, or sound? I’ve always been interested in music since I was a musician since K-12 so i thought something related would keep me interested in engineering since I think i’m too deep in STEM to switch to anything else.

>> No.9809782

How do you find a job after graduation if entry level positions require years of experience? Are there even positions that require only a degree?

>> No.9809787

> just by being hispanic or black and having a 3.0 or greater, that literally gives you admission and a full ride scholarship to any US university
god I wish this were true and not /pol/ delusions

t. 3.9 gpa, excellent research, top 10 undergrad, hispanic, and got rejected from top 50s

>> No.9809808
File: 66 KB, 822x544, 1514701683760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't. :^)

>> No.9809822

Alright bros, I'll be applying for a exchange student program and I need to pick an university.
Consider I'm a undergrad in EE. My options so far are:

>University of California (USA)
>Aalto University (Finland)
>Lund University (Sweden)
>KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
>University of Melbourne (Australia)
>University of Sydney (Australia)
>Monash University (Australia)
>University of Auckland (New Zealand)

I guess the UC is the obvious choice. But is it really? I have apply for like 4 universities anyways, and give each of them a priority. Any tips on what to have in mind? World ranking? Interesting courses? I'm from Latin America btw. I'm more inclined for Sweden right now. New Zealand and Australia would be kinda boring because I already know the south hemisphere.

Were you applying for a PhD program or a Master my man?

>> No.9809827

Possession charges?

>> No.9809950


>> No.9809954

Which UC?

I'd pick Sweden but it's hell for manlets.

>> No.9809975

Damn, boy. Why do you think were rejected? Did you have any good extracurricular projects?

>Which UC?
D, I, LA, R, SB, SC or SD.

>It's hell for manlets
I'm 182cm, I'll be okay I guess.

>> No.9809978

I was likely rejected because I'm hispanic, and departments usually favor internationals or Chinese/Koreans since it's a good culture fit

at least according to a former advisor of mine

>> No.9809991

Fuck, I'm hispanic too. Masters programs in Germany or Sweden are less competitive, right? They don't seem too bad.

>> No.9809997 [DELETED] 
File: 476 KB, 1999x1214, resume-comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys give me resume feedback? I'd like to help develop flying taxis.

>> No.9810002
File: 476 KB, 1999x1214, resume-comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys give me resume feedback? I want to work on air taxi related projects.

>> No.9810084
File: 32 KB, 250x191, 1515972100462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We both know you stole the color scheme off my website. Could use some better organization though.

>> No.9810306
File: 85 KB, 837x960, 31460912_224805474941588_4746463934201815665_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Signal processing (EE) or acoustics (ME/CE) would be your best bet. I'd stick with EE, since acoustics problems are basically treated with the same math as electrical circuits

t. stress engineer doing my master's thesis on acoustics just because I'm an enormous faggot that loves music

>> No.9810313

My only suggestion is "kill yourself"

Protip: don't put autistic pictures in your resume and don't make your potential employer waste half of his printer cartridge trying to print off a copy of your resume

>> No.9810315

Dude you can go assemble F-35's at Lockheed in ft. Worth with a mech and little to no experience right now. Why don't you actually try looking for jobs before you talk so much shit?

>> No.9810353

This m80. If you're an intern and you actually add value then you'll already be miles above all the other interns that come through. I sit next to one who asks me questions all the time and I enjoy teaching him because he's engaged and interested. If you fuck up big time because you were too proud to ask then you're trash.

>> No.9810382


>> No.9810459

182 is manlet tier in Sweden.

>> No.9810462

With how much yuro's irtue signal on this board you'd hope so.

>> No.9810504


>Could use some better organization though.

Your entire post was too vague.

>don't make your potential employer waste half of his printer cartridge trying to print off a copy of your resume

It does look better black on white.

>My only suggestion is "kill yourself"

This is a really hostile general. It's the stench of post-pubescent frustration and angst with an undertone of inflated ego. A demographically cloistered version of /adv/. And I had high expectations, too.

>> No.9810562

on a per hour basis, blue collar shit is going to make more than the average engineer does. you do engineering for the perks and quality of life.

>> No.9810567

do they? you asked all 48 people if they have jobs? or it is some shitty statistic that your university collects, but they don't reveal whether the jobs are even major related?

>> No.9810574

>If I published some really amazing research as an undergrad
you won't. "amazing research" takes time and money/resources. writing some 150 line shit script that uses 20 python libraries then hyping it up on your resume like some faggot one or two generals back did does not make "amazing research."

but yes, having a publication will look good.

