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What's your excuse, /sci/? This kid is only 15 years old, yet probably smarter than 99% of 4chan. I see a future genius, just like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

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Tell me what did he accomplished.
Doesn't have to be breakthrough research, just something that proves he is genius, or at least smart.

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he once did the best checkmate sequence in a chess puzzle for ELO 1500

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hahahahahha how do you end up like this what's this kid's end game

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lmao this kid is a complete fraud

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What the fuck is this shit

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Yeah, he's a genius alright.

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>free energy

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Reminds me of this.

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Wow, it's fucking nothing.

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Do you realize how low ELO 1500 is? Consider this: 1200 is considered normal and about 1800 is semi-pro. Grandmasters are like 2200+. The Queen of Katwe girl is more impressive.

Do you realize there are actually child prodigies out there? See Terence Tao and the other verified high IQ tykes out there, and not even they all turn well.

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much intelligent than the anime shitposters out there.

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>MIT ocw
I'd pay 5$ just to be reminded to check on this little shit in 30 years. Hopefully he'll be a depressed drug addict living in a cardboard box

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My excuse is who cares

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God this kid pisses me off. He calls himself a theoretical physicist too.

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How pathetic

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>tesseract = movement/time



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What exactly is so bad about him? Is he spreading false information?

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yes you moron

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>Is he spreading false information?
No, he's spreading right information
Imagine what would happen if people found out energy conservation is a lie and physicists are frauds bought by the coal industry

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This is depressing. This kid is part of a blatant scam run by his parents. Absolute scumfuckery.

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His parents are doing him a disservice by allowing him to be famous when he hasn't achieved anything. Why should he keep learning when he'll never be as popular as when he was the kid genius? Had they kept him out of the camera, he might have grown up to be someone worth making a thread about.

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His fucking "science whiteboard" has a fucking unit conversion ladder on it as if that was super comlicated.
Wtf is this nonsense?

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My excuse is that I am not as intellectually gifted as him.

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literally what.

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Man his dad must be having a midlife crisis or something.

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who is allowing him to be famous again?

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What's this kids future going to be like? I doubt many reputable colleges eill be willing to accept him with all the stupid shit on his record. He's going to be a 30 year old "inventing" shit in his parents basement.

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maybe he could get into marketing

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>Be 6
>Being ahead in math has no benefit, teachers actually have nothing prepared for the kids who finish during class
>Not even allowed to do my homework while at school
>Fast forward a couple of years
>School is purgatory, we're repeating the area of a circle formula for the 5th time or so
>Takes a month
>Been tested somewhere in the middle of this because the teacher thought I had ADHD or autism
>Turns out I'm just bored out of my mind

Their solution was to ignore the problem and carry on.

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