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>intro to stats
>prof writes guassian integral on board
>"who ever can integrate this gets an A in this class"
>walk up to board
>tip my fedora to the class
>draw my chalk katana
>cloud of ashes sweep the front of the lecture
>ashes clear and my proof by polar coordinates is on the board
>gets A in class

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>things that never happened

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What was your first fucking clue

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And then everybody clapped.

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>professor starts crying
>"My good sir, in 30 years of teaching, I've never seen a man of your genius."
>*shakes your hand, as tears fall from his face*

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My E&M professor offered anyone who could balance an object in an electrical field against the force of gravity an A. I feel like it wouldn't be that difficult, but I couldn't be bothered to try.

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That sounds fuckin easy.
t. grade 11 physics enthusiast.

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The same happened here multiple times (with different theorems of course) but I preferred to use a dual-wielding setup with two chalk katanas, as this would maximize the amount of money I was showered with and it allowed me to increase the number of models I fucked every day from 3 to 5.

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they're both like the same forces with the same powers. just find the right constant ratios

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Why would you need polar coordinates?

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Earnshaw's Theorem

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Couple weeks into calculus 1 now, doing well, already past the chain rule and beyond. Quotient rule was a joke. Product rule remains my specialty.

I ask my professor his thoughts on quantum mechanics and partial derivatives. He's impressed i know about the subject. We converse after class for some time, sharing mathematical insights; i can keep up. He tells me of great things ahead like series and laplacians. I tell him i already read about series on wikipedia. He is yet again impressed at my enthusiasm. What a joy it is to have your professor visibly brighten when he learns of your talents.

And now I sit here wondering what it must be like to be a brainlet, unable to engage your professor as an intellectual peer. All of the deep conversations you people must miss out on because you aren't able to overcome the intellectual IQ barrier that stands in the way of your academic success... it's so sad. My professor and I know each other on first name basis now, but i call him Dr. out of respect.

And yet here you brainlets sit, probably havent even made eye contact with yours out of fear that they will gauge your brainlet IQ levels.

A true shame, but just know it is because i was born special that i am special. I can't help being a genius, nor can my professor. Two of a kind is two flocks in a bush.

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