>> No.9810575

>defended phd 3 weeks ago
>only call back was from some bitch that jerked me around for a position that was already filled
college was a mistake. i thought things would be better after grad school but it's just the same shit as before.

>> No.9810593

If that's what your adviser told you then he's a race baiting retard. You didn't get rejected because you're a spic, you got rejected because top researchers don't like to waste their time on masters students. The research you would do will be rushed and may very well not even result in a publication. If you want to be a thesis masters student then you need to apply for a coursework only masters then fellate the professors whose labs you want to join for your first semester and hope your blowjobs were good enough for them consider taking you on. This is what all the curry niggers at my university do, and they got fellating people that can help them down to a science.

With that said, a thesis masters is largely a waste of time. The only places I saw that distinguished between a thesis vs non-thesis masters were national labs/academia. If you go balls out you could finish a coursework masters in a year, year and a half tops. I've met people that got fucked on a thesis masters and took 3 years to finish.

>> No.9810635

Im from aus so i only know about the local ones. Sydney and monash are both very good, melbourne is extremely fucking stupid for undergrad, dont do it senpai. Their course structure is sad and you are forced to study subjects not relating to your major. To get the same amoint of EE knowledge as a bachelor from syd or monash youd need to extend into a masters at unimelb.

>> No.9810639

Go to UCSB. its nickname is the University of Casual Sex and Booze. You'll have a good time.

>> No.9810658

>Casual Sex
Big no for me. I have a gf and I plan on continuing my relationship over long-distance. Yes, she's waifu material. No, I'm not an asshole that will cheat on her.

>> No.9810706


Do you guys have any advice on how to stay sane? CS now feels like the biggest meme to me and I wish I studied something else. Does it get better working in the industry?

>> No.9810715

Is EE BSc. + CS MSc. a meme fellas?

>> No.9810793

No. Depending on whether you want to study more theoretical CS (analysis and algorithm design, theory of computation, AI research) or more applied (machine learning techniques, OS implementation, cloud computing, parallel programming), you’ll have to learn more esoteric math. However, at that level, you can’t escape math, period, if you want to learn anything interesting.

>> No.9810799

Was CS easy or a joke at your school? I feel like my CS curriculum was nothing but rewarding. The double major with math paired nicely, but even were I to have gone for a minor alone, I felt like I got a fairly rigorous education

>> No.9810816

Yeah it's only about 48 of us, news travels fast and it's not like we were antisocial autists that don't talk to each other. For our exit interview and a few times in other classes the professors asked how many people had engineering jobs lined up already outside of school as well.

>> No.9810828

What kind of jobs could you get into with EE major + CS Master realistically? For example, are there applications for machine learning in power systems yet? Or in telecommunication systems? Or will I have to become a literal software engineer if I want to work with machine learning? I feel like an EE BSc will be a drowback in terms of job prospects in the software industry.

tl;dr is a CS Master useful in the electrical engineering industry?

>> No.9810851

Not really, no. There were some tedious parts, especially during my masters (compE), but I didn't find the the theoretical parts very challenging. Also, the engineering/technology aspect makes me feel a bit empty inside. I don't see the beauty in it.

>> No.9810921

Your masters stands as technical knowledge if you want to bring it to the industry. People will see you as qualified for EE positions and probably for entry level positions in CS or specialized positions for machine learning/your field of interest.

EE + CS is really good for the embedded world. Writing drivers would be an easy field to get into since they need someone who can write low abstraction policy in assembly while still being able to bust out the oscilloscope to check that everything works. Honestly, your degree matters less than work experience/ what you’re willing to pick up after you get the degree.

My girlfriend did both EE and CS for her undergrad and has found work everywhere on the spectrum.

>> No.9810926

I found my theoretical stuff challenging, but I also opted to take some graduate versions of coursework in undergrad and also paired it with a double major in math. I feel you in the technology and engineering part. On one hand, I want to be part of the process of making exciting technology. On the other hand, I want my work to be timeless and have interesting theory.

>> No.9811289

civil and get a comfy job

>> No.9811326

Lol bro your resume looks retarded. Just get good so even a black text on white paper resume gets you job offers. That bullshit would have me throwing out your application immediately (not that you're actually qualified to work on the team I manage)

>> No.9811359
File: 99 KB, 561x595, 1528582972005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now a CS thread

>> No.9811468

I put that I know some basic Python on my resume
what the most likely and basic questions they ask someone about coding?

