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hey /sci/,

if i want to say a number with decimal fraction is odd or even, do i evaluate based on the proximity to the decimal?

example: 123.45 would be decimal fraction even, because of the 4.

pic related, it's me calculating the number of this post

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Odd and Even are descriptions exclusive to the integers. Odd means that the integer can be expressed as 2(some integer)-1, and Even means that the integer can be expressed as 2(some integer). You could try to extend the definition to suit your purposes but I don't see the point.

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there isn't something to denote odd or even based on fraction? i'm just curious.

if you were to split it into two numbers, there's no term to evaluate the fraction portion in the context of the full value?

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Those suanpans look cool. I want a nice one to go with my little soroban. I also want a nice old schoty as well.

I went antiquing some moons ago and found a few old dusty suanpans, but they were kinda shitty so I didn't bother.

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What problem are you trying to solve where you need to define a fraction as being even or odd?

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Holy crap, that's an awesome post number. Alternating digits sandwiched between a number rotated 180 degrees.

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s/he got interlaced trips

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>Holy crap, that’s an awesome post number

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is this loss ?

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>there isn't something to denote odd or even based on fraction?

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why not meme something then? please

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Okay. A rational number p/q is said to be even if the integer p is even, and odd if p is odd. That's my definition. No standard one exists.

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call it peekyou or kewpie then

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the sevens need to be ones so it can be rotated

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It would be the most esoteric loss ever made if it were

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>6/2 is even

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