>> No.9811490

I think it depends on the place specifically, but it can be stuff as simple as counting odd numbers to 100 or Fizz Buzz.

>> No.9811512

>cs brainlets think sipser is impressive


>> No.9811516


>> No.9811618

What's the most mathematical/theoretical subfield you can get into with just a BS in EE?

At my internship, I just do boring shit like ordering electronic parts and compiling test data results in excel. It's kind of depressing and I want to do some more high level shit.

>> No.9811704

Meant for >>9811468
Goddamn phone posting

>> No.9811714

Everybody goes into engineering thinking they'll be paid $300k starting to work on space robots, but comes out being paid $50k a year to work on air conditioners.

>> No.9811726

I am doing this right now. I worked after my Bachelor in EE. now i do my Masters in EE and Work part time at my old work place. So far i did Not learn anything usefull. My goal is to have the opportunity for more/other Jobs.

>> No.9811733

I get paid $80k to work on residential ovens/furnaces and it took me a PhD to get the job. Try to beat that in terms of shittiness.

>> No.9811750

Yeah, there's this company by where I live that wanted a PhD to design bathroom mirrors. What was the justification for them needing a PhD in your case?

>> No.9811868

I'm gonna start EE in 3 month's. I've done some calculus and some Lin A and it's piss-easy but AP-physics makes me want to commit suicide everyday. I enjoy physics a lot but it's incredibly hard and I never seem to improve.

Should I just go for Math / Stats instead?

>> No.9811874

Physics isn't really hard because undergrad physics is all using equations. The only problem is that you aren't actually understanding the problem and where to apply the given parameters into the appropriate equations.

>> No.9811894

>I'm gonna start EE in 3 month's..
>Should I just go for Math / Stats instead?

Definitely don't go for English or anything related.

>> No.9811896


Well, I get what you're saying but I still can't manage to sort it out.

To give you an idea of what I'm struggling with I'm currently having a hard time with harmonic motion with damping, so there's some second order diffy eqs going on.


I'm from Sweden, if you're an american, chances are my second language skills are far above yours.

>> No.9811899

What's better for EE, Swedefriend?

>Lund University
>KTH Royal Institute of Technology

>> No.9811911


I've put KTH as my first choice but I already live in Stockholm so I'm incredibly biased.
KTH has the option of a masters in theoretical physics, which Chalmers and Lund don't so I guess KTH is better for that reason.

I don't think it matters much though. Most people place KTH, Lund and Chalmers above all other schools for most engineering disciplines. Careerwise, theese three should be equivalent.

Are you also Swedish or just curious?

>> No.9811915


engineering physics, not theoretical*

>> No.9811922

>I'm from Sweden, if you're an american, chances are my second language skills are far above yours.

That's not really something to brag about when there's no need for Americans to learn a second language.

English is the lingua franca. Get over it.

>> No.9811926

I'm this guy >>9809822, Sweden is one of my first options for studying one semester abroad.

How fucked are you in Stockholm if you only know English?

>> No.9811930


If you're swarthy, you're gonna get laid easily.

Swedish women love getting fucked hard by exotic-looking men.

>> No.9811999

>quality of life

>> No.9812006

not if they're manlets and he's south american so..

>> No.9812013


You're kidding right? Swedish women go wet over South American men like Lionel Messi.

Swedish women are tired of their feminine-looking male compatriots. My Brazilian friend easily gets laid in Sweden. He drains his bronze balls inside every blonde beauty he talks to.

>> No.9812023

swedish women don't like manlets, period

you haven't met average south americans, dude. your brazilian friend is probably 6 foot and above

>> No.9812037


You are fine, most swedes know english to some degree. You Will never ever learn swedish though because every swede will prefer to talk english with you.

>> No.9812042


An american doesnt get to shit on my language skills when i know a second language and he doesnt.

>> No.9812151

What do you guys think of FAU for EE? Im just trying to go to cheap university and put my efforts into internships, my studies, and perhaps using the schools machining facilities. I'm pretty much going there for free based on the scholarship and grant money i'm receiving

>> No.9812183

You can't speak the one language that actually matters, so yes, he can. Además, hay bastantes americanos que son goblinos como yo, y pueden hablar en algún lengua inutil

>> No.9812442

What do you think of sites like this https://absoluteinternship.com were you pay like 6000 dollars and they give you an internship in the country and industry you want, including accomodation, cultural trips and other stuff.

Are they a scam?

>> No.9812485

shit wish i knew about this before i graduated
I mean realistically it will pay itself back unless they're giving you unpaid intern type trash, especially since housing and food and everything is included in that price.

>> No.9812488

The program I linked in particular is unpaid intern trash unfortunately...

But I'm sure there are similar programs that offer paid internships.

>> No.9812493

do not take an unpaid internship. working a menial paid job like dish washing looks better on a resume than an unpaid internship. being unpaid says that you are not even worth the cost of training you and that your worth is exactly $0/hr

>> No.9812494

to be fair it's not like you put your salary on your resume or anything

>> No.9812504

the shame in your eyes is all they need to know.

>> No.9812586



English is the global tongue. I'm so tired of retarded eurofags acting like Americans are too dumb to learn a second language fluently.

We don't fucking need to. The world is anglocentric and for that reason you had to learn English because your barbaric native language is useless.

>> No.9812595

nobody here double majoring in chem & physics eng? bunch of retardic niggerics itt

>> No.9812599

If you aren't a girl with big tits who knows how to suck a dick you are going to be stuck in low end management for the next decade or until managebot 2k arrives and replaces your meaningless over-bloated bureaucracy role.

>> No.9812629

The job doesn't require a PhD but I had a referral and they can put my name on project proposals, and since this is "research" then it looks good to have people attached to the projects that hold PhDs.

I'd love to find something else, but I can't even get a response to my applications.

>> No.9813156

I'm thinking on taking this course from the CS department called Systems Programming where they teach you how to program in C and some Linux software developtment too.

I'm a EE undergrad with no particular interest in electronics nor embedded systems, currently I'm more inclined to signal processing, machine learning and maybe power systems. Do you think taking this class and learning C will be useful down the line (for jobs)? I already know Python and Java. Thanks in advance engiefriends!

>> No.9813348
File: 18 KB, 291x343, 1452462747441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>burned myself with 350C soldering iron
>now got the big ouch
who /life is suffering/ here?

>> No.9813366

don't worry anon, they'll all flunk out or just barely pass with no personal projects or internships, only to find out that said personal projects and internships are basically necessary to get a good job.
But really, the former is by far the most likely.

>> No.9813370

Reminder: knowing how to re-invent yourself as the market shifts is more important than any engineering class you will take.

>> No.9813381
File: 19 KB, 540x540, 1497669919402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got some useless over-specialized engineering degree and couldn't get a job afterwards
>now doing a masters in materials science because of parental pressure and I listened because I'm an idiot
>I'm just mixing a bunch of chemicals in polymers like a monkey
>all I wanted was a decent fucking job

How do I make the best out of this situation?

>> No.9813385

Are you doing your PhD? If so, which subject?

>> No.9813392

Are you in an IIT? You'll have a hard time transferring othrewise.

>> No.9813398

with those requirements, they'd still be asking for too much even if they took any major

>> No.9813405

>Be asian-american with a pajeet-sounding name
should I just give up?

Are the boomers at mid-level, senior, or C-level management?

>> No.9813406

Spit it out anon, was it personal projects or networking that got you in?

>> No.9813408

Is the MechE market also over-saturated?

>> No.9813416

What makes Materials better than, say, CompE in terms of corprate recognition for imaging tech and/or the ability to learn on the job?
I'm asking becasue I've always though of materials as a more niche engineering degree.

>> No.9813419

Thrust to weight ratio is too low for vertical flight

>> No.9813423

but anon, you're also one of the players flooding into the game.

>> No.9813424

post pic

>> No.9813427

what's your job like?

>> No.9813432

getting a scholarship for grad school as a foreigner is very difficult. How does GPA work in Laos and what GRE do you expect to get?

>> No.9813435

internships for your first question, no for your second.

>> No.9813444

you're using the word "fellate" as an expression, right?

>> No.9813449

How the hell do you guys find the inspiration to do personal projects. I can't think of any cool project to do because I don't know much about anything in the first place. Should I just join the teams in already established projects at my uni instead?

EE third year undergrad btw.

>> No.9813458

just do something super basic that will wow the HR dumbass reading your resume, such as building an electric skateboard or a drone.

>> No.9813459

I don't understand people like you. How do you not have any interests? Either way, it's probably for the better since corporations seems to want disinterested worker drones that don't care about engineering.

>> No.9813484


Yup, ME and EE are the worst out of all engineering majors.

>> No.9813494

Do you think the same will happen to CE as people who try to avoid the CS meme bleed into CE?

>> No.9813503

lmao this is your fucking resume?

>> No.9813511

this is me

>> No.9813526

Lol it's easy to say that when your interests are embedded systems or circuit design. You just go to the lab and start messing around.

>> No.9813556

Did you do aerospace or biomedical engineering in undergrad?

>> No.9813559

Attention engineerfags.

I have a broken shredder situation. The shredder works in the reverse direction which is what you want to do when a paper jam occurs, but it doesn't work in the forward direction. When I try to slip a paper in, nothing happens.

Does that sound like a broken sensor?

>> No.9813563

Wait they teach you C in your systems programming class?
In mine, we were expected to know C one prior prerequisite ago and learn about low abstraction programming like smart use of mutlithreading, experiments on process vs thread performance, and networks (we had to build a server-client program to divide and conquer on some data). It was the primer to our OS design class.

>> No.9813572

just design your own rudimentary circuit and print it on a pcb

>> No.9813585

Yep, prior prerequisites only teach you Java and Python

I find circuits boring desu. I'd like to work on a project related to ICT, smart-grids or machine learning but in general projects related to those fields require a teams because are too interdisciplinary.

>> No.9813596


Is there any free software for PCB design?

>> No.9813610

Do EEs ever use PDEs? It seems like MEs use them a lot but I've never encountered them in any EE class.

>> No.9813611


>> No.9813656

The entire basis of electromagnetism are a bunch of PDEs.

>> No.9813717
File: 58 KB, 680x676, 73c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

electromagnetism is fucking ruining me, I feel as though I don't understand how any of the formula's are derived, and that I'm just memorizing shit.

>> No.9813719

they're practically the same shit, CE is just CS with all the important CS classes, plus some shit on electronics, signals, and controls.

>> No.9813720


What techniques do they teach to solve PDEs in emag?

>> No.9813724

laplacian and poisson equations with 2 or more changing variables is a PDE, and they teach separation of equations there. I don't really know, since I only just finished 2nd year.

>> No.9813743

Why do computer engineering majors look at CS and say "hmmm, well I got freshman data structures, some architecture classes, and a database class, so I'm gonna be better than any given CS major?" None of these are considered hard CS classes.

In my experience, CE people concern themselves with computer organization, hardware, and making sure that people who want to develop aren't fighting their hardware. It's a great field, but it very much isn't CS + some engineering. I have yet to see computer engineering majors actually perform better at CS problems than CS majors, and honestly, that's not a really high bar.

>> No.9813769

Any mechanical ppl here? I have a washing machine that vibrates violently and after it's done, it smells like something was burning inside.

Does that sound like a failing bearing?

>> No.9813783


it's a front loader by the way

>> No.9813858

What's the comfiest engineering?

>> No.9813974

Sure does, does the shredder make any sort of noise or movement at all when you try to shred? If not, yeah, probably the sensor

Sounds like it

>> No.9814027

In papers I've seen mostly finite element and finite difference methods (both numerical methods).

>> No.9814069

they take a lot more than just that, and CE majors can always pursue a grad school CS program, the opposite isn't as defined. Even then, having the most optimal "akshually" code isn't required for a good job in software more than just having a nice portfolio is.

>> No.9814199

petroleum engineering.

The oil crash wiped everyone out. Maybe things are better now but all my friends and even some of the connections I made all fucked off to somewhere else.

>> No.9814217

phew glad the school I went to didn't have that
I almost fell for the money meme

>> No.9814234


Damn son, you got memed on.

>> No.9814246

so is my materials science degree going to do anything or does it end up just degrading my chances of employment?

>> No.9814254

Should an electrical engineer know SQL? There's this Database course in the CS department that I can take as an elective but I don't know if it's useful or not.

>> No.9814270

Only if you have any particular reason to learn it, like working on a project that involves a database or something.
But by default you should be able to hold yourself well with Python and C

>> No.9814282

Would it be useful for, say, machine learning projects? Or image and video processing?

>> No.9814292

For machine learning, yes. It's not essential, but will come in handy whenever you start doing big projects. Can't tell you about the later, as I never had contact with such field.

>> No.9814412

No love for chemical engineering?
All I see are EE, AeroE, BiomedE, and Mech E
I was planning on going that route

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